New Mt Kenya parties may scuttle Ruto plans | Kenya news today

several parties have been formed in Mount Kenya region while others are being revamped in what might pose a new headache for deputy president William Ruto ahead of the 2022 election in the run-up to the 2017 general election the DP spearheaded the merger of small parties to form Jubilee but three years to the next election new parties are either springing up or old ones are being revived the latest kid on the block his transformation national alliance which is linked to get undo South MP Moses Correa he had initially tried to take over the Democratic Party Korea has announced that he would run for president in 2022 but yesterday a group of Jubilee MPs said they will not support tribal political groupings they said that would take the country backward and bring back tribalism division and hate in the society the leaders spoke during a service by the Assemblies of God Church held at Malo secondary school grounds in Nakuru the politicians who were in the company of deputy president William Ruto said the fabric of togetherness should not be torn by politicians with selfish interests we had a covenant before the 2013 general election in Nakuru the document that sought to forge unity in the country was overwhelmingly endorsed by Kenyans we will not agree to anything that will take us back Caja Cosette she said the Jubilee LED initiative had created a conducive environment for the transformation of Kenya and those thinking that they will break jubilee our daydreaming

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