Pac-Man’s Pac-Wedding

-Dearly pac-loved… We are gathered here today to join Pac-Man… …and Ms. Pacman in holy multiplayer. If, for any reason, these two should not be joined in cooperative play, Speak now, or forever save your quarter. -I…
-You had your chance, Blinky. -Come on sweetheart! Let’s get down with our pac-selves. She says I gotta cut down on the blinkin’ ghosts… and be more careful with my lives. I says to ‘er, if you got a betta way ta get points… I WANNA HEAR IT!
-[laughter] -There you are, you pac-o-shit! Pac Junya is drunk and he said you gave ‘im beer. He’s 12 years old for Billy Mitchell’s sake! What the HELL kind of a Pac-Uncle are you? -I’d say a pretty good one!
-[laughter, Pac-Junior vomits] -I just love you all, like, SO much, and it’s SO nice to… -Ugh, I can’t believe I made your sister the Pac-of-Honor. -Hey, at least SHE her name when she got married!
-Don’t you dare bring that up right now. This was my grandmother’s name. -…[sobbing] gonna get… a game over… so like…
-I feel like I sat here just to rub it in my face. -To be fair, we follow him around, like, ALL THE TIME. -[vomits]
-[sighs] I wish I could die again.

Michael Martin

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    Speak now or forever hold your QUARTER
    PAC of Sh-t 🤣

    The main 3 puns I got out of this video

  2. You know, I liked the Pac People when they were all yellow. I didn't mind them being differently colored in the 80s cartoon. The new cartoon, however. Very cringey.

  3. a ghost dying again….
    reminds me of that Ren and Stimpy episode a ghost committed suicide and became an alive person…..

  4. In Europe it's normal for 12 year olds to have some wine with dinner with family or dad to give them so beer occasionally. In the UK it's legal to drink at 5 years old at home.

  5. The pacman ghosts aren't actual ghosts and thus aren't undead. They are mutant creatures in ghost costumes. This is revealed in the cutscene animation in the original pacman. The 2nd one shows the red ghost get his costume caught on a nail, and it rips to reveal caucasian colored skin underneath. Then the 3rd cutscene shows the ghost fully out of his costume and he's not a man but a monster. So there you have it, they are monsters in ghost costumes.

  6. youtube: we dont care. we want the money.
    people: but its showing dru-
    Youtube: nah its good.
    people im starting to think something…

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