Nursing White Coat Ceremony 2016

We made it this far, and that we were
accepted into the program, and that we’ve worked hard enough to get here and it’s
just kind of a good experience for all the students I think, because it just
makes us feel like you know we have achieved something and that we have worked really hard to get this far. Yes, we have, we just finished our sim-lab experience and our clinical lab experience, and we had to pass those in order to be able to go out to the field and
practice in clinicals. So we’ll be, each section will go to a different nursing
home this semester. I actually started cosmetology
school when I 17 and I graduated and I thought about using that as my career
and I decided it just seemed really mundane and unfulfilling and so I wanted to do
something where I was actually making a difference in people’s lives and I
actually stayed in a hospital for a week. The nurses that were there made
such a huge difference in the care and treatment I had like to make me feel
like a person like, it’s kind of dehumanizing when you’re in a hospital, sick and everything. So I just really wanted to be able to help people and make a
difference in people’s lives.

Michael Martin

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