Patrizia Paterlini-Bréchot – ISET® blood filtration to detect tumour cells (ceremony)

More than 90% of patients with cancer die
because of metastasis. The cells coming from invasive tumour circulate
in the blood to other organs. If we could detect those wandering tumour
cells before metastasis occur, we could then stop the process and save the patients. The challenge was detecting those extremely
rare circulating tumour cells. In 10 ml of blood which is the volume of a
spoon we have 50 billion blood cells, but perhaps only one or few tumour cells. This is like finding one person out of the
population of seven planets Earth! We needed to find the right way to pre-treat
the blood and the right combinations of conditions to be able to filter the blood and extract
those rare tumour cells in a very sensitive manner and this is
ISET. To bring this invention to the patients we
set up a company. And for this, the patent was absolutely essential:
it helped to raise money and to serve our aim of saving lives. Our work just opened a window into a new domain
of medicine: non-invasive and predictive oncology. When the time comes for me to look back on
my life, I want to be able to say that I did all what I could to improve cancer patients

Michael Martin

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