ok, but i'm PREGNANT in college. PRANK ON MOM!!!

sure it's food Pampers diapers no nice you know saying it kids are just expensive so oh my god I'm sorry today I'm going to be going to college it looks crazy I'm here but today I'm going through the gynecologist and I figured why not pull the prank okay why not pull a prank on my mom she is literally in the car right nightstand but I told her that I don't want her to come to the gynecologist at me because I'm gonna prank her today and tell her that I went to the gynecologist and found out that I was pregnant I don't know what to expect from her and she's about to in my card sorry I have a lot to miss I had to evolve involved in today did you think I look like you get my hair i knows new pants I've never seen this outfit I'm nursing this shirt and I've never seen these pants my stomach hurt I don't know the lady's name so when you can get when you go to check in back on the bottle for down there just tell him you're here gynecology yeah love you I gave it one I told my mom not to them so that I can either prank and COO I just don't want to see my mom's reaction stuff when dr. psych are you sexually active do you use protection cuz I have to be truthful okay y'all so I'm back I just came back from work that's why I have makeup on and it's 10:23 at night at Texas my mom like maybe 15 minutes ago maybe 20 minutes ago and said that I was gonna call her and 20 minutes the time is now it's cold in my room that's I have on a hoodie like that I matter and that's also I have a makeup between we just came from work so okay you know mommy alright say I'm good how are you I mean just a little bit I'm not that tired I took a nap it like this morning so I took like an hour and a half nap it was really quick so basically like I just went flapping and just went inside they actually like a few questions and stuff and I'm like alright check okay so when they finally good slap work I mean you know remember I told you that I or I didn't I when I guess I'm just so done believing for yeah they did it Oh uncomfortable I mean you know they're very you're nice I guess yeah make sure you don't eat fire rich foods hobbies I mean iron-rich foods okay yeah but what it what I are at oods mom beats bears beets Battlestar Galactica – nose – okay but no I wanted to talk to you about something okay are you around anyone no okay well I wanted to say this before like I guess you got all the paperwork and stuff back because you're gonna get like all the tests step back – so no go to the gynecologist they they run through tests they just make sure you know everything about your body's good all that stuff right and so you know like we're talking about birth control like that good things to use good things to not use right blah you know you know you raised me right long understand like you know you you did nothing wrong you raised me right you raised me to be a kind respectful young lady yeah just aware decisions you know right my body is a temple yeah but so at the end of it whatever so I had to like pee in a cup and so after I peed in a cup she was talking about my periods and stuff all right yeah I've talked about that I don't know how to say this you bring do you know you pregnant today huh jay-j hello great they after after our peed in a cup like they just wanted to that I guess that's what you go to dine ecologist for they just check for everything and then we mean when the the P came back you could be pregnant they can tell you pregnant or not yeah and they told me I told you what I wanted to tell you before you saw it I wanted it to come from my mouth before you you got all the results back because she warned we she was saying account it would be charged to the insurance and if I don't want you to see things and I wouldn't be able to do certain like test whatever and I told her that it's fine but I don't want it to come from papers and machines and and all that rather than from my mouth tell me anything I I don't want to say this out loud um it could be I guess yeah I'm saying I've never I've never experienced this before so I wouldn't know what it's like no so so she's saying that there's a possibility there's no there's not it's not a possibility it's a it's a strong that's the only person that could be would handle results that they already got the results back so I wish you saying you are gonna have so you for having unprotected yeah that's that's what y'all using a sort of kinda everything ever told hear me um no I don't know what to do but are you laughing I think this isn't this isn't funny no that's a there's not a lack of situation there produced this is a serious situation taking care of kids as a big responsibility you know that right what wait wait wait so burn us out change a death appointment you you are on killer nothing oh no oh wow okay um what a pesticide class are you upset with me I mean I can't be upset you know I'm Sam but it's still changing a lot you know to me you won't like me first don't read your last far as you and you claim you can't tell grandma so did she give you anything right um I have I have paperwork basically of the psychic who to call to make appointments and stuff like that but I need to know how ironic is that that way that you went to a gynecologist today and this is the news she's giving you oh my god yeah okay we just have to I'm sorry I mean it things happen the moment you know I'm saying it doesn't make you a bad person anything you know I'm saying this stuff like just happens like all the time you know yeah but it's just a huge huge responsibility you know Santa Clara my bad things it's not a bad thing it's just going to and it doesn't mean that you have to stop going to school and pursuing your career you know sample juice I have to take care of a baby possibly yeah I don't love you any less you don't say I do you my child and I will be here from you know for you to to just go do whatever it is so we need to go I'll be here for you I'm always here for you how you feel Oh I'm sad he said why you said because I feel bad you feel bad I guess it's happened to you know what mommy just talk to me I mean which I can just hop I feel bad because this is a brain right there it sinks yes nothing funny about business that's just not right that's not right do you know that right [Laughter] I'm sorry like it was like at least seven people said do a prank on your mom and say you're pregnant that's why that's why I didn't come I'm so sorry I love you you're really sorry I love you so much but I'm I I appreciate all your support and your kind loving words I react to you you reacted in a in a loving way like I feel like it could have gone both wings and I honestly and truly didn't know what to expect I didn't know if you were going to be extremely upset about it or if you're going to be supportive but you're you are a supportive parent like you showed that you love me and that you cared for me and that life happens but like this is also a lesson that like no matter what I need to be responsible I love you mom I'm so sorry you'll see the video on YouTube all right here all right mommy I love you I love you too just cruel and unusual punishment I'm sorry okay sorry all right bye okay that was me pranking my mom telling her that I'm pregnant or I got pregnant in college she was so freaking supportive and I love my mom honestly like it could have gone both ways like I freakin I love my mom make sure you like comment and subscribe to my channel down below and let me know you like this video also let me know if you want to see future it's like sorry let me know if you want to see more pranks on my channel in the future I'm not that great at pranks but I can't get better for y'all if y'all want to UM get so yeah and also I guess if you want me to do more pranks on my mom give me some prank ideas down below – okay all right i'ma see you in my next video peace out Girl Scout so these are

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