Pedro Opens Up About His Father | The Family Chantel

Both of you all
agreed to show up here. Because I know both of you all
want to make a fresh start. You definitely have
to give and take– in anything. I mean, all we can do
is put stuff in the past, let it be in the
past, forget about it. I mean– [MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah, like, because if
we keep bringing it up, it’s only, like,
everybody’s gonna continue to be upset about it. Like, just leave it. If it’s in the past, make
sure nothing happens again. Leave it in the past. I don’t trust Pedro. But I mean, I’m here
now, and I’m trying. Like, but I’m not going to say– I’m not gonna sit here and
lie and be like, I trust you. You my brother. We’re just brethren. We’re gonna do
all this together. We’ll go skydiving. You pull the parachute. No. You all both showed
big steps as young men. Pedro, you’re definitely a part
of, um, part of our family. And it– and it shows that
you are part of our family because you came here. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Michael Martin

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  1. When Pedro was about to cry I was about to cry I’m hoping these people can come to a conclusion and get along

  2. That’s sad Pedro had to b the little man in the family and he could have played pro baseball had he a father figure. I wish they could all just get along leave the past in the past . He does so love Chantel so let their love keep growing and maturing.

  3. Pedro isn’t the only young man who didn’t have a father in his life. And that doesn’t give him the right to be an asshole

  4. Can we just give them all guns and settle it the wild west way? I will survive the Clintons today, will you? Keep your mouth shut and vote Democrat.

  5. I really wanted to end my "random clips from 90 day fiance binge watching even though I don't watch the show" then I saw a thumbnail of Pedro in a cowboy hat… Damn it.

  6. It was really never the Dad who was against Pedro it was his wife driving that machine and everyone else fell in line. I believe he has always wanted to give him a chance. But their relationship started on a lie due to Chantell's lie to her parents. But the tables might turn due to Winter's man 😂 these ppl are a hott mess

  7. They all can move past this but now they need to convince the mom to chill out with all her bizarre conspiracy theories that instigate the problems.Anytime she is in the room, the underhanded remarks towards Pedro come out and of course he is going to defend himself and his family, then everyone looks at him like hes the problem. Chantel needs to think for herself and put her mom in her place & move on.

  8. Pedro really does need to set boundaries with his mom and his sister. He needs to let them know they need to get their own man / husband and have they own family to be concerned about and respect is commitment is with his wife as married couple. His mother as sister are VERY Manipulative to the extreme. And looks like they are living in a very comfortable home since the beginning of the show. Wondering minds want to know.

  9. It’s hell dating a fatherless man or a man whose father has died especially before they have healed or come to terms with it.

  10. Now I understand why he puts his sister and mother before chantel…he feels that he is responsible for taking care of them

  11. Chantel will be perfect for pedro.but his family's want him to remain single for the rest of his life. So that he can take care of them.they do not care about him.

  12. I dislike pedro he should act as grown man.and be reasonable husband if he love more thing there is no way u can get your sister here in u.s.she is an adult and she is sister.u can petition your parentz but not a sister or brother ,cousin or friend.your lawyer will help you explain that.

  13. #731 here! Aww..I feel so bad for Pedro…😳..Alot of boys had to grow up Fatherless, but they they turned out to be great Men. 💕👍

  14. I actually feel bad for pedro cuz I honestly don't feel he trusts chantel and clings to his family out of that sense of responsibility. It's sad that he was forced to give up on his dream to be a baseball player but especially now that u can see it clearly effects him in his adult life. The fact he said he had to grow up fast to take care of his sister gives the impression that his mom wasnt around (assuming she worked multiple jobs). I feel like his mom treats him like an emotional husband and probably manipulated him from a young age.

  15. I think it’s just all drama set up for the sake of the show , and of course they are all making money of it 😂 this all look quite fake and made up

  16. First time I felt little bit sorry for Pedro…(Never liked him before.. but now….yeah) I like Chantel's dad very much! 👍👍👍

  17. It's all chantels fault, Pedro arrive thinking the family knew he was the fiance and Chantel told him to lie. The chip on Pedro's shoulder gives him the right "dusty" touch😂

  18. It must sucks to have to teach yourself to be a man and take on that manly role I like that pedro stands up for himself and don't kiss ass and that he he's opening up more about himself

  19. Pedro,make peace with the Chantal faMily,they will be nice to you believe me,but your mother and sister have bad influence on you, let your mom and sis stay in the Dr not in the USA, because maybe they will rubbisch your life

  20. Pedro is stuck between a rock and a hard place and it's really taking a toll on him. Imagine having to take care of your family members…the role your father should have played and taking on that responsibility for life(what he's convinced himself to do) while being married and having another family to take care of. Damn Pedro.

  21. Now i really understand pedro now….hes a father less child…he feels he has to do for his mom ans sis…bc there now father present….but his mom and sis take total advantage of him and hr can see that…also thats why he does know how to treat his wife…..nobody showed him home to be a man and husband….

  22. A father is important in a child's life in many ways unimaginable. Much of Pedro's upbringing highlights a lack of a father in his life

  23. I had no father no mother was raised by my grandmother and she passed away on my 17th birthday Life really fucking sucks but we got to keep on moving along

  24. Aww Pedro I don't care for him nor his wife much but that sucks ur mama was weekend coochie and you and your sister was the victims of their humping on the weekends smdh 👀

  25. Pedro has a lot of female energy because he was raised by a woman only and no man. That is why he clashes with Chantel so much

  26. Doesn't sound like Pedro has really spoke much to his mother about his father or his mother seems to have not said much to Pedro about his father. But what she did say made it seem his father was already with another when she got pregnant with Pedro. As far as him supporting his mother and sister I  know some countries people are like this but his sister needs to stop trying to break Pedro's marriage up an get a job and start helping her mother.

  27. No wonder he sends all that money and stuff home. He had been the male provider this whole time. Dam. Hope her family heard all this and understood.

  28. Pedro sister is disgusting, im watching the episode now….I wish someone would kidnap her, her and the mother are the one thats ruining pedro future and life. All they wanna do is piggyback that poor boy, no good women smh

  29. hey the viper is back, she claims grandma is sick and he has to come back, meanwhile the viper is making plans with street walker friend to cause trouble. Pedro, go see grandma but pass on by mom devil and the viper and go straight to grandmas with out telling them two. Then you will get the needed visit with grandma. Dont bring them bruja's back with you, they will get beat up by all us americans after what we have seen them pull.

  30. it kills me, I have no father. I know that evil mother had something to do with him not having a family father. she is deep evil, you can see it in her swinty viper eyes

  31. Pedro is a great guy, River is and idiot, and for that matter the mother is sooo offside. It was River's fault that started the fight at the table. He threw something at Pedro first. Im sure everyone knows this. You can verify it by just watching the video !

  32. i wish pedro understand that his sister and mother are self! shouldn’t bring that nasty sister and bossy mother to usa ! i hate that sister and mother asked pedro divorces to chantelle !what hell?! pedro and chantelle they love each other so much, how come a sister and mother can do that! and chantelle s mother please please think pedro in good way. he left his country to marry her love ! do you know how difficult for him to deal with people who dislike him with second language:).

  33. River doesn't know what it's like to grow up without a father that's why he was never able sympathize or empathize with pedro

  34. I pray Pedro would unjoin his hip from his mother and sister and join it to his wife. I truly pray for this couple to make it minus the mom and sister thank God they in the DR🙏🏾

  35. There’s such a cultural disconnect of what is expected from a son.
    In some cultures, being a son means that the son has to “uplift” his mother & siblings.
    Chantel brother doesn’t have that kind of responsibilities. He only has to take care of himself; However, Pedro has another set of circumstances that in order to be considered a good son, he shouldn’t abandon his mother & sister.

  36. Now it makes sense why Pedros mother does not respect his marriage or his wife. The father of her children had another family. Sounds like she had children with a married man. So her concept of marriage is distorted and her lack of respect for marriage makes sense now.

  37. there's a lot of stuff I don't agree with Pedro's family but the American people don't realize Spanish family's are way closer then a white family white families tend to separate and live far from each other Spanish family tends to always stay near and help each other out it is a tradition that the oldest male of the family take care of their siblings and parents, especially if they don't have a father to depend on. and if Pedro's mother plan on Pedro marrying American woman to get to the United States this happens all the time people want a better life that doesn't mean that they're bad people they just want a better life for themselves and for their kids. Everybody has their own motives and their own reasons to make any type of decisions you will always pick the thing that's going to benefits you and your family and I do believe that Pedro did fell in love with Chantel. And also you can't set somebody up with another person if you don't know the other person they never met Chantel before how can they have fixed it to meet up doesn't make any sense

  38. I can't stand Chantel's mother. Chantel is so much like her. Her mother is a hot head, and thinks her shit don't stink. Chantel and her mother hold their heads so stiff of worry their wigs will fall off and extensions to the wigs. I had to laugh at Pedro's sister's friend. I was happy she said what she said to Chantel about her fake lashes, and hair. Her boobs were never that big before if you go back. She has added fake to the real jiggly. Chantel also has fake brows drawn on and some added lips drawn on. I would not put it past her to have got the Kardashian fake butt implants. I know they have fat arses abut also fake lift added to them. Chantel's mother was so rude, she went to far with the fork at dinner. She didn't want her lipstick to wear off for the camera's. Chantel's mother omg has put on so much weight since the show started and hides with winged dresses that hide her upper huge arms. The only two fake are Chantel and her mom. They so get on my nerves with their fake ass hot headed attitude's. They think they're are something special, but fake special.

  39. There is somthing about Pedro .. he is as honest as he's allowed to be.. i think Chantel is lucky to have him. She knows why she was attracted to him in the first place and visa versa.. it seems the families are involed too much and pulling them as if to break them apart needless blaming and who HAS to be right .. my favorite 90 day fiance couple.

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