OnePlus 7 Pro launch event in 12 minutes

good evening everyone wow what a huge crowd we have here ladies and gentlemen this is the one plus seven Pro [Applause] [Applause] so what do you think guys it's got curved edges on the front and back and it's unlike any oneplus phone we've ever seen before the oneplus 7 pro comes in nebula blue mirror gray and almond the mirror gray is stealthy with a beautiful shine the almond has a soft elegance to it my personal favorite is a nebula blue it's got a unique feel and if I didn't tell you you probably couldn't have guessed it's still made out of glass this is probably the most beautiful one plus we've ever made it's something you thank you it's something you really have to feel to believe next our favorite part about the oneplus 7 pro the display the display is the primary window into the digital world so now we're gonna announce the next major breakthrough in mobile display technologies fluid AMOLED its borderless it's totally immersive ultra smooth and breathtaking it's got no hole no not no gimmicks is just pure screen and it's our largest ever at six point seven inches with a remarkable screen to body ratio of 93% for the first time ever we're offering a quad HD plus resolution panel it packs 4.5 million pixels into its edge to edge display so it's got a really immersive screen great color accuracy but what else with a fluid AMOLED were for the first time introducing the groundbreaking you 90 Hertz refresh rate what does this mean well regular phones update their content up to 60 times per second we do 90 so for any content that you experience you get up to 50% smoother compared to other phones so each and every tap swipe and scroll feels more direct more responsive and more realistic nowadays I often just take out my phone and open up Instagram and scroll up and down just for the fun of it just to experience the smoothness on the subject of details and new ones we've added a beautiful new horizon light so when the screen is off and you receive a notification you'll see rays of light trace the outer edges of our curved display and to maintain a comfortable viewing experience fluid AMOLED also filters out blue light thereby reducing your eye strain it also supports HDR so when you're viewing content on Netflix or YouTube you'll notice richer details and more nuance in every scene hey guys good do you think great to be home in Bangalore okay just like Jerry mentioned I'm here to walk you guys through camera so let's start from the front facing one where is it you might ask and don't worry we have not forgotten just one tap and it's there for you in half a second I agree with you guys it's very cool but primarily it has to be useful and durable this test is about opening camera of one phone up and down 300,000 times so if you're keeping notes that there's crazy stats for you guys so if you'd open this camera 50 times every day to take a selfie it would it would last very well for sixteen and a half years but how many times would open and close is just one consent of our community I had that you guys would be also concerned about how durable will it be will it not be too brittle all too fragile so we have performed other tests [Applause] [Applause] yeah this camera module really is built to last and our engineers thought of everything so if imagine the scenario you're taking selfie and your phone accidentally drops camera will slide right back automatically detecting the phone but it's not only durable and smart but it also is able to produce some great photos thanks to the 16 megapixel sensor we're introducing for the first time ever triple camera setup so with the super wide angle lens wide-angle lens and telephoto lens for that zoom this is a seriously virtus aisle camera setup this perfect DSLR replacement yeah 48 megapixel plenty of details but also it works matters a lot for you guys is low light so we've increased surface area of the sensor to half an inch so by 29% and effective pixel size has been increased by 72% right now we have added one more element to the lens for a 7p lens setup and by that we've been able to achieve aperture of focal 1.6 and then we have not forgotten about optical image stabilization of course it's really important when it comes to those low-light photos where you need more time to get more light into the sensor and it's also obviously great for those ultra smooth videos and then we have another lens now we have for the first time ever introducing a wide-angle lens with one plus phone it has PDAF focusing methods for the fastest focusing and primarily it expands field of view to 117 degrees and this one is even better than the 101 plus 5 it has 3x optical zoom and optical image stabilization this is by far the highest score we have ever received from the excel it's 13 points higher than what we go through 1 plus 16 okay let's move on to performance and obviously obviously we're bringing qualcomm snapdragon 855 to our latest flagship device so we have increased ram in our top variant to 12 gigabytes and then i'm really proud to announce exactly one plus seven pro is the first phone in the world to shape with ufs 3.0 memory the FS 2.0 will allow you to read and write files in data faster on 1 / 7 Pro in fact 79% faster than you FS 2.1 memory time and then we have also totally changed our cooling system on 1 + 7 pro introducing liquid cooling it will help you manage temperature of device much better for those long gaming sessions as well as will maintain better battery life of the device we are rising from three thousand seven hundred to four thousand milliamp hours but just in case you finally need to top up of course your ringing quote shells and it's 38 percent faster than the regular one + 16 and then speaking of charging times in 20 minutes from zero to forty eight percent so Kara told you all about this new crispy 2k screen so we decided to pair it up with some serious dual speakers [Applause] dual speakers and we even tied up with Dolby for the Dolby Atmos [Applause] all right what's left well we launched a lot of awesome products tonight but what are they gonna cost next up the 1 plus 7 Pro will be available in the 6 128 gigabyte version for 48 triple 9 the a 256 gig version 52 triple 9 and 256 gig version with an insane 12 gigs around will retail for 57 triple 9 the 1 plus 7 Pro will start at retail price of 669 alright and again this is the best smartphone you're gonna see in 2019 ok it'll come in three other variants gram all right so visit one place calm for Canadian prices we are really excited to give you the 1 plus 7 Pro in a wrench of pride of configurations and colors starting a 649 pounds and finally we come to the end of this presentation I'd like to thank everyone who came out tonight and helped us launch the 1 plus 7 series thanks to the 1 plus team who poured their heart and souls into making this happen thanks to our partners thanks to the media and most importantly thank you to our community thank you and good night

Michael Martin

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  1. no headphone jack.
    no memory SD card
    no water rating
    no IR scanner
    no secure face unlock
    no selfie OIS
    no gorilla glass rating
    no wireless charging
    no offline retailer
    no pre-order offer

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