Our Wedding Day (I Married My Best Friend!)

You took a shower 10 minutes ago? Yes
sure did But you made it, yeah and Nate brought my shirt that’s so good yeah we did great I even drafted some
vows oh we’re doing good can I see yours first?
no, all right my love I’m ready Oh my god. Hi, beautiful! it is difficult to know what to do with
so much happiness with sadness there’s something to rub against a wound to tend
with lotion and cloth when the world falls in around you you have pieces to
pick up something to hold in your hands like ticket stubs or change but
happiness floats it doesn’t need you to hold it down it doesn’t need anything
happiness lands on the roof of the next house singing and disappears when it
wants to you are happy either way since there’s no place large enough to contain
so much happiness you shrug you raise your hands and it flows out of you into
everything you touch you are not responsible you take no credit
as the night sky takes no credit for the moon but continues to hold it and share
it and in that way be known when he looked into her eyes he learned
the most important part of the language that all the world spoke the language
that everyone on earth was capable of understanding in their heart it was love
something older than humanity more ancient than the desert what the boy felt
at that moment was that he was in the presence of the only woman in his life
and that was no need for words she recognized the same thing because when
you know the language it’s easy to understand that someone in the world
awaits you whether it’s in the middle of the desert or in some great city and
when two such people encounter each other the past and the future become unimportant there is only that moment the incredible certainty that everything under the Sun
has been written by one hand only it is the hand that evokes love and creates a
twin soul for every person without such love one’s dreams would have no meaning Komal when we first met almost 10 years
ago I had no idea that the course of my life would be fundamentally altered
without you I wouldn’t be the man I am today
in front of this incredible community my love you are my best friend my teacher
and my soulmate you are the light in my life. Komal you’ve taught me what it means to dream you’ve taught me the power of community
you’ve shown me nothing but love and unfailing support even when I stumble and most of all you’ve taught me to love myself
when I am with you I am home and with your love I am whole No matter the medicinal virtues of being a true friend or sustaining a long close relationship with another the ultimate
touchstone of friendship is not improvement neither of the other nor of
the self the ultimate touchstone is witness the privilege of being seen by
someone and the equal privilege of being granted the sight of the essence
of another, to have walked with them and to have believed in them, and to sometimes just to have accompanied them for however brief a span, on a journey is impossible to accomplish alone. Mitch, ours is a lifetime’s long love. We were just lucky enough to meet early in this life. I don’t know myself without
you, you’ve given me the gift of communication the gift of understanding
what life can look like when we actively choose love and understanding every
single day I can commit myself to you today and last week because you and you
alone are the person and energy who has helped me unleash my soul and my
potential you have carried me when I could not stand, you’ve shown me love when I didn’t have an ounce of it within me for myself You’ve shown me every single day the love I’m worthy of. You’ve shown me how to love myself.
There is no greater gift in life than that. last time I was in Ottawa I was actually
here when she got into Carleton University she was young she was naive
now she’s brought me back for her wedding where did the time go
where did my young naive sister go? she’s blossomed into this amazing woman as I
reflected on this I realized it was the people here, the people here tonight, the people in Ottawa that have helped my sister. Been there for her when we couldn’t being so
far away showing her so much love helped her grow helped her find love and
happiness in a city that was strange and far away from home. The city also presented Mitch, a man I’m proud to call my brother today a person
that ensures my sister’s happiness he does keep her grounded to when she needs
to be and as well as supports her when she has those crazy crazy ideas that she
comes up with them on a weekly basis like a flower that needs water
our Mitchell needed Komal to blossom to the extraordinary man that sits before
you today and like a flower that needs soil to anchor it and allow it to keep
blooming Mitchell has shown Komal that he will hold her firm and give her roots
while she continues to grow and explore all the awesomeness that is this
beautiful woman my roommate looked at me and said I
always know when you’re on the phone with Komal your volume is amplified
times 1000 but that’s what you do to people you amplify them thinking back at
our first Model UN conference in 2009 Mitch showed up ready to change the world and with a smile that was so contagious but not quite sure how to formulate all
those ideas into action plans throughout your relationship you have grown from
someone who is passionate about the world to someone who is ready to change the world today Mitch is organizing global conferences and writing press
briefings that are legitimately changing the world that we live in as it’s
happening but for Mitch as much as Komal has amplified you you are her Haven you
are the place where she goes when the world is crumbling when she is losing
her way she knows she can find it with you you give her the strength to be the
support for all the other people who she lets shine so brightly and amplifies
without you she would not be able to do this So proud to be your wife I’m so proud that
our families have become one you’re my sunshine you’re my light you are my joy
you are the most beautiful soul I’ve ever met

Michael Martin

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  1. I loved this wedding vidio,,,That's my dream i want married with a good man like mitch ….congratulations both of you….god blessing both of you..

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