Palestinians: Would you marry a Jew?

you the asking why not she converts what if she doesn't convert Dynamis for it's live on I have this limit the Jimmer because she has to then came dislike it's like no one is over sheep or had a threat you know what had Yehudi hours of allah god forbid about about marrying a person who is really or Jewish God forbid no what I would never why would I want why would I want somebody is really Jewish if you would I stay there what doesn't work if I say the word Jew what does she think like what has popped in to remind okay I would think of smacking this person with a shoe I said which person he said did you okay and after she finishes being angry okay that might be a good relationship what is under her feet mean like they're below us okay pumpkin so would you would you marry or date and Israeli yeah what's the problem with that and the kulit do you have any kids all was well have you ever thought of standing on deck even if your friend came up one day and said I want to marry this Jewish girl there's no problem as long as the vendors that we have they have it's no problem what are the standards Murdoch pilots tonight the vintage I witnessed a merger with Yahoo of course not from your younger woman and the mother and no moon canary matter tsunami Joe is gonna be after seniors Nabila severely Welkin and mine the fear with unum consisted in sorry fellas okay I guess marrying a foreign woman is different and there have been a lot of cases where Jewish women converted into Islam and that might be possible no the principal has refused and rejected even if she converts permit expertise and some things have happened on the convert that she converted and got married and had kids but now they have problems between them and now they want to get a divorce and what's more important is that where did the kids go they go to the mother when I want a divorce happens and that means they would go back to being Jewish really no a joke maybe like I want mine to marry a Jew because intelligent just like Christianity and Muslims but Israelis why not because it it would be considered as a betrayal oh you think you'll get a lot of social pressure not also not only social but like get from inside see because I've lived I'm like okay twenty years old twenty-two years old so I've been seeing Braley's and what they do to us so I can't just forget about all of that and just get mad at – and Israeli later but I thought all all people human beings are human beings yeah but if she's an Israeli soldier and she like hummed or did anything wrong to Boston yawns let's say but if she wanted to marry you she was in love with you so she obviously doesn't think badly about Palestinians she loves me now before that like she'd she wasn't born like yesterday see she had a past would you put your child marry a Jew or an Israeli never ever know why not why not is jewels lady a Jew the husband believes in love the wife's nuts are sure why why why not but even someone who really believes in peace and the family they're coming to me is something but you say it's okay if you had a daughter if you have a daughter would you know why because our even if he converts marry my friends or my brother my brother but he's saying some Palestinians married Jewish women Salam but if they want us to live in peace after the fish McCann with no place we have no place for our children there would be some nurse who would kill children who run over children what I want maybe she's very good-looking okay but the I translate there's nothing there's no one better than the Palestinian woman okay this vowel singing woman is very happy okay it's radio now this my love it's radio this shocking look on TV first of all of our religion is embassy so I would have let mine I wouldn't let my daughter take a turn but but I would allow my son because you know if the guy with us yeah homicide is ready oh yeah who do you see it something personally it would find somebody that he likes yeah why not what do you make her convert Willy who da da McCauley huh that's the natural is it well fitting to the right what if she said no but what if she said she won't she won't convert convert there should be some kids a qiblah no of course not why not why not because there are enemies but those are in law home in any key episode add that regardless if they are the people regardless of the fact that they are a people of the book there are still our enemies but even if he converts have to no Aslam it's not we should tell me but if you converts it's that's something else would you agree but what if there was you know us now okay so if he converts into Islam and if he follows our religion and if he recognizes us as Palestinians yes homicide to Jewish idea of a video why not I just consider them our enemies even someone who someone who believes in a Palestinian freedom how were customers even if she does divert interest though okay you

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  1. Let me correct something: Muslim women are not forbidden to marry non- muslim men. It's a wrong interpretation. The Koran is clear: do not marry the disbeliever, the worshipper. This is valid for both muslims because Koran has no double standard of moral.

  2. Most Palestinians will not marry a Jew because they hate them it's not complicated, this goes all the way back to Ishmael and Isaac in the Book of Genesis read about it! And this is not a natural thing, it's a spiritual thing, Warfare between God and the devil.

  3. muslim men will marry extremely weak-willed Jewish women, and then the women have to submit to islam. And often these women are then abused.

    That's the only dynamic where it occurs. No Jew with pride will marry a muslim, who is the historical oppressor and tormentor of the Jew. And muslims traditionally think of the Jews as their dogs.

  4. The one man stated "doesn't live up to our standards" are those "standards" hate, digging tunnels to kill people, suicide bombers, liars and thieves?
    Must be because those are the things that come from the Egyptians calling themselves Palestinians.

  5. As jew I don't want date or marriage with arab maybe he have to be arab jewish or arab that born in isreal so yes because he will understand isrealis and Jewish and have good mindset /mentality but I will not convert to Islam and I will never tell him to convert Arabs are savage look about happened to girl that she married to arab he beat her she wear niqab I will never get married to arab thier mentality or mindset is disgusting

  6. ממתי גברים ישראלים ירצו באישה מוסלמית ופלישטנאית
    כמובן יש ישראליות שמתלהבות מערבים מוסלמים במיוחד בהתחלה
    אבל בתאכלס רוב הנשים שלהם מכוערות עם טולילות באף ובפנים
    וחסרות השכלה או הגיון בריא
    רואים בחדשות עד כמה מכוערות הן

  7. A Muslim man can marry alkitabiyah a Christian or a Jewish lady
    But for Muslim woman it is forbidden for her to marry Christian or Jewish man.
    But Zionists are 100%
    forbidden to marry them they are following satanic religion out of discussion.

  8. If there are only mixed marriages allowed, the problem would be solved after one generation.
    No racism would be possible anymore. On both sides.
    But I know it's just science fiction.

  9. In Islam, if you want to marry someone out his or her religion then, Islam doesn't allow such mix marriages but Islam will allow the person to convert to Islam and then marriage could take place.

  10. what are they smoking? Do they even read the Quran? In Islam, we are allowed to marry anyone from the Abrahamic faith, either Christian or Jew. Don't bring religion into it when it is your culture, society, or opinion dictating your choices. That is the problem nowadays, culture and religion become entangled.

  11. Its good to see the haters are not afraid to show their hate. So we can see it very clearly. We know them by their hearts. I pray for such as these, who judge all even the ones they do not know. This is why we have the beautiful Truth in Christianity. The hateful and non forgiving spirit, we are taught to reject, as has been demonstrated by many testimonies we have heard here in this video.

  12. Muslim can only dream of marrying Jew. one religion has invented terrorism other has 350 nobel prize.

  13. Palestinian:Marry an Arabic man or woman for you.because you’re all the same mind and thoughts.damn

  14. Wow it just shows how antisemitic these Palestinians are. Is that surprising ? No because jew hatred it rampant in the Muslim world. You Palestinians don't want peace you are morons for voting for terrorist that's your fault

  15. Why do you always add subtitles on YouTube if you already add translation in the video. I just have to turn it off always.

  16. Islamic terrorist usually marry other Islamic terrorist study's show they product of this is usually a jihade terrorist

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