Odd Things About Aubrey O’Day And Pauly D’s Relationship Exposed

Aubrey O’Day and Pauly D seemed like a reality
TV match made in heaven, but it turns out their relationship wasn’t a fist-pumping party. Ultimately, personality clashes and control
issues ended their bliss, but their courtship was funky all along. Here are strange things about their relationship. First girlfriend Being in a relationship with O’Day was an
eye-opening experience for Pauly D. He told E! News, “It’s pretty crazy because it was my first
real relationship. I’ve learned so much being in it. I’ve learned: don’t assume anything.” Wait, did he say it was his first relationship? It turns out the mother of Pauly D’s daughter
was only with Pauly for, as TMZ reported, “a drunken night in Vegas back in 2012.” That description would make sense considering
how he generally approached courtship on the original run of Jersey Shore. After becoming a father, and at the age of
35 when he and O’Day began dating, Pauly D had still never attempted a real relationship? As strange as this all sounds, it sheds more
light on why things between these two reality stars have been so rocky. Every 20 minutes As a couple, O’Day and Pauly D were inseparable,
but work and life obligations forced them to spend time apart at the start of their
relationship. With O’Day living in Los Angeles and Pauly
D a resident of Las Vegas, they were able to stay connected in a rather peculiar way. O’Day told Entertainment Tonight, “We talk every 20 minutes. We’re best friends.” Pauly D was down for the constant contact
at the time, too, adding, “I want to know what she’s got going on. She wants to know what I got going on. She’s my person. Like, whenever something happens, I wanna
tell her.” That’s sweet and all, but just a wee bit excessive
by any standard. Either way, the constant communication seemed
to work for the former couple at the time. Love hurts After dating Pauly D from early 2016 until
July 2017, O’Day described their romance as “tortuous.” Even Pauly D was shocked by her description, “If it was tortuous, why would you stay in
a tortuous relationship?” He pointed out that he was the one who eventually
pulled the plug on their relationship, adding, “I think that’s a little bit fabricated but
if that’s the way she feels, it’s a good thing we’re not together anymore.” Knowing how these two operate, it still wouldn’t
be that surprising to see them patch things up and get right back to gushing about each
other again. Messy blonde Looking to gain some closure from their failed
relationship, the pair joined the Season 11 cast of Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars. Upon first entering the house, they were taken
to the room they’d be sharing, which producers had set up with props to recreate some of
the pair’s cohabitation issues. “Dog poop is what I have to deal with. And her mess, there was balls of her hair,
balls of her weave, her clothes are in a ball, I felt at home.” When a counselor questioned them about the
the room, O’Day admitted that the props were a lot like their living arrangements at Pauly
D’s pad. “I could be more, like, clean, and, um, like,
aware of everyone’s environment.” Too bad Pauly D wasn’t really convinced that
O’Day could turn into a neat freak overnight. “So one day she’ll feel that way, but then
she’ll go right back into the mess and not respecting my home, and, like, ruins things. She doesn’t care about it.” His way or the highway O’Day told Us Weekly in September 2018 that
their rocky relationship had, quote, “no healthy dialogue [and] no progressive communication.” And she didn’t stop there. She also dropped a bombshell by adding, “There were rules, and the rules needed to
be followed and when they weren’t, you were punished.” So why would O’Day put up with the unbearable
state of their relationship for so long? She told the publication, “I come from an abusive childhood that I’m
still processing, and I think that person inside of me that hasn’t quite healed was
attracted to the chaos of constantly proving yourself to someone, and when they were disappointed
in you, fighting harder for their approval.” If O’Days allegations are true, their relationship
did not sound healthy at all. “Yeah, that relationship was, um, was toxic.” We hope they both can finally find peace in
all areas of their lives, whether they’re together or apart.

Michael Martin

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  1. Excessive is right, it’s not healthy. Even if you did live together, that kind on constant communication isn’t realistic and doesn’t happen. Don’t do this to yourself ladies. ✌️❤️

  2. I love how everyone is going on about her, but he straight up said it was a toxic relationship, so why would HE stay in a toxic relationship as well? Most commenters here sound sexist as hell tbh .

  3. Both of them deserve eachother.
    I don't see Pauly with anyone but a girl like Audrey….and I don't know who is crazy enough to put up with Pauly….they are the best match for each other.

  4. I think once Pauly does find the RIGHT one he'll be a great husband. He's Italian n has traditional values. He's single now n gettin it outta his system lol

  5. I saw red flags when they 1st met on the reality show they were on. Their 1st mistake was getting together in the first place. They were on a show to get the help they needed for themselves individually and hooking up and jumping into a relationship only took the focus away from what they were there for to begin with.

  6. If she is as messy as they show her to be I would FREAK THE FUCK OUT I am a very organized neat person so if I had a boyfriend who is messy and unhygienic sorry goodbye don't let the door hit you on the way out. That would drive me up the wall.

  7. I think she looks way old for Pauly D. Pretty at times but ugly for the.most part from all the facial surgery. Glad that ended. He deserves better! Great guy and his personality makes him very sexy. She was not a match. They didn't even look good together.

  8. Poor Polly he's been loving Vinny so long he doesn't know how to love a woman he only knows how to love a man 😂

  9. Pauly D needs to stop tanning so much..
    Just do spray tans it's safer and it doesn't make you look 10 years older then you actually are..

  10. What a mismatch! She’s way too loony tunes and he’s still living the jersey Shore fantasy! Maybe the draw was she was a pinup girl (fantasy for him)! Wellhe’d better start growing up.. he’s 35 now and it doesn’t get easier finding someone and having kids when you are over 40! He couldn’t save this woman from herself! How many times did you see this kook in mismatched relationships? Two stints on marriage boot camp and she never made it into a stabilized relationship much less a marital one.. so what is the point! same issues.. the guy was always the problem.. her codependent messed up friends always interfering in her relationships! Then there was celebrity apprentice and the married Don Jr! Matter of fact she wasn’t too discriminating there! Too many sex partners girl..too many booty calls! You reach s point where no one wants you anymore because you’re old and used up! Wake up people!

  11. Paula d seems like a chill dude I heard she’s dating Donald Trump Junior now I wonder if she has his ass in check?

  12. Pauly at his age has never been in a relationship.
    Its only one night stands for him.
    I wouldnt want someone whos slept with thousands…

  13. So relatable.. with my ex. Yes I agree I hope they find peace apart or even with each other:). It’s all about growing and knowing your worth and what you want.

  14. Wait wait Pauly D has a child ?! Where the fuck have I been ?! I didn’t know he had a damn kid omg lol 😂

  15. Im genuinely shocked that pauly would knock up a chick he dissed on the shore on National television smh

  16. What is really messed up is how people judge these kids on their looks. Shiiiit… If they get work everyone has something to say… If they dont get work… EVERYONE HAS SOMETHING TO SAY. Knock it off already.

  17. I wish Pauly and Vinnie would quit playing n come out with it already!!! Jk!!! Sort of!! I 🖤their bromance!!

  18. I hope she meant punished as he banged the shit out of her lmfaooo what kind of grown ass man punishes a women hahaha that makes no sense!!!!

  19. He was very cold 🥶 on the Jersey shore. Never seemed interested in women, seems like he just did it because it was the thing to do. Could be dealing with something else? 🤔

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