Niamh Gallen – Graduate – 2015 – Bachelor of Business in Event Management with Public Relations

my name is Nev gallon I'm from Canton Gaul and I studied the level seven and event management and public relations to be honest when I chose the course I didn't have any idea what I was getting myself into and as a leading searched and I didn't know what I wanted to do but I find this course and I really like the look of it and every lecture is very approachable and things like that and it makes it much easier to get into and the classes are a bit smaller in size so when you get a lot of more attention from your your lecturers as well which is great there are a lot of PR subjects that are really interesting and it brings light to things in the media that you wouldn't notice at the moment and then I after studying like oh I know what you're up to there and so things like that are really interesting you also do a lot of mathematical subjects and a current thing economics things like that which M is really good as well but they started everyone from the start so if you can't remember things from your Leaving Cert it shouldn't be too worrying and so the subjects I loved in this course were obviously the event management ones they cover a lot of different aspects of events and but I also loved the PR ones and they bring like two things in the media that you might not notice and I going on and then I after studying it you think I know what you're up to when you hear things going on and they also do some mathematical subjects so you do accounting economics things like that and I loved that they started from the start so you got a fresh start and a reminder on how to do different things so I did my placement and country on a girl in a hotel called the villa Rose and I loved it I was an intern to the conference and banqueting manager there she mainly handled the weddings and things there so I loved that it was a nice small family-owned hotel so you got a mix of everything and some big responsibilities as well as a lot of filing I'm working now and the Doubletree by Hilton in Dublin and and I'm loving that I'm at the front desk there and they usually train most and people up on the front desk and then eventually I hope to end up in there their event sector up there

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