NEW MECHA Robot Skin Gameplay – Insane Season 9 Live Event Item Shop Skin

all right I think we are live that was so annoying I got the worst OBS bug I've ever gotten in my life but you know what is good everybody we are live now in the item shop that just dropped momentarily ago we had a major update that dropped to this item shop we got the mecha team leader which is the season 9 live event skids wait is there an echo what do you mean is there echo echo what do you mean somebody's saying echo there's no echo okay I was about to say I don't know what the echo is but anyways we got the new mecha team leader in the item shop this is a part of the season nine live event let us go it down soon we also have a complete set that is with him and it looks pretty legit I gotta say I gotta say some people didn't really like the mecha robot itself but I thought the skin was actually pretty lit you know what is good let's get some love one time for my brought a tape animations drop at the dodo I appreciate that homie let's get some tail of going but we got a cop this we got a cop this robot right here you can't not cop the event stuff at least I don't know I'm always collecting the event stuff I'm always collecting the event stuff you got to but this is the mecha team robot right here we're gonna get some gameplay and this is so far to go down we're about a whoop some ass with the robot oh shit I brought it back at it again taped with another dodo let's get some love for my brother tape okay I appreciate that Hobie but I how's everybody's nights going so far as everybody's nights going so far hopefully everybody's nights is going good we're gonna have to cop this emote as well team mech you just got to you just got to when you go team mech Oh what you can only buy one no wait okay never mind never mind we got team mech now let's get team rope monster for a second there I thought it blocked me from getting both those i dodo beaky game chat gimme gimme one second one second and then we also got the mecha team wrap which I don't know if I should cop this you guys think I should cop this I might not end up cop in this I'm not sure I am Not sure actually I might go I might return back later for that one I don't know but we got the main robot skin right here I didn't think they were gonna drop this so soon today I did not think they're gonna drop this so soon Oh let's go and fantastic lasers it is going fantastic yeah this skin is pretty lit the skin is really lit right here I wonder what the emote is increases the built-in turbocharged emote or includes why did I say increases but yeah this is the item shop for today it's actually a pretty crazy item shop didn't think this was gonna be today but yeah that's what we got going on built to last prepare for the battle this Saturday with the final showdown set this is going to be the final showdown the entire map might end up toward crazy I don't know but turbocharged it's like it's like a Power Ranger guy that's what I get out of this it's like a Power Ranger dude but what happened to duo's did why'd they disable duo's what the fuck yeah duo's are gone they disabled duo's oh I know why I've been okay I know why vivy back it should be back now there it is alright there it is I was just at the wrong service what side am I on I am on the team mech side not team monster I don't know why they would let you use this with the with the micro bodies literally shit-talking himself yeah I'm gonna go team Mac here all right here we go here we go throw it on bot I do need to turn on the bot – I'm like really behind on everything yeah I don't think the islands gonna sink or anything you should be in the item shop but through July 20th savage it should be out for quite a while the main event stuff is not happening today Rennicks they just dropped the skins for the event and then uh this Saturday is when the main stuffs going down but right now in the item shop they got all the stuff yeah this is the this is the robot Mexican gaming so it dropped to the age of shop moments ago not really sure why they dropped it today but we're gonna be able to kick ass with this kid right here yeah this is ready for the event no it's actually not even in my stores though I'm gonna have to buy it on PlayStation yeah I'm gonna have to buy it on PlayStation yeah I heard it is usually with packs PCs always behind but never this far behind I don't know why my store isn't a pain but yeah yeah this is a really bulky skin I gotta agree I gotta agree core oh oh I can't Rory I asked from like way too many people to gift them that free stuff so I I don't really know how to go about using the ones that I still have but I just can't like give it out to just like one person that asked first cuz I've been asked so much I don't really want to make anybody mad I did not but I see you over on the floor their skin is fat you know what up god are you doing over there hopefully you enjoying your day when does Simeon get on that is a good question I have no idea you'd have to add Simeon in the discord server to ask him I'm not really sure what he's doing today if one more person hey where he's able to get one more person as well it seems like every single day when they update the shop you'll be able to gift new people to you go to sleep hey for sure Nasir hopefully you enjoyed the rest of your day time is the event it is July 20th at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time there are the I can't really see it from here but there's the timers yeah so you got one hour 17 minutes or one day 17 hours – a one hour 17 minutes but that's the that's the timer right there oh I'm not doing a giveaway sandwich they'll giveaways for the the skins or anything like that like I just built an entire tower right there I'll rest in peace what too many what too many how did you get it so this skin is in the item shop right now squawk all you got to do is just go and get it 1600 bucks what up gamer how you doing homey the event is just going to be one huge fight sympathy I thought they were gonna go straight up mm if things were brought in event stuff what is it oh well every time you get to the lobby it looks like you're turbocharged the emo looks like something out of Power Rangers I am NOT gonna lie 100% this is like out of Power Rangers but I think's gonna happen so I think a lots gonna get destroyed in the map whatever the fight goes down not sure exactly how the fight will go down but yeah the map is definitely gonna have a lot of stuff like it's just demolished well Bob probably is just gonna get fucked out immediately I bet now by the new skin pack a definitely recommend ot wk Nick movie bucks so I have I have 1100 left on your country anymore so you can't believe four nights wait how long Nikki oh you just saw on a vacation or what do you mean by that the way to go add you as a friend you sent me a friend request EJ and I got you yourself doesn't give us XP well you don't get XP out of Beach result I seen that was a new Altium but I have no idea what it is didn't even look at it at all Oh yep makes sense now yeah polar peak in the ice area better go I'm tired of the ice area we don't need the ice area although now that we're already mid July and they still haven't taken it away I think it's there to stay probably always gonna have like the the desert area the regularity of the ice area hey señora I appreciate it homie you damn man we should get scared I just gotta save up you got like three days figure something out this chin should be in the item shop for July 20th as well when the actual like event goes down whatup Dixon how you doing homie good question wait why would you say that happy it be a game mode that lets us choose who wins so they haven't any of the leaks that have been out there there's been there's been no leaks that have said that we can actually choose what site that you want to win from everything I have seen from the game files it's more of we're fighting the monster and that's it like you have to attack the monster because I haven't seen the robot having any health but I have seen that the the cat asserted himself in the game files always has like a damage bar whenever it's referring to the actual monster yeah that was one of the POS there's going to be a lot of PHA it's gonna be what if there's gonna be one for the robot you got this one hey what up Alec appreciate the stop homie Wow okay this guy just immediately lazes me on a hardcore mode yeah hardcore would be pretty lit pretty much the closest thing the hardcore we got was that zero HUD mode drop before I you could try Emma you could try by the duck half health I have no idea the duck was like fair and gone super super fast it was there in God's immediately rest in pepperoni uh-oh a don't continually Adam that means if he don't respond to one apt he's just like he's just gone then but yeah I just add Adam one time and then if he responds he responds if he doesn't he's busy or something then yeah every time you get to the lobby he does the emote how could you say that Draya was on the 50th anniversary of the moon landing yeah the there's a lot of theories that cuz of that it's going to change the map in the next season we're gonna be in space but just because this events going down with so much time left for the rest of the season I actually don't see that theory happening only cuz if they are going space we definitely won't be able to play on the map for as long as how much time is remaining remaining on this season like shit we're gonna have ten days left on the season when the event goes down like ten or twelve days new shotgun one out of ten it's it's good if you find it but there's a lot better shotguns to use over that one I'd say like if that's all that you find I'd pick it up but if you're finding another stuff I'd definitely pick that up as well going to area 51 that is just that's gonna be like the biggest meme I feel like there's there's literally nothing that's going to go down with that and yeah Oh break it out of a prig it odd you could try yeah you could send me a friend request a that's no worries thinking we made it to the future now we're gonna see an apocalypse it's looking that way let's look it that way disgust there's I don't think there's gonna be a nuke or anything but I do feel like most of the map is gonna get destroyed or at least a lot of the P is polar because if polar peak doesn't change then that's left we're gonna get changing next season there's also going to be a lot of changes to Neal tilted more than likely loot lake for sure for sure pressure plant I don't know but I could see I can see something going down with that that was the only one I still have equipped to my hotbar – I think there's never gonna be a monster skin probably not the monster we already kind of know what it looks like it's like this werewolf looking thing at least from what the finalized for bite image was so it's um we're probably not gonna end up seeing a skin of that because I don't think there's actually any more updates for this season until yeah there's just no more updates for the rest of the season I don't think I think 9 we're not gonna see like a 9.5 or any of that it's possible though it's possible though but for the roadmap would save the world I don't think they said that there was a 9.50 ripoff of tire yeah that – that's it I bet there'd be a lot of people complaining about it right now I'm not doing open lobbies toxic monsters die from season 6 pretty much pretty much once there is dire confirmed what up distorted how you doing on me like save the world really uh I don't really know too much about save the world but I was thinking about copping that before or ended up going away for free the play but I don't know what up pad – e it has to be I don't do shoutouts what up ordinary how you doing homie you got to send me a friend request savage but I will end up adding you just gotta send through a friend request it would be too much if I added like everybody individually infantry rifleman I don't want that actually I'll take it now I got the spot wait what do you mean Nick is sick what do you mean fan – II alright let's break this down break this down where is this coming from and what what does this mean where is this coming from I wanna know Pat – II I I will wait I will wait what up gamer God how you doing on me again it's a transformer it is a transformer I'm quiet do I need to turn my mic up I could turn the mic up that's it if it's really quiet I'm toxic god damnit Savage back after a week what is good Aries what is good I see you over there welcome back what up bill minecraft I see you sound relaxed what do you mean what do you mean alright fan – that's it that's it I'm kicking your ass um so right now I'm not doing open lobbies I might not do open lobbies during this dream but just cuz I actually wasn't even planning on doing this dream but they dropped all the defense stuff so I was like alright I'm gonna start a stream but I'm probably gonna end up getting food in like an hour so before like places end up closing down wait what is today today is theirs okay yep so probably gonna end up stream for like an hour – and then getting some food or something I don't ask for gifts to sort it you're just asking for me for money man so that that ain't right that ain't right these plans just see the event a season 8 one but uh yeah this one is a must-see event Miller because this is the event that's been Goleman ating since what season four season three everything that's happened is all like gonna be the final showdown for everything that they've done I have no idea how any of the season 8 stuff correlates though or any of the rocket stuff correlates to this but yeah this is from like everything up until now it is for Power Rangers it is one big Power Ranger it's possible but that singularity was the one that built him she would have to be like the leader of that all I've an IV bucks in season seven I mean that's still no reason to ask somebody for free money homey I mean I can say I got out of VIII bucks and like you send me $20 cuz I haven't had Vee bucks you know should never ask anybody for money like that's just no really no point in asking people for money yeah all right tell you what you send me send me 50 bucks and I will send you everything in the item shop if you send me 50 bucks I will send you everything in the item shop right now actually I wonder if them alright action I don't know if I'd be a good statement to make so I think there might be more than $50 worth of stuff it's like a shop right now but everybody's confirmed this Power Ranger all right come back we're gonna we're gonna start doing we're gonna start doing a thing we're like we have for those like church collection plates that walk around and everybody just like takes out like a handful of cash instead of like you having to give the money to the church collection thing you just grab some money yeah and I actually panned a she I swear to God I swear to god I'm kicking your ass if you like jinx me and I actually do come down with a cold before the event takes place I am actually gonna kick your ass pal I can't tell if you're trolling me right now I actually can't tell if you're trolling you do the new emote this is the new one right here you emote I don't all right did I sound sick do I sound sick I don't trust chat I'm only gonna trust people in this game right now screw screw you guys thank you brisk so bris says I don't and I've never heard brisk make a false statement so I just got to go with the statement here I've never heard a false statement from Brisbane for I'll thank you Miller I sound beautiful all right you saw a beautiful – you're breathtaking all right now normal Thank You bot all right Andy I'm just I'm just ignoring it I muted Andy just let me know whatever he says like you have a bug in your throat all right all right I swear to God I am NOT sick in any way you know I got that rub on every stream oh shit the homie is back at it again with another one let's get some Fox emojis for the homie foxy drop at the dodo I appreciate it foxy foxy you always going to have you always gonna have absolutely go just crazy every single stream what foxy do you think I sound sick right now in your opinion do I think or do you think what I sound sick I got a no hey about being sick all right all right I appreciate I appreciate Ares borrow some money somebody's got to come in and be like hey can I borrow your car I need to go somewhere did they I don't have any rocket ammo either I don't all right you don't think I sound sick either I thank you foxy it never go wrong with Foxy's opinion either team mi all right well I'm not team Maya before you the RPG sniper or team mech it is all right is it just me or is like the team you might be fight beat all right is it just me look at look at this sign doesn't this robot just look so pissed off in the sign oh shit I want to do T monster did I just wake up up now not really I've been up for like two hours although I only got like three hours of sleep I mean that could have been the case but I don't know I'm on doop and ashy I don't know what you took what you're doing right now how much time is left we got like one day 17 hours something around there I'm like you ate an apple and it got stuck all right that is the most specific description I have ever heard in my life but I will I will go with it okay I'll go with it I do need a drink though that is one thing I do need though as soon as this match is over I'm gonna get a drink all right all right all right you want it you want to shoot at me bitch all right this guy's one shot this guy's actually one shot yeah fuck the deme tea fuck the dummy team yeah no no shit talking no shit talking we will not support that what a phase darkness how you doing all right here we go they had everything we needed I should have attempted to noscope them give us the fire I'm playing Minecraft with the boys oh shit boxy back flip another one a little fox is born love play by craft with the boys how's that going how was that how was that going it's been so long it's been so long since I played that game should I end up trying that out again at some point team monster minecraft Xbox I think so I think so grant you to be healthy not sick yeah if I get sick like for the actual event that it's gonna be so shitty that is actually gonna be so City I just mispronounced that word all right I hope this guy had shotgun ammo and not have shotgun ammo spark yeah look for the giant bloated monster or the Mack all right I got you all fuck spawn just pick those up oh shit no not that not that all right we're good we're good you know we're good I somehow have max what now I don't know how I got max wood but we got it we got it yeah you could take that where's your mic sound like that what is this I'm like what are you talking about and you always got dad well it's good and a shit you've started an epidemic it's not a friend of course a for short a when I'm back at the menu I'll be accepted a few more plus I gotta go grab a drink so take like a short like 30 second break when I get back to the menu oh that was literally just like that was just a that was a tragedy right there that was a tragedy and he don't know oh so we have super chat that like dollar sign and that's pretty much it we also have joined if you end up joining you get access to the sound byte commands and whatnot like this one right here follow my credit card yeah yeah I'll upload my credit card for you guys if anybody wants to borrow it anybody trying to borrow the card I got you guys oh yeah no worries you don't have to give the card back you just borrow it out and just borrow it to somebody else when you're done with it or something right that's very specific I'll be right back though guys I'll be right back what is the event that is going to take place this Saturday but I'll be right back you all right we back we are back my craft is way better wait that spud get kicked all right let's have an invite all right so who here I just added me that wants me to add them back but I think in Nickelodeon is that still a thing it was it was the most lit thing when I was a kid although I gotta say Cartoon Network edit going on not Cartoon Network boomerang that is what had it going on the most cartoon wise take your medicine who needs medicine yeah fortnight's pretty much like the only game with like actual live offense I know apex is like trying to do some stuff but yeah what up beam I haven't really seen any other games that are doing like actual like events like fortnight has been doing minecraft does have bosses but isn't it just the Enderdragon I know they're there to uncompelled games though because minecraft is a survival game and this is a third-person shooter shooter survival till the end with quick like 10-minute matches so like you you literally cannot compare them the two games they're two different genres like Minecraft what obviously do good in the survival genre cuz that's what it's in and then fortnight is obviously good gonna do good in the shooter genre so they're not really like comparable games I'm just gonna yeah I'm just gonna back out and send 20 hours wait who's being racist nobody be racist nobody be racist but I'll add some people here in just one second just got to reset my party if the party going all right there we go everybody everybody gets a party invite you get a party invite you get a party invite holds you new to town all is the Bott being racist then alright but uh who sent me a friend actually let me do it this way just so I don't have to accept 24-under cross right the second div you sent me a friend request go ahead and send it again I just cleared my friend request so if you wanted accept that send through a friend request and I'll accept through all incoming friend of coats right as soon as I get them this is gonna be a long stream oh this isn't gonna be a crazy long stream but probably go like another hour hour and a half that's what we going probably not a crazy crazy log stream though I don't know if shit just for some reason is like unbelievably poppin and like the next hour then I might like continue on longer but probably not the craziest stuff log streams once everybody gets the blood it's fuckin whippin blunts that everybody you got oh we go we got you for a while Miller we got you for a while we're the timers for the event you want to see some timers you want to see some timers oh shit we got some we got some spud hate going out right here a mute Hydra wrong with Hydra where's yours what do you mean where's your salty where's your what where's your what damn you're racking up the points call us up want those spanners which banners are you talking like tea mom did I forgot to equip in my hotbar a.m. rest in peace rest in peace brother told you wait what do you mean Alondra I don't know what you mean not by that were you like not allowed to be on the game that day spanners what is a spanner answer you'll know don't you dare say it Aries don't you dare say it put your phone in the freezer and how did that work out for you it's click painting timers ever accept your friend request up so I just reset my friend of course so if anybody's trying to get me to add them I will accept everybody's right now Scott three new ones so that way cuz I'd like 20 stocked up and I know that probably all twenty that sent those across the Whorton here we're like right this moment so just so I'm not at the menu accepting for long period of time I just reset them oh it don't work like that salt you can't ask for invites man first like for like future reference basically any time we're doing open lobbies on stream it's always gonna be through the chat bot queue system there's there's never really gonna be a time where you could just openly ask me for an invite cuz there's so many people that always ask me like even when I'm offline and in the dis court there's so many people that are always like hey do you wanna do you wanna play a match or whatever else so I can't just always like say yes the one person in the notes of the next immediately so yeah it's one of them things basically if you want to get into games with us you just have to join in during open lobbies yeah yeah what I said yesterday salty was oh damn all right I'm gonna I'm gonna squad wipe solo squad wipe teams here was a good lad appreciate the South moment but yeah as I saw what I said salties you can join into the queue everybody always always miss miss like I don't know what the word is but any time I always say that like you're free to join into the queue everybody always takes that as me saying like you're guaranteed a game anytime I do say like you could join into the queue that just means like whenever we're doing open lobbies you're freely like able to join into the queue system that we got going on and try and get into the game but there's never like there's too many people that would be like say me immediately if I ask like all right who wants into a lobby right now and I just couldn't not invite in everybody I don't want anybody feeling left out it's always gotta be a fair system yeah new skin is 16 RV bucks I like it just saw for what's going down with the event but after the events over I don't know how long I'm gonna rock the skin for it's pretty bulky skin all right what do we got in here you lied wait what do you mean what do you mean Ares Oh all right bricks then I will kick your ass then I'll kick your mom's ass everybody gets an ass-kicking all right we're just gonna we're gonna do that for now I don't want to see if they have any minis you guys should have came over here it's not even that's quiet this crickets I wish I could've just what up there oh I got I got what you mean now Ares I I did not remember that jurgis said that you were gonna say the N word a second ago and then you said that okay I got you I got you you memes juice every skin in the game are 9 billion V bucks um I mean if you have every skin in the game you don't have any reason to have VBox so you just go with every skin in the game because you can't really spend VIII bucks anywhere you just can't get VIII bucks or spend VIII bucks anymore so like if you could spend v bucks at Walmart then uh then maybe then maybe I'd go tax that's uh that's these about money but yeah what up ordinary how you doing homie all right all right all right all right all right all right all right hold up hold up hold up Sports Andy you guys got it like you guys got a chill you guys got a chill you guys got to understand I stream so long my stream archive times are insane if I want to do one lobby where I don't do it by open lobbies that's fine that's fine like Eddie I swear any time we ever do it guys get a little too riled up about it and like complain about people being invited and you guys gotta understand we stream open lobbies like so long it's you can't get down on me if I want to do one lobby where we're not like inviting people in like that that ain't right that ain't right homie see the N word don't you dare it was like at the end of the day we don't have to do like open lobbies just like what I do just because it's good way to pass the time meet new people also play with you guys from stream so that way it's not always just specific gameplay cuz I'm not like the craziest of gameplay streamers so I can't really do crazy gameplay but I shouldn't really have to make it like explain every time we invite in specific people if $2 left in your account and there's been a lot of times where I've invited in specific people but I like every time every time I always have to explain and like you shouldn't didn't have to like ask about it do I have enough time to make it over there probably not I wish I know how to do the I don't know how to do the quad method oh don't you say it don't you say it Brixton I have no idea say I don't know it's just all the grind it's just all the grind but I always try and keep things as entertaining as possible ya know I was gonna try but ya know I was good to try ah not today not today ya know memeing allowed here if anybody memes you're going to jail straight to jail memeing is literally illegal gave me a pass alright worried alright we got the pass we got the pass the shoot is safe like a fold the dishes hey what's good venom pant – she sucks Oh No here I'll drop you uh I'll drop you some of these shit yeah said that through there we go there we go what up Michigan appreciate the SAP homie hey I do fathom how have you been doing hopefully you've been doing good rested that's your decision this skin and emote is the best skin and emote all right it's probably not the greatest skin of all time but the skin is uh it's pretty nice I gotta say how can you not want to be the twin of a giant mech robot that's being built that's gonna kick a giant werewolves ass like how could you not that just sounds like the best of times all right if you don't make it you don't make it I will avenge you this is not hot garbage this is this is just hot like remove the garbage okay it's just hot this kid is literally just thought what up dill appreciate the sup homie welcome to channel these get in the item shop it should be there they do have the advertisements for it so it should definitely be there I don't think it was a bug that they put in today it's a mech team leader it's 1600 v bucks hey you made it what up hero where is he he is these guys are spraying so much what's the fuck do what those guys are like such spraying spraying fucking people oh my god yeah I'm just that's what I'm trying to do I'm just trying to get away from these guys now what the fuck dude like these guys are just non-stop spraying me it's actually like what are you doing fuck out here oh my god I don't even know how I got out of there I legitimately know don't know how I got out of there don't plan stretch nah it's not possible playing stretched anymore dude this guy is literally thirstiest fucker I've ever run up against like what the hell did I do to these guys these guys act like I went into like shot their family or something during dinner like broke in through their house and shot him like what is yeah there he is like what is wrong with this guy what did I do to this guy dude this guy is for real like you eat is not gonna give up on me here oh dude yeah that entire team is like swarming that now I would yep I'd get out of there you got your mic fixed hell yeah is that just keyword for I'm over the cold now I feel like it is it's a stream sniper imagine dude this guy for real is like hot on our ass I have to use all my Matt's just like get out of there they were spraying so fucking hard alright I need this campfire so bad I swear if they're gonna chase they're gonna chase me they're literally gonna chase me all right dude fuck out of here how do you get away from these guys these guys are stalkers somebody call the police somebody call the police yeah dude this guy literally just keeps chasing me what the fuck alright alright the rest of this match I'm just gonna be chased like we're literally just gonna be chased the rest of this game I can't get away from this guy Andy Andy homie Andy it's not there's not a rule system in place that specifically says we have to do open lobbies specifically inviting in through the chat bot queue 24/7 there's it's just me choosing to do open lobbies homie it's not a rigged system of me breaking anything at all anytime we do open lobbies we always keep it fair through the chat bot system if I've been fighting in people specifically Andy that's just me inviting in people homie like I shouldn't have to explain that over and over again man it's there's no rigged system yeah like there's no rigged system Andy it's you could check I even like I would bet $5,000 go through my archives and tell me I don't stream live like eight hours every stream open lobbies or we don't invite in specific people like I I challenge pretty much like it's not a rigged system or anything homey these guys I swear if I die to these guys I'm going to the fucking pressure plant if they want to if they want to attack me they could just like be floating in the air with me taking off Diego hey you enjoyed Western I know me do you for stopping in brixton I swear to God all right these are all the mats these are all the mats I'm gonna possibly get that I campfire it's not a campfire please be a campfire I I wouldn't doubt if we aren't being stream Stipe right now without dedicated this guy is on us I am like I put not even doubt it at that point I don't think it is but damn yeah I'm just gonna walk up the stairs where's the face reveal we could do a face cap stream here shortly maybe not for this stream but um next stream then for sure if I don't this stream is there a guy in the robot why is there so many people just crawling through I don't know how I got away from that last team though like they weren't seriously like there's stalkers and rapists what's good Oliver what's good homie my bad Oliver it's it's uh there's we have some stalkers on us Oliver so it's it's taken me a moment to like stay up on chat and everything they never give up they literally don't dude those guys literally would not you're taking off Trey you enjoy the rest here tonight homey they literally just do not give up I have a minis for you if we can I think they really are but alright is there any more meds here like I don't think this was looted so is that the squad that was stalkers let just read somebody because I swear to God if they're gonna come over here in stock it's now with even more people gonna buy Mike a team leader I definitely recommend definitely recommend I hope the final circles right in the area with the air vents so when the stalkers have to like camp right on us and that she sucks I just want to say pan that she sucks for no reason I don't know why I just randomly said that one thing more than Oh God hey ray that mean that mean waitwhat Alondra wait what do you mean venom what do you mean you'll by the skin hell yeah Eric this skin is definitely worth copping in my opinion I know I just really like the event stuff so for me it's more of just what it represents the skin that I copped it it is some really thick skin though I have to say like the skin is like really fucking bulky Kings character can fit in this character a vote to Banff and ashy Oh fat – either comfrey ah we either need to jump off the roof wait why don't jump off the roof you'll buy mega team leader hell yeah man laughs Lee worth definitely worth second second Oh Pierre for the Oh rested peace rest apiece we will have a full cinematic like video of everything that happened for season nine event Oh Eric that'll be up on the channel as soon as the event goes down I'll post like a live video of what's happening like our live reactions and commentary and all that when the event goes down as soon as that's done later on I will be posting a updated version that's like completely cinematic so no commentary no HUD nothing like you're just seeing the cinematic event style stuff live in Memphis hey I got you I got you Eric is there somebody I bet you there's somebody down here alright maybe nobody's down here then anybody down on this side they should have made the tongue animated so as you're walking it just like flops around on the floor oh there is people down here there are some heiner's right here it was is that the fucking stalker from earlier I swear if he now knows where I'm at and he's just gonna follow me I I'm gonna be so mad I hope they get taken out like whatever that team is they better just get taken right out out hi how are you hi how are ya I'm trying to look at August versus season 10 yeah season 10 is going through October 10th I believe is when the last day of season oh fuck oh that hits hard oh yeah they got everybody and their mothers out here he's that guy really trying to build down oh please don't hit me please don't hit me they're gonna hit me they're all trying to hit me at all and they're actually decent with their shots alright I am going to channel my inner brisk right now yep okay bad idea bad idea and I need more Matt's we're gonna win this game guys don't worry we're winning this game I just need some mats I thought he's gonna go right damn that guy's really building a Taj Mahal now I thought he was gonna go right yeah I'm about it just getting fucked up oh no oh no goddammit there's so many there's so many yeah we're in any service we are in this states us wait no I didn't climb out happy I ain't I'm out happy yeah I thought as soon as I was up in the air like that I was just like wait a minute this could be a bad idea all right Emma are you going against us here Oh what the fuck brisk is God brisk got literally abducted by those last team people that were chasing after us I I see your username and it doesn't show you even have a character streaming uh wait what do you mean of Adam Oh am i streaming tomorrow yeah I should be streaming tomorrow tomorrow's going to be yeah tomorrow's gonna be the last day before the event so I should be streaming tomorrow gift you a banner oh I can't Michigan I can't um no I I have never at all Olli never not even once not even once what do you mean baby lion-o we got a full squad right now bride I think we lost brisk we might have lost brisk Foley no hay for sure wait what do you mean uh what do you mean peridot is it supposed to be said like peridot or payroll I have no idea you're sitting in a hot car right now that's what you get for saying we were gonna die get put in a hot car yep do you not have the a/c on or anything though I guess obviously you want to have AC if you said you're in a hot car should turn the up the car on and put some a/c on böck always being in hot cars is just awful Andy I'm not getting triggered by your opinion of us having a rigged system but I do have to say it is kind of annoying that anytime I anytime going back that I could think of whatever we have like invited in one specific people it's always like a thing that I gotta talk about for like a half an hour well I'm not triggered at all I'm not mad but yeah I just get annoyed by how often it's brought up you just kind of you just kind of chill homey put your facecam on I could I could we could indeed wait what's your last comment Eric they took the keys Oh rest in peace rest in peace are they gonna be gone a long time at least like crack a window for you or something watching playing for night eating chips hell yeah man yo what up zombies er what up I haven't seen your comments hopefully uh hopefully have it like miss too much zombie sir yeah in fairness IND you do bring it up quite quite often quite often homie can't really pull the y-you trigger card if you bring it up like really really often you're with the bros Brixton always always go into Universal Studios and Disney hell yam and enjoy it I've never been there before I have been to like Florida once but that was like I don't really consider me even being there just because it was all so young but I don't even remember beach assault I have no idea that'll so I've never tried beach assault to be honest hey I appreciate it Pharaoh alright say are you me man are you a Beemer say is a meme er we might have to reset this Lobby might have to reset this if this ends up breaking that's guy joins oh we got it Brian we got it we got it but will for open lobbies so Brian join in next stream because we will be doing opens next stream unless this stream if I end up just leaving it going as I go to get food or something which I might not I don't know I might just send the stream when I do go to get food if I don't I'll probably do opens after when I get back waitwhat Ali I don't think that situation would ever happen I wouldn't want that situation to happen anyways that that would be scary in-game footage of final showdown event so all of the all of the final event stuff is encrypted Javier so whatever that was shown was more than likely from more than likely just like something that somebody made themselves yeah let me look through and see if anything leaked recently hold on hold up let's see well they have a new floss emote okay so I probably raped you guys for like half a second I apologize for that well yeah I guess they have a new floss emote Wow there's gonna be a lot of battle past people that are really mad about that how'd you get the skin the skins in the item shop here I love how they're really going all out on new skins now so the demagogue and skin we saw had a moving face this skin anytime you go into the lobby it does an animation and jumps into the air it has a built-in boss oh shit my brought up hey I appreciate that homie let's get some bro yo love in the chat but yes I'm in friend requests bro you and I got you homie if I don't do gifts Dawg oh what's your question Olly what's your question you're gonna be in the car for 30 minutes I didn't see if you said do you did they at least crack the window open hey I appreciate the sub homie welcome to the channel oh he's got you with them daily live streams every day new in this game oh it sounded like a car just like smashed into somebody outside again why is there so many accidents on my fucking intersection lately I suppose but so many accidents on my intersection in the past month that's just because of the month I don't know what up Canyon appreciate the sup homie hey like I said Holly that would happen but I would want that to happen that'd be scary situation if you ask me I just draw eyes I'm the only one who didn't ready up yeah they they have been going all out with skins lately it's pretty dope they also they had the banner Brigade skins yesterday which are really really cool so I'm interests see how they're gonna do skin soon oh that's what's up what you have been to Universal Search Disney hey that's what's up Eric I can't sing I can't homie I can't do yes even if it's like a free gift item I I still can't do it just cuz there's so many people that have been asking I I just like I feel so bad if I just like randomly just sign that's one person hey hey there ain't no BOTS here but out live right on the intersection either they couldn't see my house I forgot to add in the um yeah there's that's not saying there's gonna be so many battle past people that are mad if that's either it's gonna be given for free to them or there's just gonna be a load of mad people if it's an item shop thing what up Alejandro how you doing we need to send the praise across the Emma right now I'm gonna fight it die to the heat at the battle paths you're 100 in one day good luck with that one I gotta say good luck with tear 100 in a day if you do that that's wild I don't know if that's possible though even completing all the challenges I know you can probably do all the challenges for weeks one to ten in one day but you want tear 100 I don't know about that and you might have to buy a bunch what do you do um I have no idea if it's like if it if there's no windows that are open and you don't have the ability to open the window even with the windows open it still is pretty ridiculous every night I would just like if you don't buy the 2.8 KB bucks pack if it's not like a bad neighborhood or something like if you're right out in public or wherever else and there's a lot of people that are able to see I just like open the door something like gotta sit that way maybe just like lean against the vehicle or something I don't know lean depending on where you're at maybe that's a bad idea I wouldn't do that they should have left you the keys they should have left you the keys what up busy appreciate this up homie walk-up did channel he's an 8 and 7 wait you've done the entire battle pass in one day spud yeahit's I can see it if you wait till week 10 and then you do all your challenges hey even then though I feel like you'd have to buy some tears you're in a bad part of town okay yeah I would not like just open up the door then I don't know you need to yell at them when they get back then and tell them not like leave or at least like give you the keys or something and then you could keep the doors locked and then like crack the window or have the a/c going oh yeah I would advise break in the window that that would be bad I have a really really angry parent of it back what did you do if you had nobody in a wot you just cut yourself off oli I was reading the comment and it just ended like what would you do if you had nobody in a what never after you see going wait what's what what do you got going on against the AC and bad neighborhoods what's wrong with the AC and bad neighborhoods you saying bad neighborhoods aren't allowed to have AC I think that's a little bit racist there if you ask me apparent you know how to leave yeah they they definitely should that is uh that is pretty pretty bad hey you the best a you the best man yeah I got you anytime anytime homie yep I think all neighborhoods should have a cease I'm gonna run for president and my models gonna be all neighborhoods should have AC my main thing there's okay so I thirst times like I don't know I don't know about you guys but there's time so where sometimes like just sitting in a like when you first get into a really hot car just as nice very yeah like sucked like it depends on how I'm feeling at the time I normally hate being in hot cars but I don't know sometimes like if I'm really cold or whatever else then I just go and sit and I really like I opened the car and then I get it and it's just really hot from the Sun I'm always just like okay this is nice and then I have to turn the a/c on after like two minutes because then it just gets awful there's just that like first first moment when you get in the vehicle though sometimes it could be nice AC makes you a target are you saying that people are too poor in bad neighborhoods to have AC what do you mean it makes you a target I'm sensing some racism some underlining racism here everybody should have these eight the AC and cars oh here's your spud trying to hit people how to squat that's right that's right hitting all the trees hey no worries you know she know where he's if you can't I if you can't message I can't speak English right now your engine has to be on also you saying people in bad neighborhoods their cars are just broken and they can't turn on huh I'm like you can't get out of this one okay you really can't get out of this one this is this is a near he's being really racist and E's confirmed racist being also said you're being an asshole right now confirmed racist asshole he maccarty monster I'd have to go off team mech because team monster just wants to destroy the map I do want to see team monster like if that were to win though what happened or what would happen what am I talking about you know what I'm talking about sports you know what I'm talking about there's a lot of races of going on right here oh fuck there's a team on me they're in the cornfield they just went on that building yeah they just went up oh they're trying to get into the item forty seven forty all right you know I'm gonna be that I'm gonna be a stalker here policy video already lands on his own now yeah they are talking me down fuck it's a full team of defaults it's a full team of default oh my god they're fake defaults they are fake defaults twisting the situation what do you mean okay what do you mean you don't know which I mean by a bad neighborhood a bad neighborhood could just be a neighborhood that's bad you know I'm sensing some more like racist undertones through these comments here yeah don't bully Donald pump there will be no bullying of Donald pump allowed salts also I'm working but I can't yeah and that she sucks as well I just want to make an announcement everybody hold on hold on we need to make this more official ladies and gentlemen gentlemen ladies and gentlemen of the stream chattering we have an announcement to make I am proud to announce the one known as pan – she has now confirmed been known as the man that sucks thank you all right that was a PSA announcement right there sput oh I was about to say I was about to say I think spot has just put himself in a bad way he's good though I'm trying to be wait what do you mean what do you mean rayful you know exactly what I'm trying to say Sports know exactly what I'm trying to say oh don't do it spot don't do it you have a long life to live but you have a long life to live think of the kids think of the kids think of the blunts pod think of the blunts there's so many blunts that are out there that have not been smoked think about it you have a long life but think of this think of the blood spud I'm the good angel over here all right risk is the devil don't listen to him think of this think of all the good blunts there's the tasty blunts hey we got the I I can't compete with that one all right I really can't so I you're just gonna have to choose the good side or that you're gonna have to choose the good side of that all right I will say if you're in hell it's really easy to light a blunt cuz everything's on fire you just kind of pull it out of your pocket and just put it anywhere but all right I'm trying I'm still saying don't go with hell okay go with life's but don't do it all right don't do it's fun you got this you got this it's what lives matter we're not doing opens right now blackout but we will be doing opens next stream next stream guaranteed be allowed to play a single match um so right now today I'm not doing open lobbies but tomorrow stream i will be doing some open lobbies maybe at the end of the stream I might do like one or two I don't know oh gods but don't do it don't do it why do you have everything to live for right now everything to live for my bad neighborhood Andy I mean a neighborhood that generally their income doesn't it's not like a high level and a high level of income to where there's like a lot of crime right in that area like you just see like the grass is uncut everywhere there's known crackheads and drug dealers in the neighborhood like heroin and stuff that's what I'm thinking it's that's where I think it's going towards all right yeah I feel like this yeah like bad neighborhood just like really just a bad neighborhood drug dealing place is all like beat up Supai fours for everybody hacksaw jim duggan you are being racist sports Oliver I'll kick your ass what up fire boy all right I want to see somebody get 2×4 it up up G due to anybody yeah what did pop G do to anybody Oliver is gonna get an ass-kicking courtesy of my foot when I apply reply to what happy I have not seen any of your comments a solo whole stream hey fuck you I'm not racist you're racist yeah what what car do you got what car do you got where he's there's people eyeing your car wait what do you mean do you mean Lady Beatrice all that's really fun what is beach assault what do you do in beach assault interesting hey spud chose life I just realized – he's gonna win this game now gotta win this game hey fire boy please don't family well I've not seen any of your comments happy so like if you happen to say anything at like either they haven't been showing up or like I've just been really blind which is probably I'm blind or they're just broken they're probably broken you know what now let you call me racist fuck you hell yeah Jaden ikonics a lit lit bundle what up Claudette how you doing probably last stream wait why are you saying that Arctic are you saying like forever forever why you say these things here's some 10 IQ plays where can you post the links the links to karti uh it's at me in the discord and I'll link me that I did some new car deal eke out I know there's been yandi leaks like every single day like the entirety of Kanye's albums pretty much leaked if I'm gonna have to check this one – there's been a lot of music leaking out lately all that new uh I got a listen that new thug in chase B song was actually really good hey what is good what is good J how you doing homie Mayday payday ah how's it good try Mayday is such a fire beat it's like honestly one of the most fire one of the most fire songs have dropped recently oh god those people yeah somebody actually just tried to promote a tick-tock I just I just kicked them by only 16 likes oh we got 78 likes we got 78 likes who's trying to be the hundredth trying to be the hundred the event a blunt yeah the events going to be one giant blunt that's it the row come out and the monsters gonna have the blunt in his hand and the robots gonna like is he's gonna push this hand out and there's gonna be a lighter a little flame that comes out of his hand he's gonna light the blunt of the monster and everybody's gonna become friends I have one big hot box we're gonna have one big hot box and it's gonna be a good old time it's gonna be one big old powwow any procedure want that skin of the mech it's a really good skin really good skin 16 likes for you we have 84 likes right now dammit shot up quite a bit but whoever just liked right now you you know homies appreciate it you're gonna finally came back I yell at your aunt for me and say that Nick said you need to leave the keys next time in the car you're gonna hey happy I will beat your ass pal robots gonna be looking thick as hell you you're not wrong on that what's my epic twk nick is the epic I did not see your second comic art arctic my bad I had people steal cars car with engines on indicate somebody in it well who the hell drives around and just leaves their car door unlocked is there like just parked that's just asking to get mugged not really but I literally am so paranoid no matter where I'm at like even if it's like there's a lot of people I always just like keep the door locked whenever I'm in public if I'm just chilling in the car the door's always locked yeah we got we got that shit on automatic locks yep I will never leave the car unlocked there's too many people like even in a public ass place like people will still pull some shit gonna buy team mecha wrap yeah steal the car at the gas station to finally friend of me a for sure I got you I got you like five FPS for that flag wait what do you mean I was in any the new wait that's no reason to quit the game arctic oh shit rip I chose the late spot cuz I didn't know if it was gonna be back right away yeah not gonna lie I'm just kind of using that as the excuse cuz I had no idea you guys went to pleasant so but yep I'll just use that as the excuse there's a lot of people going there so I actually might not go there I think I'm just gonna go I don't know where I'm gonna go I'm gonna go into this place I'm just gonna go on the most scuffed landing trail of all time I'm gonna go on the scuff trail of all time hey Arctic you shouldn't have you shouldn't worry about skins or anything it's this game is a skill based game not based on skins cosmetics I have no one game value oh wait how long oh yeah no worries I might end up going to get my food right after this so I can just sit out I'll still probably play when I'm get back a lot of people going it looked like there was uh it looked like there was two squads I want to say I don't know maybe there's just one racism keep the doors unlocked during when they in it boxcar even when you're in it yes so uh I always end up like everything we drive has the automatic locks as soon as you put in Drive and it doesn't unlock until after arms always this last game you have the option to set it to where when you put your car in park at Auto unlocks or you could just unlock it yourself oh yeah I always just leave the car lock just because yeah you don't know if there's like some random crackhead off the meds that just rolls right up on you yeah it I think it will be spud cuz I don't know if I want to leave the stream just on blank the entire time I feel like everybody doesn't want to sit here cuz it's probably gonna take me 30 minutes to get the food when I usually go I know exactly where I'm going tonight too and usually when I go to this place they usually take like 20 minutes I get the food going whenever you go out night I don't know why yeah that is true it's it's Wendy's that's what I'm getting at least they always take really long at night but you know that they're basically cooking it all fresh right away and it's not like something that they had pre-prepared this is such a beefy skin as well siren I'll think I actually have usually I always just get the bacon haters like that's the thing that I always get there rest in peace I try to mitigate that sometimes you just don't know what they're doing there you don't want to be but fuck hey Jamie my Wendy says the issue of they don't give you your credit card back after you hand it to them and pay like there's yeah one time like I was so stoned out of going through the motion of everything like I went and then they handed me everything back in there like alright you're good to go then I left and I realized when I got back they never gave me my credit card back I had to go back and get it and then like the next time I was there possibly I don't know next time I was there the same thing happened but that time I remembered cuz I was like alright last time you guys almost stole my shit so I'm gonna remember about this I had to call him out on it like handed me the bag was like alright you're good to go thank you and then I just like she like walked away and I just kept wait in there and then she came back she's like oh wait I forgot to give you a card like yep yeah oh yeah it's it happens too much at my Wendy's it's starting to become not like a thing of I forgot almost yeah I think I deserve a free cookie or something out of this one yeah getting sick and tired of this shit yeah all right I'm good Go Go Power Rangers mom's coming home hey that's good to your Arctic hopefully nothing was too bad with that as well I feel for you man we all got your back here as well I got in the brand new tack shotty I have it's pretty it's pretty decent it's not like the best shotgun but yeah my own oh oh there's some people slightly that way oh you got them flip it somebody clip it get the camera get the cake get the camera somebody get the camera hey we're getting we're getting the Snipes on everybody today get the cameras out hey somebody get the camera I don't care for the meds right now I want this at it there we go I have no idea where these people are but the belly no arrested piece rested piece found those guys so many times oh we got him we got him okay that might have been people we're not sure sick and tired er BS who is biessing rest in peace he had a violent time I would not I would not want that what happened to wet a gateway to the wind a gateway to got taken out robot isn't throw about there building up pressure plant but it's the Power Ranger robot what do you mean so if the robots not the robot but it's the robot then what is the robot but yes so I am going to get some food right now and I don't think anybody wants to sit here while I'm gone for like thirty minutes cuz there's probably gonna be nothing on the stream so I think that might be it for this stream tonight it's like a shorter streep showing off the item shop stuff I know okay spud Sadie does give you food what kind of food do you want you want to talk with people I mean you want to talk with people bring me eating I don't think anybody wants to see me like just sit here eating I don't think anybody wants like watch me eat as a reading stream ASMR eating stream imagine but yeah I think I am going to be taking off here I might start up another stream as soon as I'm getting as soon as I get back I might do that but I'm not sure anyways anyways happy to be take it off here might be back but no guarantees probably not enjoy to rest tonight skies will be back tomorrow with another stream for sure for sure we will see you at the next one peace out everybody be there two days from now Saturday team monster team mech the fight is gonna be going down we're gonna be there doesn't he look so pissed off in the fucking knee like he just looks like no fucks given no fucks given this face but anyways yep up take it off I'll see you guys at the next stream I'll be chillin the discord tonight as well and yeah enjoy the rest your nights guys peace out everybody

Michael Martin

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