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whether is the right Bible on the wrong bow it is your job to give the people of the Word of God what you do with the word is totally up to you skip finally bitch again you you Oh what is up everybody hope all is well with you so I just want to jump on really quick I was actually watching a video from Pastor EDA Lee Smith a lot of you all may not know who pastor he do he submit this and you don't know I'm explaining to you one he was the pastor who had the very controversial message about treating individuals who were in the church whether they were gay or straight well really whether it was gay a certain way and then we've been using the gays all these years and yet still we still talk about them but we use them all right so let's get to some better Goff said to me here's the problem you guys in the church can be so hypocritical he said in the african-american church you really got to be careful you yes as long in the ground good ain't saying nothing about his sexuality we have done what the slave master did to us dehumanize us degrade us demonize us but then use them by advantage it's hypocritical to talk about the Supreme Court and calling them Sodom and Gomorrah which is not what it's all about but that's the case half our churches have been settling tomorrow for a hundred years he told me boy you got to read examine your sin I said what do you mean he said well on one hand you quote homosexuality is an abomination from the villages but you say that right after you ate some shrimp some catfish and some Lobster [Applause] you quote Leviticus while you're weighing a warbling suit it's also in Leviticus that you shouldn't wear mix lilies it's the Leviticus that if your wife is on her cycle that you shouldn't go in the same house with her why even sleep on the same bed with her Justin as it occurs to here's my part we pick and choose the scriptures that we want to use to be folk up with rather look watch [Applause] you same time you cannot insult you and our greatest missionary opportunity it's gonna be finding those who may be struggling just say I'm not better than you but the same grace that saved me the same blood they let me come in the same blood that's you're gonna need [Applause] [Applause] what are we gonna do by the people who've been born this way who been struggling with something what about the people that we think are nasty these folks are abomination they're nasty tell you what you do then go find every song that's been written by a gay person for the last hundred years and don't sing it in church [Applause] let's see how many songs you can minister on that Sunday [Applause] change on the way sit so sip [Applause] anyways that's beside the point what is up y'all hey hey I saw the video with pastor Smith and I'm trying to her to get my clothes on what's up Dan you anyways so he got on to do this well he did this message at his church okay cuz he's folks gonna cussed me out about his hey I love all y'all hey hey alright so he got on to do this message about what's up period okay don't worry I'm not even gonna look he got to do this message about what's up pastor Thomas I said I won we're doing them warm sorry hey everybody hey let me just set this down so oh sure so he got to do this message about showing the love of Christ okay showing the love of God in the church so 2014 he had some members that that wanted to be christened in his church right so hey love I keep doing this I'm sorry y'all I'm sorry I'm a gentleman okay I'm a gentleman I like to speak to people I'm sorry hey Gary so baby I'm just I'm a gentleman that's what I do I like to speak to people from the south it is what it is self-explanatory okay um so 2014 pastor II do Lee Smith got on and his staff now this had nothing to do with him and I'm glad that he did explain this he got on and he was saying that his staff did not accept this couple for to get their baby christen in the church because it was a lesbian couple okay and because it was a lesbian couple the staff did not approve of the the couple christening their baby this was in 2014 okay is in 2014 I was in Dallas Texas this past week teaching and preaching some pastors and a session that I had to do Tuesday afternoon in Dallas was about the church and culture and I talked about mistakes that the church has made and mistakes I've made and things I wish I could do different I want you to know my pastor but I'm a man I'm a human and although we try to do the right thing make the right decisions sometimes we don't always do that 2014 Ted what happened I I told those pastors Tuesday if I got a chance to ever do something again I would do it differently as a pastor 2014 I didn't noticed we had a baby dedication in October and I don't I'm not involved in those dedications and stuff like that so our staff does a good job at the training I didn't know anything about it until months later I got an email from a lady who hadn't been to church because she's one of the ladies that wanted her child dedicated we decided that staff did that we would not dedicate her child because the day before that baby dedication we found out that she was married to another lady and the team said we could not dedicate that child her family had come here from Mississippi and I think Louisiana for the baby dedication and we decided that we wouldn't pray for the baby and this lady had made a decision send an email and I got it at June of 2015 inches I never felt worse as a pastor because I first I would involve in a decision but then I didn't know if I was involved what would I have done cuz I never been in that situation before I totals pastors Tuesday I said if I ever got a chance to do something over again I would handle that differently because we didn't do that lady right this was Tuesday I want you to know that Tuesday I told those pastors if I ever could say I'm sorry to that lady who I didn't know it was a part of our church and I would tell her to my face that I'm sorry for how we treated her and her child that later who I talked about Tuesday is this lady who's here first time here in four years [Applause] her mother's Elin moved in with her but we didn't do her right as a church because we should have we should have prayed we should have prayed we should we should have we should have thrown our arms around her and we should have prayed we should have prayed for that baby that's her mom come on mama I just I just want to say that you both don't let wet with ignorant don't let don't let the ignorance of people turn you against an all loving God [Applause] Paul says you know we see and we see in part we don't we see through a glass darkly we said we don't see the whole picture we humans and that's the first time me as a pastor ever been in that position before and the church is not mind is Jesus's on behalf of our church that you would forgive the leadership meaning for how we didn't know how to handle that that you're just as welcome me as anybody else the same grace that has saved and is saving me it's the same grace that has saved and is saving you we have no help I'm here to quit you know and I would love to see your song and I would love to tell him I love him and and they didn't know how I would be honored to be his pastor and what we didn't do right B and I'd like to do it right now History Channel [Applause] he didn't hear about it until later and you know it was a big mess whatever and I guess that recant they reconnected or whatever the case may be and they got a chance to talk what he did next what he did next it said it said a lot you don't and I don't want nobody to think this is just about a gay issue he said we got a chance to talk and make this thing right he said I is the pastor okay I as the pastor it's my job to make sure people are done correctly okay I'm paraphrasing this thing what's up kion he said this is God's house right this is God's house not my house I'm just the pastor but this is God's house okay this is God's house excuse this shirt y'all this is God's house so Titus this is God's house he said it's not our job to tell you or put you in any place because we do not have a heaven or a hell to put you in praise God praise God we don't have it I don't care how save you are you don't have a helping the hill to put nobody in it's your job wait a minute hold on with my Bible Bible is your job we get this thing out here when is the right Bible on the wrong bow it is your job to give the people the Word of God what you do with the word is totally up to you so what what pastor II do he said he said I would love to welcome you and your son I would love to love on you and your son he said because as a pastor my job is to make sure the Sheep is taken care of now y'all know the Preakness y'all gotta preach to this okay it dad we preach this he said it's my job as a pastor my job as a pastor to make sure that the sheep are taken care of because the Bible says the Bible says the Bible says this it says this won't will be unto you Shepherds that scatter my sheep that's vital am i right am I wrong that's vital to you shepherds who feel like any meeting my team o is not welcomed here because of any meeny miney moe you have to remember I don't care how much money that you paid to have this place built this that you have had erected is still God's house your job as the manservant or the woman's servant is to give them the word and go on about your business at the end of the day are we not here to talk about tithe and offer because that's a whole nother subject praise God praise God but what we have to do is I'm gonna tell you something II do we Smith did a message some years ago about homosexuals in the church and everybody was in an uproar everybody was in an uproar and mad but what you have to understand is this pastors and laity and all the rest of y'all is this right here this is not your house because you are on borrowed time just like the next man is on borrowed time so while you're on borrowed time my god dance on baby while you are on borrowed time you better give them food and meat for thought because when your time runs out my God Almighty when your time runs out what are you gonna do because again I keep telling y'all this I can't make this stuff up you don't have to stand before the master and be judged that's what the books say it says it in the beginning in the the the the the old tester roll and it says it in the Apocrypha y'all ain't got that that's all right and it also says in the New Testament baby it also says it in the book of Jasher the Book of Enoch and the rest of them hey don't want to believe it because the Bible says it okay so when it's all said and done and you stand before the Lord for yourself what is he gonna say to you he don't say Shepherd old Shepherd Oh Shepherd did you feed my sheep my god baby let me tell you something what did he tell Peter well he told Peter let me wash your feet so that's wrong person anyway let's get on back on subject feet no he said he said Peter feed my sheep Peter feed my sheep it's not your job to put them in heaven a hill or tell them where they gonna go or you go on baby it ain't your job he said let the wheat finish oh my god hey bless His Holy Name bless His name it's not your job to tell them and separate he said because when I come my god he said when I come he said let the wheat and the Terr grow together and when I come yes God I will do the separating ain't that Bible ain't that Bible somebody Hill o eat about it hello that's Bible right mm-hmm let the wheat and the Terr grow together and when I come I will do the separating it's not your job praise His name it's not your job to dam body anywhere because do you know where you gonna be when the master arrives or yes God do you know where you gonna be in when the master comes do you know where you gonna be it when he calls your name I don't think you will I don't I don't think you will but that's okay the Bible says it's let the witness hair grow together and when I come I will do the separating this is why I love the Lord because in the midst of all of our fine noon and I'm finding mines and everything like that we still have a job that we got to do so I'm not here to fight with nobody I'm not here to fight with nobody about what you should do you get mad at me about what I report but I'm at a just like there's Pastor do me I'm coming okay all right I'm not gonna fight with nobody yes brother your big brothers lose a little weight but you may not like what I have to say but what I say is the truth I give you the Word of God you may not like it but it's okay because I'm not gonna be here to fight with you okay I'm gonna let I'm listen I'm just like some of y'all gonna be down in and inhale will y'all opposed to be in and all this other stuff okay see uh-huh um give me the emails from these these peoples that's okay though that's okay I'm not here to fight with nobody I'm not here to tell you what you in any meenie miney moe whatever the case may be you may not like what I gotta say baby you can keep sending me emails asking me all kind of questions because let me tell you something let me let me tell how I know that these are just Wonder Girls because I can tell how you word your stuff okay my job what's up man my job I know what I'm called to do okay praise God I know what I'm called to do I'm called to just give you the word that's my job I'm called to give your word I don't have a building I don't have a building but do you know what even Christ in do you know what Moses did do you know what David did baby the people gathered together and he gave them the word not this because he didn't give them he didn't give them all the way over in 2nd Samuel over in 2nd King no he gave them the word from the Lord it's my job because you don't matter how many scriptures I give you you're gonna do what the heck you want to do anyways but it's my job as Paul told Timothy live what you preach now I can't speak for all the rest of these peoples I can't speak for the rest of these people but live what you preach and preach what you live my god and that's ok though that's ok because even Jesus preached what he lived and lived what he preached y'all may not catch that but at the end of the day I appreciate pastor Dewey for even just those few messages that I heard for the people that follow me and for the following that I do have and the ones that's growing and coming along the way hey I'm gonna always give it to you 100 but the rest of these fools I hit on they don't like the fact that I exposed and I talk about things that go on in our black community because it's our problem because we're lost we are lost right we are lost y'all don't like to hear about what old press isn't done but it's the truth is the truth right we are here talking about church hurt right ok when are we going to be healed and when the heck are we going to wake up are we in hospice are we in a hospital are we in recovery don't y'all steal my message are we in hospice are we in the hospital or are we in recovery what's up Paul I believe that what you own today I love y'all Grace and peace to you hugs and and I will talk to you soon

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  1. This book/religion/god which has advocated for murdering gay people for being gay has zero moral credibility. None. Do not let this judgemental religion tell you that there is something wrong with you. Be proud of yourself and love yourself.

  2. This guy standing up here blatantly lying saying that GOD was speaking to him like that. Only a fool would believe this.

  3. Already love him and bless him my thing is to all the people saying he is wrong remember this if a person is only allowed to bring certain brokenness into the church how will you ever be fixed completely and most gay folk that's there only secrets

  4. But, do you know what Christ did? Do you know what Moses Did? Do you know what David did? People gathered togther and He gave them the word. He gave them the word from the Lord. (THAT IS POWERFUL) Not scripture. I got that. Amen. That will go over a lot of heads.

  5. This is why if there was a God, and there's not. He wouldn't save you anyway because you don't follow his statutes and Commandments.This is some gay mess and an insult to the Black Culture. Look for the God in you and become a God… SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel for a pro Black experience, knowledge, Health and information.> >

  6. His brother passed 1/29/07. My mother left me 1/2/16. And my sister 1/22/16. I'm hurting bad, yet thankful," Smith noted in a Facebook post the day after his sister died. Kind of strange they all died in January different years.

  7. PLEASE Fix the tape…I really want to hear this sermon. If you have a direct link, please post. Thank you!

  8. Here we go again he picking and choosing too what he forgot to say was when Jesus came he said you can eat because that what u eat can't defile you he didn't say that about gay and lesbian he said sin no more period he didn't excuse it… How can GOD so loved the world if we can't procreate multiply GOD created the human which he put a lot of hard work for u to destroy it…it makes no sense.. Their is nothing in the Bible about U were born that way if it is then GOD would be a lie and GOD. Is not capable of lying

  9. Guess what the preaching about gay the not practice what they preach they still having sex with these guys

  10. This pastor was wrong, and farther proof that we'll living in the last days. Condoning and consoling this woman that's living in a sinful lifestyle. True love is telling her the good news " that God died for her (our) sins". Not bringing her before the congregation and embracing her. Preachers like him is leading people to this "for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction and many there be which go in thereat". Blind leading the blind.

  11. YOU PEED!!! For resurfacing this sermon and this amazing minister!! Cuz even though it ain't Sunday today I tell the honest to God's truth!!! people need to hear this message!! Specially in the African American community and churches!! Abomination??????

  12. It is a Pastor’s responsibility to preach the TRUTH in LOVE. And that oftentimes means calling sin what it is…..SIN – whether it be fornication, lying, stealing, homosexuality, adultery, etc. It is not his job to uphold ANYbody their sin Orr their sinful lifestyles. He should shun that at all times. Pastor Dewey has no spiritual credibility nor does he have any business even preaching in my opinion.

    True Believers have blood-bought right to judge the acts of sin while, of course, judging the sins in our own lives.

  13. WOW! A Black Church pastor reaching out to the LGBT community. I also want to be in leadership that deals with our slave Christianity so that we can be in a position to help a Flint, Mi. in the future.

  14. This Pastor is what wrong with the church. False shepherds. We know we are not better than anyone. That's the only thing that get people to shout. Not preaching Christ, not preaching Holiness, not preaching He died for we dont have to live a sinful lifestyle. The guy that doing the video is suspect? Please. His fake videos and non scripture quoting self. How are you going to dedicate a baby back to the Lord when you living wrong? Come on people. Know scriptures. Have you ever whipped you child? Proverbs 13:24 proverbs 22:15) Do you believe that. We try to make God standards lower to give us the okay to live wrong. We have to stop making excuses for people that's living wrong. That's not helping nobody. If you truly loved that person you would tell them the truth. No we try to make some bogus arguments about, I do wrong, and you do wrong. Please any body with some kind of sense should know, there is no perfect people inside a building. Stop letting satan use you in making excuses about we cant live right. You never hear these false preachers talk about the Holy Ghost helping you with your sin problems or deliverance. Why because that doesn't put hips in seats. They want remind you that there is a penalty for sin , and living like a dog out here. No God understands. Please. He understands His Son blood. If you keep living like a fool, you will die like one and it will be nobody's fault but yours. Its going to be sad standing before a angry God and say. The man on you tube told me I was Okay and my Pastor said, you cant judge me. Keep on listening to these fly by night preachers , and these you tube non biblical speakers. Repent. Hes on His way back. JESUS.

  15. It's okay for Homosexuals, Transgenders, Drug Abusers, Rapists, Murderers, Liars, Cheaters, Witches and Pedophiles to be welcomed to the church and not be turned down or away. But,…it's {NOT OKAY} for those same people to get God's word and not change their lifestyle in the house of the Lord and leave years later the same way that they came in. Church is where you go to get spiritual food and medicine and get fixed up. Not a place to go still living in sins, abominations and other vile and detestable acts that make God puke.. Let's Be clear on that. God loves you but not the sin. If you are in a church and won't, don't or can't get delivered from Witchcraft or abusing Drugs or what have you, then you are in the wrong church and you might want to go to a Holy Ghost filled church where they are laying hands, speaking in tongues and rebuking and casting down those demonic spirits which are keeping people bound unto certain lifestyles. Real Talk…

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