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It’s been two and half years
since I started doing YouTube. And I never missed
uploading a video each Wednesday. But I thought I may not upload one
during the time of my wedding. And trying to shoot
stock videos isn’t easy. So, we realised
we were falling short of one video. We were breaking our heads about it.
But then a cool idea struck us. We decided to shoot a video
at my wedding. We weren’t sure if that could be pulled off
given all the wedding activites. But, we did manage
to pull it off. Here it is.
‘Types of people at a wedding.’ Calculative and not so calculative people. By calculative, I mean those people who plan accordingly
and arrive exactly for the ‘Muhurath’. And then there guys who arrive
much before. So, here are such people. “It’s that time when this beautiful couple
becomes the apple of all eyes.” Hey!
– What? Stop quavering so early in the morning.
– It’s the day of the wedding, bro! How can I not make noise?
And get up, lazy ass. When’s the ‘Muhurat’?
– Don’t you know? It’s at 10:33am. And what’s the time now?
– It is 7am. How far is the wedding venue?
– About 2 to 3 kilometers away. Then again there would be some delay.
The Muhurat would be shifted to around 11am. We’ll be good if we reach there
by 10:50am. So, get back to sleep. You think this is a train
for there to be a delay? Get up! He has a point. No hell would break loose
even if a guest arrives late. There are two things a person could
ask upon being invited for a wedding. One is asking when
the ‘Muhurat’ is. And second is asking
when the lunch would be served. Let’s check out
what such guys do at a wedding. This is where the lunch is served.
Do you think meat would be served? Meat isn’t served at weddings.
– Oh, crap! But meat is served at weddings
in our part of the state, right? Yeah, I guess.
– Lunch without meat is so bland. When would the lunch
be served anyway? ‘Muhurat’ is at 10:30am.
The photoshoot would go on till 12. So, by 1PM the lunch would be served.
Lend me your ear. If we come back here by 12:30PM,
we’d be the first to be served lunch. ‘What an idiot!’ By the way, what’s on the menu.
– Well.. I don’t know but so many dishes
are being cooked. How many dishes exactly?
– Many dishes. At a recent wedding of my cousin’s,
150 dishes were served. Really?
– Yeah. You think so many dishes
would be served here? All these people care about is food.
They don’t care about the wedding festivities. I’m not complaining.
It is all fine. Infact, if at all such people are invited
for two weddings on the same day they’d attend the one
which serves better food. Then there
are the family representatives. Shall we leave?
– Already? It is so boring here.
My mom is busy running errands and my dad is at work.
So I’m here, representing my family. Let’s congratulate the couple
and go have lunch and then leave. On the guest list of any wedding,
there are friends and then more friends and then their friends
and then a few more friends. So there were tonnes of people
at my wedding whom I never met before. Take it from me. How are you?
Let’s click a selfie. Who was he?
You know him? I don’t know him.
Do you? I don’t know him either.
– Alright. Never mind. ‘Boys versus Girls’.
I’d rather call it ‘Girls vs Boys’. At every wedding guys try to spot
beautiful girls, and girls.. I suggest you just watch it. Did you guys have lunch?
– Just look at him. He’s put on suit and all.
– You look tight, bro. I need to look tight
if I want to impress girls. Damn! I too should’ve dressed better.
– With Srinath around, why would girls fall for us? That’s true.
Srinath is a chick magnet. Usually, at weddings,
new love stories begin to blossom. That’s why mothers drag
their unmarried daughters to weddings hoping to get them hitched too. All Indian weddings
are hectic affairs. And then there are people
who make it look even hectic. ‘It’s almost time for Muhurat
and this guy is nowhere to be seen.’ I heard you called for me, bro?
– Come here. Is the priest here?
– Yes, he is. Is the breakfast being served promptly.
– Yes. Are all things in place?
– Yes, they are. Are all being welcomed with scented water?
– Of course. Make sure everything is in place.
– Sure. Did you serve the guests coffee?
– Not yet. I will. Literally shove down coffee
into each guest’s throat. Please show initiative.
I can’t manage everything, can I? Is the groom party being treated well?
– Yes, they are. Is the lunch being prepared?
– I’ve to check. Go ahead and give me an update.
– Sure. Many do this at weddings.
They strain themselves. Just unwind a little
and enjoy the wedding. I couldn’t say this on my wedding day
as even I was straining myself. Have you ever attended
a wrong wedding? I won’t blame you as there are tonnes
of weddings on the same day about 3 weddings take place
in the same premises. So, it is possible that you attend
the wrong wedding. So, tell me. Did you? ‘I guess he is at the wrong wedding.’ Excuse me. I guess
you’re in the wrong wedding. Isn’t this Karthik’s wedding?
– No. This is Jahnavi’s wedding. What! Thank you.
– My pleasure. We usually would love to have
our friends with us all the time. But there are times
when we just can’t stand their presence. You know when I felt that way? Just look at the pleats.
They look so bad. Make them narrow.
– I know. Work is being done on the pleats. You’re bangles don’t match
with your saree. Few bangles are dark
and few are light in colour. Few friends are so damn irritating.
But then there are a few who justify the saying
‘a friend in need, is a friend indeed’. In every group of friends
there will be couples. And those couples too
would attend the wedding. And at weddings, these couples
can see themselves getting married soon. I know this because I too felt the same way
at my friends’ weddings. Alright. I’ll stop blabbering.
Watch the clip. ‘The uninvited guests.’ ‘Wonder whose wedding is this.’ May I ask
how you’re related to the couple? May I ask
how you’re related to the couple? I’m from the groom’s party.
– I’m from the bride’s party. I see.
He for sure is a freeloader. May I ask
how you’re related to the couple? I’m the bride’s brother. ‘The bride’s brother?’ I’m from the groom’s party.
– I see. He for sure is a freeloader I enjoyed my own wedding a lot. But one thing that
irritated me the most was the selfie scene. Selfie! Look this way Jahnavi.
– This way Sushanth. Look this way.
– This way, Sushanth. Stop it, guys! Enough of selfies.
Please spare us now. The cute little imps. Alright. Go play now.
Yes, I’ll come join you. So, those were the different types
of people at a wedding shot at my wedding.
Hope you liked it. Do let us know in the comments
the kind of people you meet at weddings. If you liked our efforts give it a like.
And don’t forget to subscribe! And before you leave let me tell you we never released
any photos or videos from the wedding. So, we felt this is the best platform
to put up those scenes. Stay tuned if you’re interested. White chocolate Mocha for me.
– Two white chocolate Mochas, please. Don’t you like Latte better?
– I like whatever you like, Vaishu. Vaishu, want to have some beer?
– I want to. But, forget it.
– I won’t have beer if you won’t. Happy birthday!
– Thank you.

Michael Martin

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