Our Three-Way Relationship Is A Beautiful Thing | EXTREME LOVE

Ashley: I would definitely say our love is extreme love. Not everybody can handle what it takes to have a three person relationship. Keila: There’s people that are going to judge of course because of peoples religion. Deborah: That’s my daughter, why did I not know this? I had to deal with all that. I prayed, I cried, I blamed myself, “How did I not see this?” “What did I do wrong?” Ashley: My name is Ashley and this is my husband Matt and my wife Keila. Ashley: For us it’s a polytriad, and we are a closed triad. So we are, basically in a poly relationship with three people instead of regular monogamist relationship with two people. Keila: Everything’s equal, but like there’s no one first wife, second wife. And our kids are all treated equally, I’m so sorry this could … Can we go tell him to Matt: Yeah we have eight kids but we have three adults plus two grandparents in the house. Keila: I had four kids before Matt and Ashley and then when me and Matt and Ashley met, they only had three at the time Ashley got pregnant with Julian, and then we kind of just… blended in. We have eight kids in the house. Ashley: There’s more love more kids, more… more fun, more… happy times, more playing. Lots of help to … get each other around and … take care of what needs to be done. Can I eat some? Keila: No you’ve got to cook these. Ashely: I basically was the one who brought up us all being in a poly relationship together. I had only ever been with Matt since I was a teenager. and I had always been kind of curious about women as well for different reasons. We were going through alot of things, we kind of always had our ups and downs. me and Matt. I … thought maybe it would be a good idea to try something completely different. It led to be … him introducing me to Keila and us all hitting it off. Matt: We sleep in the same bed. We have since the beggining. We never had our own bedrooms or anything like that, because that would cause alot of jealousy as well. We just … try to keep it down to a minimum by that. sexual pleasures are definitely alot more winners, three people involved, I feel like Kaila shows me just as much love as Ashley, and Ashley shows me, as much as love as she shows to Keila, so … I think it’s pretty well rounded. Ashley: I would say that my parents are really shocked, by all of this. I never really … disclosed to anyone that I was interested in both women and men. so I think that was kind of more of the obstacle for them to wrap their head around. Deborah: I am Ashley’s mother, Matt’s mother in law … And Keila’s … bonus mom I guess. Honestly I freaked out, that, that style of relationship is not I mean I’m old school, so it was hard for me to … comprehend something like that. I was kind of surprised that my daughter had and interest even in women, her and her husband had been together since they were 15 years old. So it was hard for me to … I guess I was angry at myself that I didn’t … that I didn’t realise it after all these years. That’s my daughter, why did I not know this? And I had to deal with all that. Matt: It’s always been a man and a woman, or it’s just a man or just a woman. and … I think that idea comes from religion alot and it’s forced upon people and that’s why religious people look at us like we’re very bad people, we didn’t do anything different than, a monogamous relationship There’s just three people that are involved with this. I don’t care what people think, we’re still going to do it if we want to. that’s … just how we are. Deborah: That kind of thing was just hard for me to deal with. Took me a little bit of time and I adjusted, I had to … do some soul searching, you know, it’s making her happy. It’s what she wants, and that’s what’s important. Yeah, I still have a little bit of hair that comes up on the back of my neck, when I see them be affectionate to each other. But it’s it’s, this is the 21st century I guess, it’s what it is. Keila: Before I met Matt, My life was … it was the life of a single parent because I worked full time and I took care of my four kids on my own. We just started talking more and more and … took off. At the beginning I was a little bit nervous about introducing the kids to Matt and Ashley. I was very scared of how I was going to be, looked at how my children would look at me. I did talk to my children about it and they kind of like kind of weird about it, because you know, a child doesn’t understand. They go to school, thinking they’re just going to have mom and dad, and mom and dad only, little by little my family kind of came around. We’re just a normal, typical, family. I don’t see anything different. Joel: I have three brothers and … four sisters. I’m older than all of them. I have two moms. It was kind of weird at first, you know, I don’t care what people think. it’s just how they are. And everyone’s different in the world. So I wouldn’t really say there’s drawbacks of a poly relationship so much. I mean, there’s obstacles that… we go through for sure. Some of the funny challenges are things like you know, school and doctors and, you know, explaining a step mom and a step dad. Matt: It’s the same thing as a regular relationship. We go through same things, we have fights, we have jealousies… obviously, a lot more jealousies with us, because there’s three of us. it feels like a normal relationship. Ashley: The three of us wouldn’t work without one of us. Keila: We love each other, we care for each other. We want to be there for each other and grow old together. So that’s what we want and… that’s what we’re going to do. Whether the world
likes it or not. I would definitely say our love is extreme love, not everybody can handle what it takes to have a three person relationship but… I wouldn’t say that it’s, it’s so extreme that nobodyelse should consider it. because it can be a really beautiful thing.

Michael Martin

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  1. Well this video was really interested but I would also love if you guys go check out me and my friends do YouTube channels talking about relationships and dating and we also hit on unpopular topics to we would love your feedback. ♥ ♥

  2. it's really craz relationship , and only children are sacrifices , in this kind of life. unfortunately😔😔👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  3. Nah, these people don't even love themselves! Both girls loook alike so, and none of them wsnt to loose this ugly man he is not even hot! So both of them rather share him than loose him! Poor kids!

  4. Booooo!!!! No one cares about this anymore, especially this run-down dump group! Congrats you think your lives are so unique you have to have your own documentary about it…guess what? It’s not and the comments prove it. Stop with these Btv!! 😒

  5. I’ve been in poly and open relationships too and I’d never go back to a monogamous relationship, honestly the healthiest, happiest, freeing and best relationships I’ve ever had

  6. It seems like the girls are only in love with the man and not with each other, not once saw them show love or affection to each other

  7. I'd be way to jealous. No man has enough love to satisfy me and another female. Husband can barely keep up with just my physical needs lol. To each their own.

  8. Notice the women are always ugly and have poor self confidence? Women like this set feminism back hundreds of years!

  9. I was think and some one said it what happens if the want and got another guy would this guy still be cool and happy I don't think so

  10. As long as everyone is genuinely happy, & this isn't for any alterior motive or a way to fix things, I say you do you. its their choice end of the day.


  12. And the kids are so well rounded they will grow up to be great open people. Well done to YOU ALL. I see this as a hapoy relationship I don't see it as weird or anything it's just the way it is

  13. I´m more surprised by how they can raise 8 kids than by their polyamorous relationship. I just want 2 kids and that´s enough hahaha.

  14. They can just get a full time nanny or a full time helper and not another wife if they said they need more help around the house .

  15. I'm still sorta questioning if I support or not. All I've ever been taught is man and woman. On one side my family thinks that it is disgusting, but on the other hand, I dont even believe in god plus this seems really beautiful and I'm glad that there arent any barriers. This is all super confusing
    …(not to offend u tho)

  16. Some of these comments smh close minded people.. I am part of a triangle my self .. the only part is that we do not all live together that's my choice. . But me and baby momma are the best of friends . We keep him straight.

  17. This is called polygamy where I come from and hey! The dynamics are not the same. The women usually don’t share the same space. I wonder is this “situationship” can actually work. Humans creating artificial problems for themselves

  18. They aren’t hurting anyone, if there happy then that’s okay, non monogamy isn’t for anyone and that’s okay

  19. The first thing that came up in my mind is " I have 4 children before this.. " okay maybe she's don't care at least her children has a house and food for living?

  20. Sexually Immoral period!!.. why even use the term.. …… " married"??!!!… sick and twisted for real.. NOT a marriage!!

  21. He’s just having his cake and eating it too! Add another man and see if he’s still happy with this polyamorous relationship! I bet these women wouldn’t be together without him!

  22. Yup the more we have these kind of relationships better it is for society. I mean since there is more women than men anyway. And also we won't have any more single mother.

  23. Smartness is essential in any relationship, my worst experience was discovering my 6 years husband cheating through the help of an hacker who helped cloned his cell and i got access to all his text without touching it. I’m here in Australia and able to access his phone while he was away cheating in UK. Contact this Genius-Tracker via Gmail (geniustracker701) Text and speak to him directly on phone +1 (415) 323-6758. or Via WhatsApp him +1 (724) 330-3252. Thank me later.

  24. I respect this. It looks like they all genuinely love each other and their poly relationship definitely helps with child-rearing and expenses, which they definitely need with 8 kids. If the sex is also good among them, that's a bonus! I've also seen this with 2 men and 1 woman and it worked as well. I'm not suggesting polyamory is better than monogamy but if it works for those DIRECTLY INVOLVED in the relationship, more power to them!

  25. I don't judge…but GIRL…im not sharing…my mans eggplant……..🍆HELL TO THE NAH……….but i love your whole family though😍

  26. People are so toxic on the call moments, these people just want a secure community and people don’t understand, it’s jealousy that you didn’t get that chance… 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽

  27. Don't blame religion for most people being monogamous. It's human nature not to want to share certain relationships.

  28. Why not two men, one woman? Very interesting, these women are so stupid. He is getting everything he wants and they are letting him.

  29. I almost fell out of my chair laughing at these bitter jealous comments . They chose this 3 some relationship and this man is lucky. They're happy AND THATS ALL IT MATTERS!

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