oOh!’s award-winning Candidate Experience with LiveHire’s Talent Acquisition & Engagement Platform.

I’m Alana Bennett, Head of Talent
at oOh!media. At oOh! our employer brand is about creating unmissable moments Without ‘what is the true essence of oOh!?’ we can’t be who we truly are. The previous system for me is a really vanilla candidate experience. The biggest downfall of the system was not having the ability for us to connect with our candidate’s in a meaningful way. And build Talent Pools so that we could therefore connect with those individuals in the first place. I don’t believe that we were able to express our employment branding in a way that was really authentic to who we are. My name is Brittini McKee and I’m Client Experience Executive at oOh!. For me job hunting is not a process that I enjoy at all It can be a really stressful time in your life. You feel like your resume just gets lost. The main experience that we’ve seen since implementing LiveHire is our Candidate Experience. It’s enabled us to be innovative We can really personalise the communication to our candidate’s in a way that’s not only meaningful to them as individuals but really encapsulates the essence of our employer brand I originally applied for a role with oOh! on LiveHire about six months ago. She interviewed for that role, but unfortunately, she didn’t get it. They said ‘hey we think you’d be a fantastic fit for the company, but maybe not this role’. Using the Talent Pool Functionality within LiveHire We put her in our Silver Medalist Talent Pool Within the space of about 3 weeks we had another opportunity that arose And we reached out for Brittini and within two weeks we’d secured her for that role I love the fact that oOh!media got to know me as a person They understood who I was and they were able to find the right fit for me What LiveHire has enabled us to do is access the talent that is really suitable for our business If you’re not in the game of looking at your Candidate Experience and really wanting to bring your employment brand to life you’re not going to attract the candidate’s that really want to work for your business oOh! has won the CandE awards as a top ten winner The CandE awards are candidate’s that have gone through your recruitment process are essentially voting on what your candidate experience is like For people to be saying our candidate experience is a top ten is an incredible accolade for our business. Applying with LiveHire was a really easy process. I would absolutely recommend LiveHire to a friend. If you’re wanting to transform your Candidate Experience I would absolutely recommend LiveHire

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