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– The Oscars will go host-less
for a second year in a row. When the 2020 Academy Awards
air on February 9th on ABC, the ceremony will once
again not have a host. ABC Entertainment president Carrie Burke made the announcement on Wednesday during her time before press at the Television Critics
Association’s winter press tour. Burke stressed the ceremony
will repeat what worked last year, saying, “let me confirm it now, “together with the
Academy, that there will be “no traditional host this year.” Way back in March, Burke
told the Hollywood Reporter that ABC and the Academy
would likely follow the same successful formula
that saw a rare ratings uptake for the 2019 ceremony. She said at the time,
“we are extremely happy “with how the show went. “Odds are, you’ll see us repeating “what we consider to be
a successful formula.” The 2019 ceremony,
which saw Green Book win for best picture, averaged
nearly 30 million viewers, up a whopping 11.5% year over year. And a 7.7 rating among
the all-important adults 18 to 49 demographic, up
13% from a year before. The previous ceremony in 2018
hit an all-time ratings low. Other recent award
shows have followed suit and chosen to go host-less, including the 2019 Emmy awards on Fox. Previous Oscar hosts include Jon Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Billy
Crystal, Seth Macfarlane, Ellen Degeneres, Neil
Patrick Harris, Chris Rock, and Jimmy Kimmel, among others. For more on this story and
everything you need to know about the 2020 Oscars, head to thr.com. Until next time, for the
Hollywood Reporter News, I’m Tiffany Taylor. (gentle music)

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  1. The most remembered and popular (in my opinion) hosts of the Oscars: 1. Bob Hope, 2. Steve Martin and 3. Billy Crystal. They made us laugh without being insulting or politically correct and they usually used the classic ONE LINERS. Hollywood will never let such men host the Oscars ever again. To paraphrase Bob Hope: "Welcome to the Oscars, or what is known in my house as passover." Those were the days.

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