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hi darlings welcome what's your new video here aren't be my bride so as you may know I am a bride-to-be and I'm starting to think about my pre big day wedding skincare because great skin that starts from months before your wedding day so I want to make sure that I'm prepping my skin now before we get too close to the day itself so I want to share with you a few skin care tips on how you can get your skin glowing and that's whether you are going to a wedding this summer as a wedding guest or if you are the bride or part of the bridal party yourself so here in the house of LMS which is one of my favorite places to come in London for a real treat for the skin you can come here and get a consultation one of the lovely girls will take a look at your skin and see what your skin needs for me personally my skin is dehydrated so I know that I need to drink a lot more water before the big day as well as look at skin care products that are going to really hydrate my skin in the lead-up to the big day of course you can come here and have treatments that are specifically for your skin care needs or if you just want to bring your girls or guy friends and come for a nice massage or a facial then it's perfect just tucked away a few minutes away from the busy shopping streets of London something else I want to share with you which is really exciting is that be my brides have been working with LMS on the launch of something very special so I want to introduce you to of the Bridal Beauty countdown box so to help you get ready for your big day this is the bridal beauty countdown box from the LMS and it contains three of my all-time favorite skincare products from the brand if you follow my youtube channel then you will have heard me raving about these and chuckling about these is not just for us girls and they're now all in one box at a really fabulous price it's much more affordable as you get the products in the box and it is I'm separating so let me show you what's inside so this has got to be I think my favorite of all time animus skincare products this is the pro-collagen Rose cleansing balm I've been using the pro kleh gem cleansing balm at for years and years but this rose version is just an absolute dream to use the scent is heavenly it's fantastic for taking the makeup off and it is just such a pleasure to use it really melts on contact with the skin and you can give yourself a lovely massage as you apply it when you're thinking about your big day you don't want in the skincare to and be functional but you want it to be a real treat as well and really savor that time when you are applying your skincare so I like to take a little scoop of the balm apply it straight onto my face massage it on and then apply a little bit of water and then cleanse it off with the cleansing cloth that comes inside it gets rid of all of your makeup sometimes I like to double cleanse as well and it just leaves the skin looking and feeling really clean and glowing and doesn't every bride want to have lovely glowing skin on her big day so you get full-size of the rose cleansing balm in the prior Beauty countdown box now these are something that actually always goes missing in my house because Charlie is a huge fan of these as well I've never met anyone that doesn't try these and instantly fall in love they are also from the pro-collagen range which is fantastic if perhaps you're concerned with those first signs of aging as I said earlier my skin's a bit dehydrated and it's around the eyes that the signs of dehydration show up as soon as so I want to make sure that I'm really pampering that area these are also fantastic if you're traveling and maybe on a hen's you abroad or if you're going on your honeymoon these are fantastic for popping in your bag both post-flight and also during the flight if you don't mind looking a little bit silly on the airplane as well but these are pro color and hydrogel eye masks you get two sets you can keep both to yourself or you could give one to your husband-to-be I will probably hide these which I didn't find them I would recommend using these the night before your wedding but maybe you want to use them in a few weeks in the lead-up to just to make the eye area look as fresh and healthy as possible and finally we have got the onion make sure I get the name right dynamic resurfacing facial pads I recommends starting to use these a few months before your big day as you can imagine by the name they're slowly generally resurfacing the skin on your face to ensure you get a lovely again healthy glowing complexion and have your skin and its healthiest for your big day I like to use these around three times a week what I'll normally do is cleanse with a cleansing bar and then just swipe run these pads over my whole face before applying my serums and moisturizers and things like that they're really gentle but they just help the skin to naturally resurface itself getting rid of any dead skin cells so that you're going complexion can shine through so as well as the rose collagen and cleansing balm being full-sized these are also full sized so it's a really great way of trying out some favorite elements products at the fantastic price and as a trio these products work so well together so it's a nice way of discovering perhaps the brand for the first time awesome products which will make a big difference in your skincare routine so that further ado let me show you how to use them

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