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so anybody seen my not go away what raised the truth what truth do you know the trauma he has cost my daughter let's not go into that he's in love with our daughter and he remains a husband we cannot refuse not a letter my goal with his wife what he said he was attacked I've enquired from one of the see as I crossed and he told me that even I was sent to hit my daughter is the hangar on a nearby tree I do not know what that means but what I knew is that if he goes bad day she may be hit and I don't want to lose my daughter I have given her an outlets Duda with powers don't protect her from evil attacks she cannot be hit by any evil let us allow her to go descendants of warriors she not be afraid of people they descended on me and collected all I heard it's okay the most important thing is that here are life those that stole from you have surrendered under your lordship mmm listen I am what I like on do is to make a she game yes yes please suppose hey pussy we just went blind yes yes please one of the skin tones and it's traveling to the next village to meet his wife we told him that men do not that is the tradition of our people yam is the king of crops that must be accompanied always but in this our kingdom of it is unknown you don't post any more of this kingdom – Oh bacon nonsense No – yes and the goal of this land we give a part besides everything [Applause] what is the min of this model why you blocking her parts you don't want her to enter her room I told you to fuss this man out of your life he went on his own you had the girls to go and look for him mother now listen to me I went looking for her because she is the wife of my huge I married up with my money oblique engine with this family anymore so let that go and let that go now go and are you yes let's go go go just go my husband is better be condom Biko because they please she's mine making together to decide he went in search of a woman who left a husband's house without any reason knowing fully well that it is a taboo in this our land secondly he wanted to kill me what are you pushed what are you push me to the wall you should be ashamed of yourself that you always drink how many are you know my new computer that offense when you went in search of your wife that left with a television yes I mean you don't know I don't have one of this one listen to me as if that is not enough you are tempted to kill somebody in this family one goat I'll put 12 two bucks of yam is what tradition tell me what tradition people who have no regard for culture and human cultures no hide under the cloak of tradition to to perpetuate injustice in this land I'm the son of my father I know the first rule of justice if you listen to the other side you concluded my mother say don't you think I have something to say don't you yes yes yes I think what he said is in order yes you cannot judge a case on their control on the one side Brahman here the both sides who gave you the right to contribute election in this meeting Ichiro Kunis wanna know did you just ask me that but I Islamic an approval tributing indeed we met it what is thought huh this man was a backed by bondings I'm gonna be killed yes I know are you surprised on how I got to know listen I can tell you that I know everything that happens in this land what's that we should be thanking ELISA that saved his life a lot blessing fines over a goats and rams how many rubs on both I was going to find a man in his lifetime we shall continue filing demand Otilia dolly of rounds of good food why are we all supposed to be finding them look at you you are standing here Energy America [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] hey mike is my in-law ah Go Go Johnny Go Go yeah I salute your current I salute your determination to stand by your wife during her time of temptation remember I told you that I as the great mover to do something to reverse of this vision he finally answered he finally answered today my daughter is the proud mother of a bouncing baby boy because I'm a proud father years back people we are mocking me telling me I'm impotent and I'm mad I brought you one but I brought you through college early today [Applause] yes my son my people I present to you or your bitch I can't believe this you mean you went into the bush to fetch me firewood why are you stoned you give me what my heart's desires and automatically you had a wife of the house my daughter you really know the artists you really know how to position yourself on that your husband that was why he was able to inject you with a male child that Bushkill does not know the answer but she's pregnant again and one cannot tell when she coldest I would bless one with a male child I am your mother and I know the act more than you do I want to apologize for everything I have done to you I hereby promise to fetch all the water and firewood you be using till the child is weaned you are the mother of the king and I submit to your ship I am NOT your mother reproduce like every other normal woman and give my son a child then you can open that your cost month and call me mother and I answer well I am so surprised that you're saying all this but what if I I would I am grateful thank you thank you – I really can't believe all these are happening to me your mother has really changed you know she apologized to me over her negative attitudes towards me and I see that was not enough she went into the bush I fetched me firewood she said she'll continue like that until the child is weaned my husband why are you looking this way I did not happy for me I am NOT saying I'm against her closeness lately but it must be very careful yes but I can tell she has changed yeah she told me that I gave that to a king and she wants to always be there for the child those that dine with the devil should always pick their food they long stick I am not saying my mother's evil I can't see it very close I want you to be very careful why are you not my compound in my own problems do you even know what you see you should be the one I should be asking what happy to stone the same woman that came here to marry of your daughter we talk a man or even a woman of a land finally came here I told you she's no longer interested in your daughter did you eat the gym bag why did you refuse to give her but how useless Brad fries why should I do that after they have messed up my daughter you want me to accept I just like that let's go bring back my daughter the same way because you are the one to thank you so very much she is my daughter how I decided to marry her off none of your business if you don't mind leave my compound now what did you say I said you'd make up with the Ginga you know I respect you because somehow I believe you will begin to behave like a normal man of this kingdom it is your birth your madness has come to an end and I am going nowhere if you know that they call it Simba and you think you're a man of authority that gets away with everything if you have run enough pull that trigger why are you behaving as if you don't know what I'm talking about I'm sorry but it is not my fault that I have a cure child children call from Alisa shut up shut up you disappointed me completely by the way why would you bring Alisa into this you have been overused by the bush man mosquito that is why you don't know how to will see show yourself or the husband I can't have a male child this time Adam breathe harder meanwhile go and pack your things and keep them in a corner because if you breathe for another girl and and we throw you back to that solution I don't want more prostitutes in this house why are you wasting time pull the trigger if your money not too tight many years ago and you are still here roaming around the world coefficient I also and you now you'll be expensive did you just refer to my daughter as a prostitute you are too busy to engage me in such a useless stuff if you ever bring forth a girl in this family again you will know why they call me your children bang nonsense I already listened to your mother and I believe her that man she got from my bidet it remains the worst thing that has happened to you know that she run away on her own I expect you to be happy as a llama how do you expect me to be happy over DS and you are whether she left with my unborn child and that will not be a problem you had me come back to you do not allow that to disturb you we brought her to acts where she is as we speak she might be in trouble finally confirm to us if she receive or not that is unity we need to remember what Amara is plenty as to how she left she believed that it was just highway before they will kill you if you are sure she's planning evil against my daughter but then she must Herman from the same evil – arise it will happen before all of you in your battle village it was surely remember this day she is easier goodness be war she saw as a rubber yeah you are confusing me the moon who is this she that you are talking about do not do anything stupid always remember that very dress on of a greatman of Mohawk and on women here in Alberta as Reebok the only thing that came to my thoughts was to return to my father's house that was exactly what I teach with you there one of our kingdom why are you daring me you did not just mention that something father do you know the man wife you didn't have one more why Kendall I do not know him one-on-one but I knew to me he was my husband's father but from the story I have got out already I heard he was a man of many sights why are you telling me about him though that told you he was a man of many sides were not far from the truth indeed he was a man of complex eyes and why has it become a topic suddenly I'm not asking about him but for the great man that he was he has metamorphosed into a great spirit now he has hijacked my administration hi hijacked you ministration how is that even possible because he is a great spirit to business sir with you are not interested I'm no longer interested in this process I beg your pardon you cannot abandon me now I have abandoned you already that power I sent that disappear was brought back to me by the same man I want this woman and her son dead if you abandon me now how do I achieve this if you are not careful they've gone but your father shall poo to cure the great man so it's you are you worried at all ho if this happens your sorrow sub is so massive that he was sick for where to hide or this shall we do please don't have what is the meaning of this I asked you it's your culture what is the meaning of this I paid you heavily to do this job and now you are cursing me take your anger to your father he was the one that filled you as a father your failure has nothing to do with me and I give you an advice be careful tell me the truth father what's that man here and did you shoot him with the gun do I have this feeling that the woman I sent is different from the one that came back that I did not come back on my own I was forced back here now I'm beginning to reconcile what or concepts hold me before now with that name you just mentioned quiso Kanta and what did he tell you do not ask me questions father if you have not answered my what's that man here did you shoot him with a gun why are you asking me to go in search of a woman he loves the woman in question is your wife she's giving you a child before I don't understand you you and I know how she left this compound my mother who brought up to this compensation sick and tired of her so why are you disturbing me my sweet husband can you hear yourself your mother is sick and tired of her why because she gave you a girl child listen to me my love a girl child is as important as a male child she is your wife go in search of her it is possible that the same spirit that attacked me attacked her too Adam were you being this nice if all the women in this world have your kind of hearts this world will be an excellent place to live you will not sit here all day and freeze you will go in search of your wife women are all unique in their individual natures go go and search for your wife my dog remember she is pregnant she gave you a girl child before who knows she may give us understand I redeem my dear wife of my youths I pray to ELISA in my next life I want to marry you again how do us you've suggested let me go thank you my time hmm we did plant out all this years you suddenly aborted my marriage to awkwardly and urgently married me off to a mohawk Hindu just to satisfy your evil desires can you see me oh do not cry as if all hope is lost what can I show you that nothing I started you will go back to more were Kingdom and continue living with that man I need that time to conclude what I have started I am going to make this very clear if you have anything to conclude the more Kingdom start in time to plan on how to do it without me for I will never return to that compound oh you sound as if you have it lots of options you do not for you've already sucked your desperate lands in the evil waters occulta that dreaded man of my kingdom is ready to sacrifice you just their life and I your father remain the only one who can save you there's only one way that can happen listen to me make up my child I am going to ensure that you don't miss your mother yeah a daughter of this family you deserve all the love in the world and I will make sure that you get nothing less than all the love in the world I was in subtle and if you wanna make off of this plant testing way out of the spindle and out of your life what I need Arabic oh now listen as allah as allah be very careful choice of words how can you send an integral by setting out on a journey to whom will be there is sort of a modeling goes just the way who I got into God where's this coming from where is this coming from by the way who told you that because just I we tomorrow we shall go to mother-in-law any darling mr. t What nonsense about Miss rate generally more you are in the mess you are in today because just trust me on this are you saying all these things scare me or what why would I want to scare you I am telling you the administration that came up today before this exactly what you said before and I am wondering why my late husband will be angry with me because you're so fast and you brought in that street one who took a member of this family to different places of negative influence but lucky for you this year has listed all the decisions do so to understand what you mean by taking the family name to different places of negative influence who are you referring to I am referring to the strange woman who single-handedly married for manipulating them you remember the time when your sauce West was attacked which he ran away seeing that she was attacked of course she was attacked she was attacked by Yamanashi yes she wanted to kill that woman would happen bond shied fortunately for her she was saved by the sacrifice her mother made to see that's why she's still alive now your husband was the one that shit out of your compound because a cop was full already you must appease that great man and he is going to around footprints who I'm making the plans and what plans are they making my friend is the Jumba I am bothered that your daughter who go this far to take another person's life is an abomination now attempting to kill a pregnant woman is sacrilege that is even stronger than a abomination she must appease the gods of this land and the ghosts of Moammar Kingdom to pour yourself of this sacrilege or she will be left at the mercy of the gods what are you doing where you going I called you here to seek your advice and that is exactly what I have done you must start immediately to expunge the sacrilege that is hung around the neck of your daughter when the gods arise they may not spare you because you were the one that led the one that went astray and if I forgive for that all I wanted her to do was to get married into that please have a child for them and then I can attack the family through that son you are the one in danger for you you're the girl into heart great why are you know solving your problems what do you want from me go to Omaha Kingdom to avert a village seek for the man called Ichi if any man tell him what you did you have two days to do this what did I do that I have to look for someone to confess the manipulation they brought you to where you are tell him how he started two days I don't know exactly what you want from me if you're planning to ask me to forgive you for everything you did to me don't bother for I will never I repeat I will never forgive you so if this your miserable life you think that someone like me will ever seek your forgiveness you can't just see if I survived your attack well gotten warmer and understand that mass-energy is doing just fine why are you we're in my house you took my family name to different places of negative influence what were you trying to achieve I I do not understand what you mean by that when I had him I was pregnant with my grandson she was attacked do you know anything about that attack well I was busy in the background before you came when you are done asking useless questions you can leave the same way you came canta you don't know him right anyway I shall come back when I oh you sound as if you have in lots of options you do not for you have already soaked your desperate ants in the evil waters of a culture that traded man of Omaha Kingdom is ready to sacrifice you to stay alive and high your father remain the only one who can save you and there's only one way that can happen listen to me he didn't buy my friend the whole thing is becoming communicative and I do not want to be involved in this complications there are no complications anyway also with my friend that Mantha was not properly buried has been conspiring with my enemies to bring shame to me and I am NOT going to tolerate that anymore so what do you want to do I am going to teach him I will treat him in such a way that it will make it impossible for him to appear anywhere ever again you told me about a man of a banana who has the capacity to kill evil spirits yes you take me to invest it tomorrow no no I will not go with you two anyway I won't you turn me down in a crucial period like this and then you call yourself my friend each December I am not turning you down I am actually trying to guide you in the right direction and that is exactly what I am doing No what is that first travel to MoMA and see that man there's no need for you to see a secret admirer of a bag on earth never I will never travel to MoMA Kingdom never to go there make a fool of myself listen if you don't want to help me they keep your help to yourself I'll find a way to solve my problems so much for friendship a man a fish are affected by a roof should be ready for the physics of before you touch your mother already by the revelation about a beautiful woman with the fix of a he-goat you my mother already told me that but I told her that nobody was laughing at me you see how wrong you can be must not she was the evil woman laughing at you is that what my mother told you your mother was emphatic about it must not she was the evil woman she actually came to bear me a son that will let her become evil like her evil father her father already perfected the plans to take over this kingdom through that evil child my husband I hope you've not allowed my mother to instigate fear in you with her scary revelations reasons I don't go to ask often as I should she must always have one scary thing to say on the contrary I am not scared but I am angry with myself I love women myself entered that Eve woman without consulting me SIA I am angry now it's possible that that choice she left it is that son of mine that will become evil I was very stupid and she possibly got that shirt from me my love are you in any way saying that you won't go in search of her sincerely I think you should if not for anything for the sake of that child go to Omaha Kingdom to avert a village seek for the man called Ichi if any man tell him what you did you have two days to do this first travel to war and siddhatma there's no need for you to see executive of a bad man model without any fear of contradiction you know it's yourself like your problem you fail to give my wife the time she did another one now look at where your lack of patience has landed us please don't just make the mistake of plane into the hands of our enemies there is nothing wrong with us I disagree with you totally mother if we say there's nothing wrong with us and you are whether the woman you smuggled into my life left with my unborn baby okay how is that a problem already I have set a machinery in motion in whom we bidet as soon as she is delivered of that child I shall go there and take it as she will never see that child again so my son we don't have any problem just my father went to eat she fed him an instructor that you must knew before his grief with a white cock to appease him for undermining his doctrine of questions Gino Alamo I have already done that and I want you to be rest assured that my husband is not angry with me again when did you do it excuse me I told you I have done it I hope don't even believe I did it that's how you tell me I'm excited this is the best news I have had in a long while father why would you be excited about this pregnancy as far as I'm concerned I don't Nick this pregnancy for it to prevent me from getting a suitor that would be interested in me for who I am oh don't talk like a child my daughter this pregnancy is more important and tells you to us put together listen when I asked you to go back to Maura Kingdom and wait for time what I meant was go back there and get pregnant I didn't even know you were already on whether this whole thing doesn't make sense to me at all I mean why would a man of whom we bday be interested in an unwanted pregnancy that belongs to a man over there is a seed of dominance that I want to plant in that land just pray that this child you're carrying is a son that will be your hook toward unlocking your future and what makes you think you have any Victor to unlock you no more like a bomb I know that voice he survived before because I was not but bad for you what can you do shoot me without your useless go on show yourself and let's see what I can do who are you talking soon did you hear the voice of that fool from Warwick Kingdom who wanted me to read my integrity by going to make it useless confession in his land show yourself now and then know why they called me they did Jimba of whom will be the kingdom she bought herself as she was instructed and d-days not only was she was doomed because of what she did she is good nice I am still worried about the woman of whom EBT my mother seems to have a plan in place there are sooner she delivers she will collect baby I don't know how she's going to achieve it your wife Adam daughter of reason why need dialog wah wah of if autonomy is on the verge of giving you a second son that should be your concern not the woman of maybe day that your father is already handling him he said my Ferreira to do that my wife will bear me a son Hinata maguey we have see us in this land at sea and when we are confused about anything there was a veil of hopelessness that was covering her all the series that she was unable to conceive that was exactly what prompted your mother to make the move that she made right now that veil of hopelessness is no longer in existence and you have become a man of great hope I am NOT going to say more teach a burden but if it happens the way you said that my wife delivers me son I was not a very girl who celebrates then I want to ask you to get it ready beginning mmm tried again wananga no you record on now I feel like my father used something in me to make me marry the man reform all the way I don't awkwardly and followed that woman cannot be ordinary everything is now making sense to me the only thing I can say is that is the same man that revealed himself was the one that finally killed your father I don't know why your father changed it was an easygoing man who was committed to the progress of the land then he changed and he used me as the truths achieve his evil desires he was your father and he has died he has been buried and we must leave him with the gods so you don't speak ill of the Dead oh yes they JimBob was a very wicked and selfish man I feel like exhuming his body and and killing him myself I saw it coming you have lost that's seed of manipulation from your father and this is a new beginning for me the information I caused is that she lost the pregnancy it was supposed to be suddenly or somehow my love I will not want you to say that again this is an act of rejoicing over another's misfortune and it is not a good thing I am NOT rejoicing over the misfortune I am rejoicing over my own deliverance what the plan for me was bad but my father will do for me now forever remain grateful for having such a great father yes I have the great father-in-law he waited until we were tired and then he showed himself you ready mama I showed me that it may be your carrier is a boy and when he comes out I said when it comes out I just locked up a very big crowd for my people my manometer was the MoMA well I do not have a problem on how you want to celebrate their arrival of your child but I would have loved this one to be a girl child this one like the first one will be his son the third one shall be your uncle the beautiful and dedicated wife my son found for himself why did it take me this long to notice oh my lovely children my lovely L William yeah one by one whoa mama no Martin no more the bouquet with a cotton device will oh there is something remarkable that we have experienced in this channel in the last couple of years and that one is very simple that the gods and the ancestors of a people are potentially greater than the people look at our son and our brother she'd wanna bore the great son of a will see the newborn of our Walmart and on the same one that was once the factor as a risk assessment is to be here to name the second son of a politician and I am so sure based on what you've experienced that indecision nobody will ever have reason to [Applause] [Applause] in my next wall [Applause]

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