OMK! From Kool-Aid Pickles to Wedding Disasters, Kalen Allen Covers It All

Michael Martin

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  1. This is gonna be a trollish comment so yall just ignore this. It bothers me that he pronounces his name kaa'lin. Based on the spelling it is pronounced cal-lin as in California. I have the same issue with my middle name. It's not our fault our parents cant spell.

  2. Ok THAT is not how you do pickles and koolaid. That way I like it is just get the koolaid powder and put on the pickle! I know it sounds nasty but it is good! It’s just sour af

  3. Honey Kool aid pickles are a real thang they were a big hit at my son's 4th birthday party try it. It is like a jolly rancher inside a pickle it's good do red or purple are the best ones honey

  4. Waste of a voice

  5. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I would laugh too if I see someone felt it's the coconut in me can't change that 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Listen I get a dog's journey is heart warming and has a good story line from what I see but beans and rice you don't have 2 put two ads for this movie one after another ad revenue is great I get it just pick different ads and for the greater good spread them out please 🙏

  7. But Kool-aid pickles are good! Not that way though.. What you do is put the Kool-aid in a little bowl with some sugar and then dip the pickle in it… The best thing I had at a football game

  8. Koolaid pickles are soooooo good!!!! Please make them and try the on the show. It takes about a week to make but it is soooooo worth it. Strawberry kiwi is my favorite.

  9. Koolaid pickles been a popular thing in the hood for a long time it’s now starting to come out in carnivals and mid class homes

  10. 0:31 a hematoma is basically a goose egg. when you were growing up and you banged your head on something and you got a knot, that’s a hematoma

  11. Kool-Aid pickles are so good. You're missing out. It's a southern tradition. Grape is the best but the new watermelon flavor is my 2nd favorite.

  12. Koolaid pickles are it here in the dirty south🤣🤣🤣especially here in Houston, Texas!! I know two teens who had them on the dessert table at their respective parties; 1 sweet 16 and the other a quinceanera.🤷🏾‍♀️😂😂😂

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