almost on any day of the week there is an organized party somewhere in the LA area where kids ditching school can be entertained Fox under cover last week hit a half dozen of the ditch parties advertising fliers and word-of-mouth made it easy to find them this teenage party goer is sucking computer cleaner it gives him a high and he stumbles into the arms of his girlfriend nearby a more traditional buddy chugs a bottle of beer and just inside two hundred teenagers pack into a rented storefront as the party goes wild it is 10 o'clock in the morning in South Central Los Angeles most of these kids are under 18 they should be in school but this is a ditch party or DP the D piece we throw eggs just like to have fun because we're bored of school most say they just come to dance and have a good time some smoked marijuana many pass around court bottles of beer of no bullet yeah which is party girls then you know me just trying to have fun drink everyone is searched at the door but a few still managed to slip in with weapons this party is thrown by a group called crazy life a party crow when a fight breaks out around noon in the parking lot the party is over sometimes they don't end like this you know you've got somebody in the crowd that is bad so we cannot take it out on everybody you get up saying but it doesn't matter there is always another ditch party more than ever say the teenagers they don't care about nobody so why should we care about them on this Thursday morning last week a group called Unforgiven throws a party in Koreatown dance partners not school books are what's important here and the kids say it is easy to get away with I'm getting credit for right now look at me I'm at a tea party and no one makes excuses for the number of ditch parties they go to the same Thursday morning we find another ditch party in South Central but the kids come from all over you can go to ditch parties nearly every day here it is the same routine and Friday morning it starts all over again dancing drinking and smoking dope [Applause] so the ditch party flow is constant true and teens line up by the hundreds to pay a two to five dollar entry fee promoters make a good profit Aaron B is honest about what he calls taking advantage of a school system that isn't working you could defend it but at the same time you know I can't be you know hypocrite until you were you know we're doing good we're doing good you know I mean the kids are supposed to be in school they are here instead and police officers say they are constantly being called to break up the ditch parties 200 delinquent kids can be a major headache for cops already deluge with more pressing crimes the school they don't have any clear this is even going on I think a lot of has to do with the parents not knowing what their what their kids are doing not knowing the activities that their kids are involved in this Koreatown ditch party was okayed by bam-bams mother and while the ditchers party down it appears the schools don't know what is up or first moment amazed by how organized it is principal but Jacobs is one of the few beginning to recognize the problem he agrees schools must change to engage kids but says it has to be a two-way street as far as the state of school and the climate in which schools are run they could be they could be bad and I don't say they're as bad as kids say I think kids use it as an excuse to avoid coming to school meanwhile the parties seem permanently entrenched a constant chain of ditching dancing drinking and drugs and clearly teachers have to motivate students parents have to control their own children and kids have to work at getting an education in the words of principle but Jacobs to solve this problem there has to be a partnership of everyone involved what a wild wild scene I mean do these parties go on all day long well they usually start from 8:30 or 9:00 o'clock in the morning and they can run as late as three o'clock in the afternoon but most of the time a neighbor complains police come and break them up within an hour or two you know of course I think one of the saddest things is to hear the kids say why should we care about school oh thanks very much

Michael Martin

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  1. i hoped to hear them playing cool 80s funk and electro..but all i heard was cunty techno or trance sheit

  2. Imagine hyping up your generation because they did drugs, were alcoholics, and skipped school. Couldn’t be me. I’d rather stay on social media. Your generation wasn’t that wonderful either, boo.

  3. I am trying to find out what is the LA rave culture, and this is too funny to me. Ditch party is lit

  4. "What a wild, wild scene. Do these parties go on all day long?" Why, are you interested in going? hahaha

  5. My teen years are 2014-2019 I’m 18 and my generation is less connected with each other only through social media

  6. 4:09 how about just going to school and learning how to act in a civilized society you fucking idiot. 💁🏽‍♂️

  7. The kids getting high on computer cleaner in this video are all almost 50 years old now.

    Also “DP” means something completely different in 2019.

  8. Whoever posted this was probably born in December of 1999
    Read the description and you’ll know what I’m saying

  9. Those criminals! Smoking marijuana drugs & drinking alcoholic beer drinks. America is in danger… My God that newscaster sounds like such a tool.

  10. Fuck school dis is how us teenagers should live we ain’t learning shit in school old ass teachers doing same assignments it’s all bull shit you make your life a memorable one

  11. K8ds domt.party like this anymore. It's all about that insta story or snap story smh…..

  12. Hard to believe “the schools had no idea of what’s going on” but yet again back in those days there was no social media like now a days.

  13. Holy shit my parents were telling me they ditched all the time and went to parties, that’s how they met, and this shit is weird to think that they were doing all this 🙃

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