NTU Graduation 2019 Ceremony 7: Nottingham Business School 11.45 am

you you you you you you you you [Applause] graduands guests colleagues I declare there's so many open please be seated vice-chancellor I welcome you to this morning to graduate so many for students from Nottingham business school and welcome also to our honoree graduates Richard Bullock OBE we take great great care in offerings invitations and our delight and people such distinction agreed to join our community I know Richard you'll be an inspiration to our students and I look forward to your thoughts later in these proceedings now I know rich is good inspiration because I used to work for him and one day were you having a conversation about an individual with whom out about have something of a dispute and Richard gave me a piece of advice that stuck with the other since he said Edward never wrestle a pig you'll both get muddy and the pig might enjoy it today's events is being live-streamed so warm welcome to family and friends who join us from around the world these ceremonies are a highlight of our academic year they're a time when we celebrate and share in the success of all of our students I'd like to congratulate you personally on your academic achievements however no one makes this academic journey undergraduate or postgraduate on their own I asked you therefore to pause for a second and remember those who supported you along your way your families your friends your tutors graduates please join me in a round of applause for all those people sitting below you who helped you on that journey [Applause] so graduation stone is also chance to celebrate some of the recent successes of the university and the awards and accolades receiving reflects our continued excellence in learning and teaching and our commitment transforming the lives of over 32,000 students who now study with us every year as you do to grow and accept new challenges so will we our commitment to excellence evolves with the changing needs of our students and I'm proud to say that we've been named after 2019 University of the Year by the Guardian the latest title in an unprecedented period of success for the University this means that for a third successive year we've been recognized by one of the UK's true authorities of higher education in 2018 we were named modern universe the Year by The Times and The Sunday Times good University Guide and before that we would see The Times Higher Education University of the Year award to continue receiving these kind of accolades is an endorsement of what we are doing and it sets a high bar for our future that's a challenge we're excited about and one will be meeting head-on these awards celebrate our gold standard teaching our world one engagement with employers and partners and our expertise in delivering a personalized learning experience that changes lives through this recognition and the promise of what is still to come we can say with confidence today but Natyam Trent is one of the UK's outstanding universities now I know that we've worked with each of you and our brilliant Students Union so every one of you graduating today has been able to do your best that's our purpose it's why we're here it's what we want for all of you do your best achieve your best and be your best of course this journey is not just about your academic studies we hope we've supported you in developing resilience knowledge and life skills that will sustain you in your next step we hope we challenged you we hope you all feel that you're better prepared to be the challenges that will come your way those challenges personally and professionally but I never table for all of us the success of this university is built on achievements across every area of activity and of course this includes the exception education vided by each of our schools I would now like to share with you a few highlights that reflect this within your own school with over 6,000 students knotting a Bissel school is one of the largest business schools in the UK accredited by the gold mark standard of quality around the world Equus as well as AACSB NBS is also listed as a top hundred European Business School in the ft rankings and recent Guardian league tables was eighth for County and Finance thirteenth economics and 18th business your business school is an international leader in exponential and personalized learning every year brings two innovations for example knotting a business school has achieved an international in education that integrates responsible and sustainable business into all of its work as an aside there's a new league table out today for universities you can't have too many and this is the people in panic green league which rates universities for their green credentials how sustainable their 151 universities submit data to this league table and this year were third in the UK as a sustain institution were immensely proud of that and immensely proud the contribution Business School makes that rating so Thank You colleagues NBS is held up by the United Nations Charter of principles of responsible manner education as an exemplar and it's one of 11 business schools in Europe who are PME champions but the one thing that all NBS colleagues are most proud of is the quality and achievement of its graduates and soon you we one of them I now invite associate dean of NBS Melanie curry through the names off stage graduands and the Chancellor will admit you to your degrees thank you [Applause] I now invite the stewards to bring forward the first group of graduates Chancellor the following have qualified for awards from Nottingham business school but Shrove Arts degree with honors in accounting and finance Thomas Adams IVA submit the next student is also the winner of the row max prize for the best performance in advanced management accounting Nikesh Ali now will al kawari Thomas Bailey Jaden Brighton hyecho Carolyne crab [Applause] angeleka speaker laughs car Luke Doran Sabrina Frollo you nagura Alexander ham Simran Hindle the next student also receives the John sloper Memorial Award age as Iqbal ramen JA Kira Rodri meets K jewel mud whadya Joshua Milan Greece Perry Varuna Patel Anisha Rama in canisters abanda Benjamin sizer saris me [Applause] Ashville tannic act she pee Mira wool pile Ling Wang Mario salmon Matthew Bedford the next student also wins the McAdory prize for the best overall performance in corporate reporting sylphy Belle Mia Bentall VIN Daniel Bracken Emilia Brewers the next student also wins the nottingham Business School prize for Best Performance in further taxation francisco the next student wins the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales prize for best overall performance in corporate finance by a final year student Luke Donald [Applause] emanuelle das Lu Bu Harry L&S Daniel Fisher I'm ogle him Peter gray Alexandra Hobbs [Applause] he Brielle Hawking hasseneen Iqbal emilycarol offski [Applause] tiririca tamari Brian Lemmon launched on Team Ikeda [Applause] [Applause] Martin Reid [Applause] the next student also receives the peach Kirk Award for Best Overall performance by an accounting and finance final year student Hannah Smith [Applause] Madalena structure a critique Jake Tyler [Applause] Jan Tomasz [Applause] diploma of higher education in accounting and Finance one chin Bachelor of Arts degree with honors in business management and accounting and finance Coolridge bad way Carlin Bell [Applause] Simran ciao ciao [Applause] panitch it sucker [Applause] Thomas clay James Cooper Nikolas Cooper [Applause] Rory Costello [Applause] Lauren Crumpton [Applause] Chancellor that concludes the presentation of awards to the first group of students from the Nottingham Business School I am pleased to invite Eunice Symons to the stage to give the oration for our honoree graduate Richard Bullock OBE and to present him to the Chancellor to receive his award Chancellor guests it is my privilege to invite Richard Bullock to come forward to receive an honorary Doctorate at this morning's ceremony [Applause] it's a particular pleasure to welcome Richards daughter Fiona and husband Richard to share this ceremony with us now Richard was born in Hucknall Nottingham into a family where father grandfather and seven uncles were coal miners originally his family came from Staffordshire but his grandfather heard of work in Hucknall and having come over and seen it for himself went back to their home in Norton Keynes with a horse and cart and collected the family so mining was in the blood his father two grandfathers and seven uncles were all involved it's an industry with a proud tradition but Richard said that his father was determined his son would not follow him down the pit even though at that time it was providing work for more than 60% of the male population of Hucknall with his Salvation Army background Rich's father was a strong influence but actually Richard did defy this and go down the pit but perhaps in a very different role than was expected after taking old levels at age 14 at the henry Mellish school in bulla well Richard went on to take his a-levels at 16 as to stay on at school any later was too expensive for the family despite this he and his siblings all went on to university his sister to Cardiff and he and his brother to Oxford so he graduated from Oxford in medieval history on a Friday and went down Bestwood Pitt on the following Tuesday but this was to start his career as a management trainee with the Coal Board he was then sent on an underground training course to Hucknall number one the famous top Pitts and worked his way around all the different jobs so that he could be categorized as a fully efficient underground worker he then had to work his way around all the above-ground services including marketing and working for the board before going further afield to work on a scheme where Pitt's were actually closing in Durham Scotland and Northumberland Richard as an industrial relations officer by then was part of the communication team and pre-internet the messages had to be shared in person so he learned how to drive a double-decker bus to take a mobile exhibition around the coal fields of the north and Richardson got involved in coal Products Limited which dealt with the more than 400 products which can be produced from coal now this furthered his interest in the commercial world and after four years he left the coal industry determined to follow either accountancy or law law one out and so in September 1968 he found himself joining in to use precursor Nottingham sure regional College of Technology as a law student he then went on to take his articles with hunter Dickens and Willetton in Ferland Street for the princely sum of 7 pounds a week he took two years to qualify then stayed on as a partner and the name of this firm has changed many times but richard has been a constant freeze as it is now known grew from that original firm a 26 to a company of over 900 people and Richard finally retired as head of legal practice some two years ago and remains on as a consultant but during his long career Richard always found time to look beyond the office and give something back to the community he was a counselor by the age of 30 and indeed his interest in matters medieval never diminished for some 35 years he ran the sheriff's office for Nottinghamshire but also for 15 years for Derbyshire and he tells me this was a throwback to the mid 16th century when it was common to share sheriff's I was under the impression that this was all ceremonial and good dinners but Richard put me straight and told me about all the tricky high court ribs and orders enforced through the Sheriff's Office this even extended to seizing and selling goods and taking back possession of land which mustn't have made him the most popular public servant but he served as Secretary of the high sheriffs Association from 1986 to 1995 and was president of the under sheriffs Association for four years he's also been a deputy left-hander trottingham sure since 1993 and his connection to NTU has strength over time Richard was a member of the board of governors have been to you for 14 years including six as chair at a national level he was a board member of the university colleges employers Association and in 2013 he was honored by Her Majesty the Queen and received an OBE in recognition of public service in the East Midlands region an interesting lesson for today's graduates is that Richard seems to have managed to keep many strands of his earlier life alive even with such a busy career he was chair of the noshing Shore advisory board of the Salvation Army and admits to still on occasions playing in pop-up brass bands in the area so look out for him and as he was nudging towards retirement Richard decided to go back to his first interest and pursue a PhD entitled sheriff's changing roles in the East Midlands 1582 1640 this covers late Elizabethan period – the Stuart's leading up to the Civil War Richard found plenty of source material in this locality I'm not sure that he was found to be regularly enjoying the ocean nightlife but we were delighted that Richard when he came back became something of a model student he was often to be found in Clifton boots or back in Hurst libraries which he enjoyed thoroughly once he learned the discipline of not distracting himself by going off endless cups of tea so from all your NTU colleagues many congratulations on the successful completion of your own PhD Richard which actually will be awarded as a ceremony next week but for now Chancellor it gives me great pleasure to present to you this person distinguished in eminence and by attainments for the confirm n't of the degree of doctor of the university honoris causa in recognition of his significant contribution to Nottingham Trent University the legal profession and the civic life of Nottinghamshire dr. Richard Bullock [Applause] Chancellor vice-chancellor deputy vice-chancellor members of the university and distinguished guests and probably uniquely for an honoree gradual and my fellow students sitting up there first of all I should express my deep felt thanks to the University for conferring this degree degree on me and to Professor Symons for her very kind and undeserved comments about the grounds of the ground kind and undeserved because it's been a joy and a pleasure to be involved in all the activities she described and so the honorary degree is a reward for doing things which I would have wanted to do anyway in any event without the added bonus of this particular highly granted honor I say fellow students in my opening because as the deputy vice-chancellor set out in another eight days I will be in your seats waiting eagerly for the conferring of the PhD degree I have been researching for the last four years the two differences between myself and most of the students is that between now and then I'll be celebrating my 76th birthday so at the forthcoming ceremony I will probably be older than any three students put together and secondly because instead of being obliged to thank my parents and family for supporting me through the course of study I will be thanking my daughter's for looking on with what appears to be equanimity why I spend their inheritance pursuing my dream there may have been happier if I had simply accepted the on this on read agree and left it at that but it's too late now the the unifying factor between me and my fellow students is that we are all part of the NTU community I'm proud that last September marked the 50th anniversary of my presenting myself in the foyer of the Newton building to begin the conversion course for me to become a lawyer before being led round to the York house building on Mansfield Road where the lectures and seminars were to take place I was told at that time that York House was temporary accommodation and so I was pleased nearly 40 years later as chairman of the board to confirm the closure of the building which is no doubt a lesson in the philosophical concept of the slow passage of time who needs Proust when you've got local examples like that so my fellow students I would say the joy of graduation is not a single passing event but it's a milestone on a long and interesting Road lifelong learning is not a vacuous phrase in our current society where we all need to be constantly upgrading our talents and skills and experience and the relevance of all three this is why the chief and most important product of our time at NTU it's not the certificate of graduation wonderful though that is but the Restless curiosity we all feel it's the result of the exploration of knowledge and techniques we have acquired at NTU we need to be able to contribute to the advancement or amelioration of the worlds we are all entering and particularly the youngsters up in the gallery if they recognize that term so I would encourage them to channel the abilities and knowledge they have developed here into whatever fields they choose to be part of by all means be inspired by people you admire or adopt as role models along the way but do not aspire to be clones of them and simply replicate them and what they have achieved instead seek to improve on your role models as Sir Isaac Newton himself said you will see further and more clearly and meaningfully because you stand on the shoulders of giants you in turn have the ability and have developed knowledge talents and personal qualities at NTU to enable you to be the Giants of the future and so play your part in unleashing the talents of others sometimes you may think that your part in progress is insignificant and is equally capable of being performed by others at those times always remember that you bring to any situation or location your unique individual perspective talent and knowledge as well as the confidence in those factors I have already mentioned which you have developed at NTU in any event your part is vital remember the story of General Burgoyne who it is said did not receive reserves for the Battle of Saratoga and consequently lost the battle because a messenger whose horse went lame for lack of a nail in the horseshoe was unable to deliver the appropriate message you my fellow students may be the only one able to deliver that metaphorical nail so do not dismiss it as only a nail so I wish you well in developing and using for the rest of your lives in everything you were called upon to do all that skill and knowledge you have acquired at NTU I hope the mentors and memories you have found here will strengthen your resolve to contribute to and they enrich the worlds of which you will be part whether they are of careers hobbies interests or the wider community in particular I hope the friendships you have made will serve you well through the whole of you're evolving lives I hope also that you will recall with warmth and affection your time at NTU or as Dolly Parton sang and here I paraphrase I'm not going to sing I've forgotten to bring my 12 string guitar otherwise I might serenade you whenever in the future NTU crosses your mind please let it cross slowly please stop and reminisce with friends for a while please remember only good things and think of it as happiness whenever NTU crosses your mind finally which means I'm coming to an end you should always listen if The Vicar says lastly he lasts a bit longer if accurate says finally he finishes so I say finally I reiterate my thanks to the Chancellor to the vice-chancellor to the deputy vice-chancellor and to the University for generously awarding the degree to me and not simply because it has been a very welcome rehearsal for my degree sermon next week I'm sure like all my fellow students I'm grateful for the advantages we have acquired at NTU and we are very much looking forward to all of the world and life holds for us from now on thank you so much [Applause] I now invite the stewards to bring forward the second group of graduates Chancellor the following have also qualified for awards from Nottingham Business School Bachelor of Arts degree with honors in business management and accounting and finance Connor dodges Antoinetta rant the next student also wins the Bruin dolphin prize for best overall performance by a full-time student on ba business management and accounting & Finance Laura Dyer [Applause] Bradlee Eustace Daniel Evans [Applause] Harry Finch Harbor Hammond Joshua Higgs Chaya maka abuse I Thomas Keane [Applause] yes and Kufa jingchou Lee I asked him a buck wha Jamie Matthews 14e panty you too [Applause] Samuel pearl cameraman [Applause] suped every how Priscilla Rodriquez dos Santos band unum [Applause] Adams macchia Nathan sharp jion yin-yang Alena chena [Applause] Fraser Aubrey Jake avis Daniel Bailey [Applause] Kamran barber Ritz New Bedford George Brindley nattie Bristol John Buckley Samuel cat Daniel Chen [Applause] Louis Copsey debin cops [Applause] ciarán crew [Applause] Thomas Algrim the next student wins the nottingham Business School prize for best overall performance by a final-year Savage student on the ba business management and accounting & Finance Eden fennel and recount [Applause] Samuel clubber Sufi Herbert bethenny Hoyland [Applause] Joseph Jackson [Applause] Emmit jacket Olivia Johnston [Applause] Jordan Lee Joey Lisk Oh [Applause] you know Maya geum's Morris for I'm McNary Rebecca Mundy Eden knew Bree Aleksander Olszewski Ciaran Pete powder green Durai Ellen suburi Daniel Shapland Sam Simpkins Rebecca Smith Harry Stanley making Swift the next student also wins the next PLC prize for the most innovative research project Victoria to talk [Applause] Thomas Wingfield [Applause] to really see Brian [Applause] Bachelor of Arts degree with honors and international business management shoo hi how see Joe Cheng Chancellor that concludes the presentation of awards from knotting a business school and concludes the presentation of awards to students of this ceremony in absentia Chancellor I invite you to confer degrees on those students who have not been presented to you in person but who have indicated that they wished their awards to be conferred in their absence I certify that these students are worthy of their degrees and I stand as proxy Emmanuel de su mu who earlier received a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors in accounting and finance will now propose the student vote of thanks hey Chancellor fine castle distinguished guests ladies and gentlemen and fellow students when Tom told me I was being considered amongst other students to do the vote of thanks because I've been course rapper both second and placement year were honored and privileged to have been chosen although I'm sure to a select number of students it was a relief that I decided to give another student the opportunity to because we're in our final year however I'm certain the main relief is finally finishing this chapter in our lives as undergraduates here at NTU from constant late night with revision sessions at the library in order to meet deadlines to make in our 9:00 a.m. lectures or unfortunately for some 9:00 a.m. seminars while still balancing our free time going on wild nights out as we do to spending time with friends and family or simply having a lazy day to rest for what we all call stress as most definitely paid off as we have all graduated today over these years we have been taught and nurtured by the very best and now have all it takes to take on the world by being agents for change and to be great ambassadors for the university we have developed self learning skills confidence and other employable skills to take on emerging and growing world challenges I'll never forget the time when we first started we were all strangers to one another with most of us not producing that personal statement tom requested however after a couple of icebreakers and financial statements we became much closer friends and we have all interacted in one another in one way or another now at the completion of our studies we have well and truly made friends for life and our time I interview has been nothing short of a great experience an experience we've all cherish for the rest of our lives for many door I'm sure this academic year in particular has been a hard and difficult year for many reasons in my case leaving my father so close to the end of my education into you as proof to be the toughest moment in my life for many other students who may have gone through other unfortunate circumstances I'm sure has thought this academic year was going to transpire to be a rocky year especially with this year being waited more than previous years but the support our course administrator and lecturers have given us cannot be overstated enough so I want to thank ensure appreciation to all the teaching staff for the guidance and tutorial support and other university staff for their contribution to the success of the graduates during their time at NTU finally on behalf of all the graduates I want to thank and show appreciation to our family friends and fellow graduates for the support given whilst at Nottingham Trent University [Applause] graduates now doesn't that sound good graduates of 2019 let me add my congratulations to those of the vice chancellor and wish you every success for the future I'd also like to express my thanks to our honorary graduates dr. Richard Bullock OBE for being with us today and thank you Richard for sharing your experience I think what you have contributed to this university over many years is quite amazing I think for many of us here today as your friend and colleague we are delighted for you and to be here with members of your family so huge thank you for everything that you've done but you know Richard Bullock is a wise man and the Vice Chancellor begin by giving us all a very sanguine lesson about pinks and what dr. Bullock taught him in life don't wrestle with Pink's most important thing to take away today and can I also thank Immanuel Immanuel it's very difficult to stand up here in front of all these graduates and great people and do what you just did and you did it you did us proud we did your family proud and thank you so much for giving that speech today it was excellent now my colleagues and I came into university life for moments like these when we celebrate the success of people were about to go out and make the world a better place wasn't that great news today that the Vice Chancellor told us about our green credentials as a university like that's amazing news at the start of the ceremony you heard about some of the other accolades recently achieved by this great university and my promise to you is that we'll continue to work hard to make sure that you'll always be as proud of us as we are of you today we hope that is you take the next steps in your careers you'll become our greatest ambassadors your comments were very well received and very timely and thank you again for that remember to though although that you've now graduated all of you will remain a member of our NTU global family you're not part of a worldwide community of over two hundred thousand Nottingham Trent University alumni you can continue to enjoy support from US including advice on your next steps and career plans from the employability team you can find out more by visiting the NTU alumni website in time consider also how you two could help future generations of students as some alumni will have helped you perhaps with lectures placements careers advice funding funding scholarships or by contributions to facilities and but that's for the future make today memorable enjoy your success and I invite you all now to join us for celeb celebratory refreshments in the Newton building so guests please remain seated for the processional music and as the academic party and the graduates leave the hall I now now declare this graduation ceremony closed and thank you so much for coming [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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