PART ONE: Battle of the Brides!

now we've all heard of here comes the bride right right well what about here comes the side chick you guys this is the perfect flashback Friday story because video has surfaced from a few years back of an African wedding which got interrupted by one uninvited guest look rules mistress oh my god that's right The Miz just barged into the ceremony wearing her own wedding dress she tried to step in for the bride the crowd yelled as bridesmaids and groomsmen tried to get the wedding crasher away from the nuptials while the bride and groom just stood there in shock now while many on social media said the mistress's behavior was wildly inappropriate others have said hey at least she's fighting for the man she loves Oh No Oh interesting know what exactly my take on this but uh what are you thinking what would you do in a situation like this well first of all if that would happen to me I would make sure that he gets embarrassed but I'm not embarrassing myself in the playa she looks corny and too caught up and I understand that that's real but you need a moment to collect your feelings if I was the bride and I saw another chick walk in you just take three seconds to put that together right and the way I was stripped down so quick I'll be walking down the aisle but but I survived and just walk yeah I know why you would think I think obviously because I'm very like animated you would think that I probably would make a scene to do I would be a man what would you do I would like get super quiet mm-hmm my mother I look at my sister and very calmly I'd be like I'd give him the eye that tells him oh we are out of here but you're calmly and uh huh I might start moonwalking out of there like no I give him not I would set out there make a scene like making a see that's what bridesmaids are for he's supposed to get her up out of there it shouldn't even she shouldn't even able to make it up to the mob personally when I was looking at the video I couldn't tell the difference between the mistress and the bride because they know they look like they were wearing the same dress huh so it makes me think did they do this to expose the green know that standing there doing it like going nowhere I'm the bride okay that's how she's standing you know this is just loco but seriously we did you some very nice work yeah saying it was local like in the community local oh this is just whoa yeah it's great yeah because of your side cheek you said you're only embarrassing yourself nothing old baby because at the end of the day that girl still I mean I know you as a bride would say no I ain't taking it I'm leaving but just like she fighting for love that bride is fighting for love as well and it's disrespectful he picked her but if you don't yell and go on that's it yeah but is it true love aside as soon as you're committed and it was I haven't I know I remember it's a famous athlete I won't say who it is when I'm famous right okay he would get married okay and the side chick came to the wedding but they knew because he was athlete that it was a possibility they stopped her at the door okay she couldn't even get into the church and she was trying to say well I just want to see him I just want to see they said no no you ain't go see him to God later on but not today if you know you shouldn't see him like a week from now cuz you gonna continue being a side chick but they would not let her come in no see you guys get your feelings but this is real life we have to talk about what's really happening inside chicks out here there's Julie I'm trying to help side chicks and say don't embarrass yourself if you know your man has a side yeah you are better than that you should value yourself that's the way more than that

Michael Martin

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  1. Why do brides smile so widely when they walk down the aisle ? … Because the know they have given their last blow job !

  2. Nah i wouldve thrown a punch at the groom and a dirty look at the wanna be bride then im out have my leftovers i was done with him anyway

  3. I love what she did, better to find out that you are marrying a cheater before you actually marry him🤷‍♀️

  4. If I were the bride, I would walk off and never marry that man. Cheating ass. He was probably promising the mistress marriage as well.

  5. Adrienne be quiet you used to be side chics, I can’t stand you girl for real. I wish they fired your ass from the real.

  6. Adrienne be quiet you used to be side chics, I can’t stand you girl for real. I wish they fired your ass from the real.

  7. Adrienne be quiet you used to be side chics, I can’t stand you girl for real. I wish they fired your ass from the real

  8. Adrienne be quiet you used to be side chics, I can’t stand you girl for real. I wish they fired your ass from the real

  9. "Fighting for your love/man/woman", is a stupid term without a real meaning. Only a FOOL thinks they can make someone 'choose' you.

  10. Can we please stop saying "from Africa" or "from Europe"…. can we please mention the country's name? Let us all keep learning!

  11. He is wrong for having a side chick because he is getting married if I was the bride I would have beat him n her n walked out period!💯

  12. I would walk out and told side chick she can have him. If he not loyal to me only he not worth my time. Especially if you waited till marriage to give yourself away then he been getting busy with side chick he not worth your time or love or body.

  13. you know its the thing with a lot of african men, they lead both women on and so the lady probably didnt know she was a side piece. she probably just found out that her man of a few years is getting married to another woman and so had to swing into action. we have had men be with a woman for 12 years and leave her to go marry another woman without telling her, one man even spent the night before his wedding with this woman. so there had to be a real reason because many african men try this

  14. It's interesting watching Adrienne talk about side chicks. Wasn't she a side chick at one point? Wasn't her husband still married when they were dating?

  15. Just when you think you’ve seen it all. I can’t even focus on what their saying because I’m still in shock this woman really rolled up to the wedding in her OWN wedding dress like wtf. Bitch are you 🥜. That’s just crazy

  16. Hold up, guys. Situations are not usually the same in the US and Africa. That woman was probably not even aware she was a side chick until now, and that's why she's mad. This happens in many African countries. I'm Nigerian and I can tell you that we hear about stuff like this all the time! The groom would promise marriage to a lady or so many ladies and then get married to someone else. If the other woman/ women find out, they may or may not do something about it. Usually, they wouldn't show up in a dress lol, but they'll embarrass the groom.

  17. Loni just a big barrier barrel that think she always right, no one opinion is right stop telling them no when their stating their opinions

  18. Leave that man at the alter before u commit to him….marriage is a big commitment… dont be fooled by thinking he will change….

  19. I’m sorry I’m real ratchet I would have beat his ass then I would have told her u want him have him good bye would have told him don’t come to the reception it’s only for me and my family

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