Oscar Party Planning Tips : Oscar Party Drinks

Now right now we’re going to talk about the
drinks. If you serve your drinks in these fun little champagne type glasses your guests
are sure to feel like the stars that they are. You can serve anything that you think
your guests will enjoy from wine or champagne or just soda or sparkling cider, and even
have some water on hand for those who may be, might be a little more on the boring side
or healthy side, and just make sure that you do have a champagne glass for everyone on
hand at the party, and enough champagne or sparkling cider for everyone to toast at the
end of the awards show. You can also toast to the best picture once that’s announced
and toast to you that you’re a great host and just toast the end of a great party, and
just make sure that you have, if you’ve had your guests RSVP that gives you a good head
count of how much, how many cups and how many drinks you should have on hand, and if you
don’t get any RSVP’s back just, you know, try calling your friends and see if they’re
planning on coming because you don’t want to have a lot of left over things after your
party. But if you do happen to have leftovers it shouldn’t be a big deal. You can return
what you don’t use, or you can just host another party for the next awards show.

Michael Martin

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