G: We’re seeing Alina’s wedding shoes before her! G: Do you want to see them? R: I’m going to pretend I haven’t seen them already. G: But we haven’t seen them yet. R: Hold on. A: Monday, June 3rd A: We are setting up the Prosecco bar for the civil ceremony that is going to take place on Saturday A: July 8th A: And what can I say, I’m just hoping it won’t rain on Saturday. A: We’re going to have to wait and see. The weather is going to be beautiful and it’ll be raining only with prosecco A: We’re getting ready for the civil ceremony party that is going to take place in our home in Cluj. A: A lot of things still need to arrive from wine to glasses, A: Plates, cocktail bars, flowers and so on. These will look good. You want the lights? What do you call these? A: The Prosecco team is setting up the bar today, for the party A: Today is insane, the rain is falling like crazy. A: Still we have to continue getting ready for the party on Saturday. A: It was supposed to be a small ceremony, but ended up becoming a party of more than 50 people, A: So we are intensely preparing for Saturday. A: Here we have the glasses from Prosecco van, A: I guess these need to be put together. A: We’ll put them together at one point. A: The whole box is filled with glasses. A: They look really good. They have a black stem which is great. You pull the lever towards you and then push it back to stop. And done. A: Life is simple. A: The cats are curious about everything that’s new around the house. A: What do you think about Prosecco van? A: What do you think? Do you like it? A: As you well know and I’ve spoken about it in the previous episodes, for every outfit I’ll have, A: At the civil ceremony, at the wedding, because the looks will be different A: I’ve created a mood board. A: For the civil ceremony we’ll have a suit from Yvette Hass. A: The mood board was sent through Maison Dadoo. A: This is the suit I ordered from Yvette Hass for the civil ceremony A: The jacket looks like this. A: Apparently I still have some ink left on my arm from the semi permanent tattoo, A: And forever with the hair band on my wrist. A: So this is the jacket. A: Come on, Ingrid, come in. A: Uhm, I will try it on so you can all see it, I’ve already tried it on at home, A: And obviously, Houston we’ve got a problem. A: Even if I sent all my measurements and everything they needed, A: The pants, A: I could’ve made a mistake, maybe I gave them a wrong measurement, A: But the pants are too short, they are wrinkled now A: They don’t have any lining so they’re a little see through A: I really like Yvette Hass, that’s why I chose her for all the outfits throughout the wedding A: I wanted a designer that I enjoy working with and have worked with before. A: The outfit looked like this on the model, and it looks great. A: Though the pants look a little shaggy at the bottom. A: I’ll try it on to see exactly what it looks like. A: The cord needs to be changed, I want it to be longer, all the way down. A: No worries, these things happen at every wedding, ceremony, A: Anything can happen, they don’t deliver the dress or something else. A: That’s what happens when you brag that everything’s going well, A: That nothing can go wrong if you send the measurements A: Oh well… A: It still might not turn up the way you wanted. A: So this is it, I: This is what we’re wearing, A: No, this is not what we’re wearing A: The pants, the pants are a big problem A: First of all, they are a little large, A: They are see through, A: They have no lining, A: The seam looks really bad, you can see the difference in colors. I: Let me bring the cord. A: Yes, let’s put on the cord, so we can see what it looks like. A: The trousers definitely need to be changed, there’s no other choice. I: On what side do you want it? A: The other side. A: Perfect. A: I want it tied up just once, simple looking, A: And the sides need to be a little bit wider. A: So this is what the jacket only outfit looks like I: It looks sexier without the pants. A: That’s what I was thinking too, it looks better without them. I: Maybe a skirt to go with it. A: Let’s measure the length of the jacket from the waist down, for the skirt. A: I don’t mind if the skirt shows a little, below the jacket. A: Still it all depends on how the skirt moves, It can move up, down. I: Those were my thoughts too. A: Writing it down in your phone? I: Yes, because I’ll forget. A: I’ll write it down for you. I: Here’s your waistline… I: I think the skirt should be about 40 cm long. I: Should we try the skirt? A: Ok, I’ll bring the skirt on and we can use that one, we can just make it 40 cm long. A: It’s made from black satin, so it should be just fine. A: I wrote it down. Alina, skirt, 40 cm. A: Perfect… A: This is the final outfit. A: We are now in Bucharest. We are heading to Maria Palaria’s shop. A: We’re here to talk about the hat for the civil ceremony. A: Buying the hat is an urgent matter. M: Is it too big? A: What? No, no, it’s perfect, I like it. M: We’re going to make stand straight, the side won’t fall down. M: I just wanted to see it on you, so you can tell me what it feels like, if you like it. A: You’re going to keep it in a certain position? M: Yes, so it doesn’t move around when you’re wearing it. A: When I first got the material for the hat and she told me it was made from straws, A: I was a little skeptical, I thought it wouldn’t go with the suit A: When I arrived at her shop, she told me, there was no other choice, A: There isn’t a material that thin and that large, for the look I want. A: Where are the pearls going to be? M: I’ll pin the hat here and here so. M: So you don’t have to worry about it falling. M: It’s going to stay like this. A: Let’s see… M: I’m only going to pin this side. M: This side won’t move and in the front I’m going to tighten it up, so you can adjust it to your liking. M: The material will bend the way you want. A: Maria gave us a great idea, we’re going to apply pearls to the hat, A: Together with a band on top. M: So I’m going to pin this in a way, M: That’s going to fall like this in the back, if you want M: Not too much though… A: This pearly look for the hat, matches the style of the purse, A: That looks like a giant pearl, from Yvette Hass. A: So the final look is going to match perfectly. A: Besides the pearls we could sow some beads here and there. M: Yes, that’s a really cute idea. A: I brought these for the wedding hat A: This is a seashell that I gave to Raul, I don’t know if I’ve told you before. A: I gave this to him on his birthday, I didn’t have anything else to give him, A: So I gave a necklace I had. A: And I want to put this sea shell somewhere on the hat. A: The white hat for the wedding. A: The castle key, maybe a little heart, A: It depends on how you can set them on the hat, I’m just showing them to you. A: Speaking of home, the civil ceremony, we’re still organizing. A: I’m going to be in Bucharest on Friday R: I don’t have suit for this one either. R: Also, I don’t even have shoes. R: You could say that I don’t care, but I do care, very much, R: So on Saturday morning, I’m going to go and buy a pair of shoes. A: It starts at 3, so you have time. R: Exactly, why should I be stressing about it? There are so many stores in this city. R: I do have a jacket that I really like. A: Can I say something please? R: People don’t know that between us I’m the one that speaks the most. A: It’s true. Very true. The truth is now out in the open. A: So what I was saying is, that on Friday you’ll be cooking with our god-father. R: Yes. A: What will you guys prepare? R: A lot of dishes, about ten different dishes. Pasta… Light food. A: Pasta? R: No, not pasta necessarily A: You said ten types of pasta. R: I didn’t mean just pasta, we will have other dishes, different types of spreads, like tuna spread. A: Oh ok, my bad. R: Maybe we’ll have shrimp, oysters, we’ll see. A: Sounds so good, can’t wait to see what you’ll prepare. R: Our god-father is an amazing cook. Five stars. R: You saute it first, so the meat keeps its juices. R: And then it goes in the oven to give it a little roast. R: So this is what it looks like. C: It could’ve looked better, but I didn’t try hard enough. R: The first soup I made it was with this guy, he made it when I was in the 9th grade R: We were classmate, sat at the same desk. The soup? R: I think that first soup was a bean soup. C: All the recipes I know, I learned from you mother. R: Mr. Cristy was my desk buddy at school… R: 9th grade… C: He brought me his mother’s recipes written down on paper. R: My mom is a cook. C: I said about 100 of those. R: Yes, it’s fine, two pieces per person is more than enough. C: These are about 100 as well. R: It’s perfect. C: The ones with meat, I think we should have around 150 – 200 of those. C: About 150 of the ones with goat cheese and apricots and basil. C: Also, there will be jars of eggplant spread. R: Ok, so it comes in little jars. C: Yes, and they will come with these long spoons to make it easier. C: Next, we can make a cheese platter C: There will be another set of jars, that will have hummus. C: It’s already done, it just has to go into the jars. C: These are italian cheeses. They can go with wine, truffles, mushrooms, nuts. R: We always come here to have a glass of wine and eat good food. R: I sometimes help with the barbecue. R: It looks well cooked, the temperature is just right. R: These garlic heads are as big as onions. R: And you can cut it into bigger pieces, makes it easier. R: This is what a garlic head looks like. R: I hope you’ve seen what’s written on the apron. C: What does it say? R: The apron says Chef Cristi. Cristi could’ve worn it. R: But the apron really tells you who the actual boss is. R: Cristi is the boss. C: Even though she’s wearing it… R: Life goals. Your wife wearing a T-shirt that says “Raul is the boss”, that’s what I want her to wear. He’s the chef, I’m his assistent. R: And that shirt should be worn whenever my friends come over. R: “Raul is the boss” R: It should be clean, ironed. So it shows that the boss is well taken care of. R: I also found out today that R: You can make elderflower juice without yeast… R: It’s gone now though… A: Every pair of shoes, the ones for the civil ceremony, as well as the ones for the wedding… A: We’ll design them with Anna Cori. A: As you well you know, they make the shoes in Suceava. A: We’ve looked at different styles for the shows. A: I’ve recieved sketches for the shoes for the civil ceremony. A: I’ve also met with their PR person and have chosen the shade of white for the civil ceremony. A: I know it seems weird, why would you choose a shade of white. A: Trust me, it’s important to choose the right shade, so it’s not too bright, but not too ivory, A: It has to be somewhere in between, so it goes with the suit. A: And it’s hard to make them all match, when the suit is In Cluj, A: I’m in Bucharest, A: And the shoes are not ready, and you’re just choosing from sketches and pieces of material. A: We have a variety of styles, accesories, that can go on the shoes, A: So we keep the pearly theme going… A: This is the style we went with in the end, A: The ankle strap and the heel are going to have beads and pearls. A: It’s a high heeled shoe, and the pearls with the gold accesories we chose, are going on the heel. A: I’m very curious to see how it turns up. A: We’ll only get them on Saturday, I think, before the ceremony, which is madness, A: But, that’s how we work. A: A few days ago we met with Geta, because she was also stressed. A: I never thought I’d see Geta stressed A: She was stressing about every little detail, so it all turns up ok. A: And she came at our house one evening, around 9 pm with a check list, to see where we are. A: And then she started making sketches of how the setting is going to look. A: Where the couches go, where everything else goes, how it’s all going te be set up. G: Cata what are you doing? Let me see the bouquets. G: Are there two bouquets? Yes, there are two of them to choose form. G: Let us guess, which one is Alina going to choose? C: What do you think? G: The smaller one, I think. G: No problem, you’ll get the other one. G: A large flower arrangement should go here on this side, on the terrasse. G: And on the other side we’ll set up the cheesecake bar. G: And we’ll leave an open space in the middle for people to mingle and maybe two , three cocktail tables. G: Next to the buffet area G: This chair goes here at the end. G: As far as possible… G: The other way around. G: It’s doing it on purpose… G: I’m very curious how the food turned up. R: It will be very good. R: It’s going to be finger food, we want people to drink more, not to eat more. G: That’s why we’ve got plenty of drinks! R: We made sure that everyone will have enough to drink. G: We’re seeing Alina’s shoes before her. G: Do you want to see them? R: I’m going to pretend I haven’t seen them yet. G: But we haven’t. R: Hold on, we have to present them properly. C: Oh wow, my heart is bursting. R: They’re so beautiful. G: They look amazing, the heel is so high, but Alina’s used to high heels. R: Now I can’t buy those pearly shoes I wanted, because Alina got these first. G: I think you can. R: They go with the purse. Do you want to see the purse? G: Yes, yes please. R: And because Alina never has a matching outfit. R: It matches the shoes. G: I knew what it was supposed to look like, but didn’t see it before… R: You need to close it, because it looks like Pac Man when it’s open. G: Let’s not break it until tomorrow. G: It looks so good. R: This bottle opener was a present from a friend. R: It’s made out of wood… R: And it works perfectly… G: What did your god-parents get you as a present? R: A set of bed sheets. R: Which we’ll keep for tomorrow night. R: Since you’rr sleeping alone, after Alina leaves, right? Or before her flight? R: I never sleep alone, I always have her in my thoughts. G: Awwwww, so cute. R: Closing this, so she doesn’t know, I’ll suprise her tomorrow with the new bed spread. What’s up? Are you waiting for the prosecco too? G: Apparently we have an extra piece of decoration. G: Ok, so let’s leave this space empty and move them to the other side. G: And it’s going to be perfect. G: This is perfect right here, the ones on the right are good and this one empty. G: Perfect! A: All done. R: The wife is looking good. A: You look good too. Hello and welcome everyone! Mister Raul Cosmin Tisa, do you take Miss Alina Adriana Ceusan to be you lawfully wedded wife?

Michael Martin

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