Oscar and Lily finally set their wedding date | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

Diana, you’re helping with the president and Lily’s
wedding preparations. Yes, Secretary.
The president asked me. So I asked some of my staff
to take care of it. Does that mean
you think Lily’s innocent? The important thing is that
the president is happy. So you’re still
suspicious of her. I’ve waited so long for this. At last, I will finally
be in power. Secretary Diana. Ms. Cortez. Lily. Oscar. Auring cooked something
delicious for us. Let’s go. Don’t you want to talk
about the wedding first? – We can talk while eating.
– Okay. Good morning, Miss Lily. Good morning, Auring. – Enjoy your food.
– Good Morning, Miss Lily. Good morning to all of you. Miss Auring prepared
all your favorite food. I can’t wait to dig in. First agenda. We need to decide on the
date of our wedding. Once the date is settled, everything else will
follow through. How about my birthday?
Before Christmas. Why on your birthday? I think it would be
a great symbol of my new life
as your wife, Oscar. Thank you, Lily. Okay. Let’s get married
on your birthday. Thank you for the
delicious food, Miss Auring. Thank you, Auring! Caloy wanted to
ask you something. Miss Lily, will we be invited
to your wedding? Of course, Caloy! You guys are actually on
top of our guest list. Thank you so much, Miss Lily Miss Lily, can I just wear
a dress on your wedding? Of course, Auring. Thank goodness. Elizabeth said she
wants to wear a gown. No one can really beat
Madam Auring’s cooking. I’m sure the food at our
wedding will be better. I know, Oscar.
Don’t worry. I’ll check the menu myself
and do the food tasting. – Really?
– Yes. Okay, I’ll tell my
staff to prepare for our wedding
date announcement. People have already
been waiting for it! I’ll get going, Oscar. Okay, I’ll see you out. According to the Palace’s
official statement today,

Michael Martin

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