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The third day you met me you proposed. – Mmhm. And you gave me you Bombardiers ring, remember? That was my engagement ring. – Engagement ring. [LAUGHING] Everyday for a whole year I received a letter. The postman said, well Reva, here’s your letter from Junior today. So for a whole year I got a letter every single day. He had those sparkling, blue eyes, and he was always smiling, and he was full of energy. He had the same energy 10 years my senior that I had. He’s slowed down now [LAUGHS] he’s an old man, but he was vibrant and full of energy and we really had a good time. In August it’ll be 68 years, but we’ve always worked as a team and we’ve learned to respect eachother’s talents and likes and dislikes. And right now we’re doing reverse roles, for the first half of our marriage, or over, he took excellent care of me and everything so I didn’t have any worries and responsibilities. But, in the senior, challenging period, we’ve reversed roles, so I’m taking care of him. [LAUGHING] PRODUCER: What do you think your secrets to getting to almost 70 years of marriage are? Teamwork, and I think you have to continually be interested in different things. You can’t stay stagnant. You have to change as the world changes too. – And have faith in one another too. In the beginning I did more or less what he wanted me to do, but with some concessions. – But she knows what we like, and I know what she likes. We match. We work as a team now with the things. PRODUCER: How long did it take to get there? [LAUGHING] A while.

Michael Martin

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  1. "We work as a team" love is so pure and beautiful when its real 😻

    Where is u my Adam, its me yo long lost rib🙇🙏

  2. So she must've been young like 17 or 18 when she married, making her 85 or 86 now. So her husband must be near 100? Loooord. #BlackIsBeautuful #BlackLove 💕

  3. Omg This Story These Hues
    This BLACK LOVE ❤️😍💕🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  4. Does not matter how is your carrier, education, dreams and ambitions.. at the end of the day… all of us watch this with respect and love


  6. Look at God.. He has blessed them both tremendously.. This is so beautiful 😍. Now this is a virtuous women.. Some day I want a strong marriage like this..

  7. Awesome. I'm certain that there's a lot of wisdom between the two of them. Maybe they should consider writing a book.

  8. God is sooo good!!! I love this so much!!!! Marriage is a beautiful thing and black love is a absolutely amazing thing! ❤❤

  9. I love this! There is a difference between being married for 70 years and having a marriage for 70 years. Well done.


  11. Black love where?! I see a white woman and biracial man anyone who thinks these people are black are so blind!

  12. They are amazing! I pray my husband and I have this same success we are 15 yrs in still going strong!!!

  13. That's my life goal, I pray to the Universe that 68 years from now I will be able to give a testimony like theirs , this is absolutly beautiful

  14. When a man loves a woman….really loves a woman, he gives her his heart and his soul.
    His love for her never gets old.
    His love for her grows stronger everyday, I pray someday a man would love me this way.

  15. I know a lot of abusive couples who have stuck together for over 30 years! Longevity is not a marker of success, it's about how loyal you are and whether being in that relationship has prospered your life and character as a person. I wish this couple the best and I hope they had an interesting ride!

  16. Attention Millenials and Generation Z!!! Take a look at this couple…68 years of bliss now that is REAL LOVE he is not flashing 💰tattoos, grill full of teeth or expensive cars he did it the ol fashioned way!!! This is real dedication and not a "hit it and quit it"!!!

  17. This is beautiful! Love like this still exists and will always exist. You have to want it. Demand it. Work at it. Most importantly bring someone in your life that wants the same as well and is willing to do the work. This lovely couple laid it out plain and simple. My Queen and I might or might not get to 68 years of marriage, but we do have what they have and that is everything. Black Love is everything.

  18. Can you imagine if everyone still had their married parents, grandparents, and great grandparents? The world would be totally different. The wisdom

  19. This is so much like my parents story. They dated via letter and she got her engagement ring in the mail. They too were married 68 years until my dad died in 2018❤️ My maternal grandparents were also married 68 years!

  20. Proposed in just 3 days and had a very happy marriage for nearly 7 decades don't tell me these superficial excuses as to why something can't work b/c you haven't dated long enough before getting marrying.

  21. I am proud to be an Atheist Antinatalist American!
    Nobody's going to force me to believe their antiscience antisocialist antiAmerican moonlanding denialism & christian flatearth religious cult.

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