Perfect Wedding Day Makeup for Every Bride Pt.1 of a 2 Part Bridal Tutorial Series- mathias4makeup

Michael Martin

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  1. How do I prevent my under eyes from creasing, and looking dry/crepey when I set my concealer? Should I try those hydrating under eye gel patches? I'm getting married in a couple weeks in Florida. I have combo dry/sensitive and dehydrated skin. I just started using tarte shapetape concealer which isn't supposed to crease but my eyes water so bad that it does along with my eyeshadow.

  2. I don't think I would talk all the way through this like she is, if I were lucky enough to have you do my makeup! As an artist, does that type of thing ever bother you? You are amazing, honestly.

  3. I just subbed before I even finished watching this video. You're awesome. This look is gorgeous. And I share that same philosophy of using warmer colors over cool toned colors for brides🌷

  4. This is sooo GORGEOUS!!!!! My dream is to become a Makeup Artist and I do have pictures on Facebook and made a page called "Noctilucent Beauty"… Check it Out!!!!

  5. Love it!! Wish everyone was this professional. It helps people starting out like myself. I hate shortcuts. Thanks for this video!! Love from Australia. x

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