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and there we go hello hello folks I think the chat is working what ammo games what up to you minecraft crazy be a Western Steven Jaden flux yes over here to say ela hi there and load to you let's get this party started gay the sweat brigade is back folks money fucks way for a game game a Lucca a Marty what up to you if you can hear the fan by the way just deal with it alright it's too damn warm I shouldn't even be here alright I should be sitting in the fridge right now trying not to die appreciate my dedication to all of you Ethan it's a young play a jolly um zone someone like that what's that a drum gun I'll have a blue drum gun not a problem salty itself oh dang it I was gonna go to loot Lake remind me to land that loot leg both schemes alright just like we did a couple of days ago master Jaden a dill pickle bike one hello to you minute yeah finally changed skin people kept complaining about me he's denied being skinned sir well use a different one today or at the very least for a little bit we laugh voice ten minutes early and we were up really early I've been ready to start the stream for the last like two and a half hours I have to get up at seven to take the dog for the way she's gonna be a pain in the air throughout the tank premium I do yeah I'll go man the legendary player no no I'm on the PC people and ice have shadows thrown off one sack go f BS full screen right now we're properly on PC exciting times gonna get a shout-out it's a powered gamer what up to you welcome yeah that's a combat shotgun yes please don't mind if I do and we are set as soon as I can find somewhere mini I won't play too aggressive today honest I don't fancy sweating too much you getting in somebody – we were up for the middle the night it was a little thunderstorm going on over here I got a new member mr. house and welcome yeah dang it so the member of squad Matty so what tier is that I still wish I could just see it it's so annoying they get that out members dashboard as well no like quick way to do it or anything well this seems laggy for you it shouldn't be I mean my PC might be too warm people if you notice some framedrops today I wouldn't worry about it nothing in this country was made for this weather alright I do not have enough cooling in my PC for this just a fair FYI to all of you alright hard stumble up for alehouse and shall we I can't edit either running Alan are you Midlands same place Maddie's only tier 1 don't get too excited hey that's member 108 baby steps alright I've decided my goal for next month is 100 in 50 active member let's see we can make that happen oh yes please excuse me everyone hurt that right someone shot me who would dare do such a thing it's still shooting me too hello wait ah there you found it hi there what up to you reset edit key vine throw wheel of course oh wow this man's a laser that's cool I may have underestimated him now let's see how good you are explode rain I'm intrigued mattad fight me nope not that good after huh thank you every day in little buddy know what else did he have I'll take that I just take the infantry too let's go for some head shots a jack I've got a little lake in a minute phone I totally forgot the lamp there again it's for my meal and there every single again then yeah same over here I woke up at like was it to midnight 1:30 at night what a hell of a storm was going on I was out again admitted stuff what does that le I have no idea makes no sense but anybody gonna do answer what I'm – Jim you as well a Julie flaming wolf Sam brother I have no idea what those are but cool nobody's here for members do I want to have six million but I mean two will do for now Anthony good for some penguin one five nine appreciate it I'm not yet but my ego appreciates it you missed the purple scar down to he'll I didn't miss it folks I don't want it I don't care much for the scar it's too inaccurate so you inconsistent you'll be expecting two streams or one stream today one alright today is gonna be even harder than yesterday and the same thing goes for tomorrow too – frickin war to be cooped up in a room while they're ready just part of my few bucks to buy that new skin oh don't do it alright unless you use code by it's here is it is kind of funny buddy well and truly then what do you think you're doing another chest there hey there oh no that would use the 50 please dang it he just used it why huh why do you do these things oh excuse me and you get the hell back here please we what is another one that's said knowing come on folks one at a time all right there's nothing wrong with that they both seem a little bit special though house but a beer Ethan welcome Ravis over here too mine's gonna be the hottest day of the week yeah what's it gonna be tomorrow is it like 32 feels like 38 something dumb like that so I think I'm just gonna play dead tomorrow you know I think that'll do me did he leave they're both just camping over here then is anyone going to make a play he did and he regrets it oh my god and you just died for me please East I'm Pepe it Baltimore bullet yeah and that it's so irritating why won't they just die well we'll try again I'm not gonna lie that was not my first game today I'll show all of you how my warm-up games went as they went pretty good so rifle rocks honestly the scars kind of trashed these days they're my two warm-up games seven kill Bab five killed them play like a bitch like don't get me wrong but yeah that's pretty good right yeah my guy v3 what a simpie welcome how are you I'd raise to Chucky eres an smt then an assault rifle yeah a lot of people do that I don't know I quite like it in terms of sword rifles I'd probably go with out of the infantry that heavy or the tack why can be 40 degrees in Netherlands yeah I've seen it it's a cold weather streamer yeah I'm a cold-weather person and I think about 20 degrees and I'm my own boys like that's just not for me Nico welcome back your play Joe's letter nowadays I was flying a plane solo throughout the day I played enough squads yesterday for one day I'm good Firefly hello to you Manas the Mekas can look like a Kira what the hell is a cure in any case the mica skin it's Kat ugly laser you what after you won 42 game up to you the legendary player code a lewd leg yes I got you people oh the sphere is in Phase two at the moment by the way Phase two out of three chippie phase three in the next couple of days leading up to season 10 of course Rosie hello to you a random kid a later brother super no a cuter why go for the 50 did we look for a gun has to look for a gun in one chest over here gimme gimme really epic what am I gonna do with that well that'll do stay away brother just stay away right we have an SMG heavy sniper which honestly could be good we'll have to wait and see but I was watching a prayers down below all right we're going to loot Lake Rosie it's a real Alan's hello to you too wait there's a chest over here I've been opened oh wow that's been opened right then where the hell that the player you go to did you see that the screen was like shaking how weird Packers fan it's ooh I just heard another one as well there's another player over there somewhere has anyone else noticed that before that was like an earthquake very strange yeah Wow shields out the wazoo well I don't need more of those prick shot that last guy I need the new sniper for that since it has 100% accuracy you know what do we do dang it let's just leave the one mini for now don't pretend we're gonna need all this stuff Ian I know did live in the rough life at the moment Oh drink the 50-knot a boy let's go where you kill for me is he looking at me you could have just said yes there's no need for this layman almost what a hell of a storm medic it was great the houseand right and over 80% of my views comes from the recommended section the YouTube notifications are dead bro literally yeah look at this thing now I'm sure we can all agree that it has changed a little bit really dude RPG are you kidding me okay Ronny move was that right you know what you do you thanks for dying like the stream is subscribed to buy it here listen to Lukas people you're new around here a suburb boys enjoying the notification squad whilst you're at it you slept through the storm I think Natalie woke me up to be fair but entirely sure more boxy 2/3 fitty alright I'll take it and I have a decent shotgun now asking thou shalt receive oh wait this player here I can hear him he's got a drum shotgun right let's just keep our distance and then we should be able to get this kill 50 dammit oh my god this hasn't been reloaded are you kidding me I hate my life sometimes Sarah it's ooh what up come on come here the best streaming around appreciate it Oh to the people here drop a little like on it for me not sure if I beg for like sorry today if not get to it okay I'll have a decent Sun this arm Oh same here lightning great girl five four three two one what up to you Liu er and blue suppress SMG my favorite games in the game yeah consistent weapons I may go to ones at the moment sale and the thing that's consistent works for me hey Zeus it's a what it's just too bad aren't a lot of those weapons and again you're saying hey look at that right there people another combat shotgun the pinnacle of consistency way drum shotgun and TAC shotguns are the best brother in what world become by chucking a still hands-down the best gun in the game the new tax schottische pretty good done 190 light so I 10 away from – Hondo smash it Red Room go go go I think there'll be a new map I'd be surprised honestly I mean I would love to see a new map don't get me wrong I just don't think it's gonna happen home number two tomorrow exciting how are you a Bulldogs 2004 I've been worse how about you not having a great time with the weather current leader max you as well what's up lol ow gonna get a new scuff for my birthday next month oh what a waste of money look into battle beaver they last a lot longer than those scuffed back battles they just break oh hello out of nowhere dang it let's go 30 for 30 while an epic let me do some damage here please so annoying I will kill them all right this is going to happen sign I started play it all the way back in season zero money they didn't switch the PC until the side of the season their suite 200 now let's get 500 listen to mo games folks there is no such thing as enough likes all right we can always use more these are completely different players right so where the hell that my other victim go to what happened people what is that them that's a different player too weird like they just vanish that I knowing that Gianna no Mohammed is Sam Eddie why is my aim so bad for mind gadem oh hello little ones down there one second one little s wait that's them that's the one that got away you oh my god will you stop being rude dang it no I'm not playing that game he's gonna follow me alright I can't quite hear him because it a fan but I'm telling you easier somewhere how did that tell you oh he's weak buddy hello should I just get rid of the sniper yes Kay let's take shield the more shields the merrier right one of those little bugs Samuel what up to you we won 1000 likes a 2,000 be even better 3,000 is not a problem either remember that all right go go go Tracy peace to the Sam first news some of the stream wait other there do we mingle with that what you reckon folks I say we go for it honestly worst case scenario we die whatever like I haven't done that before yeah another one bites the dust nope wait there's a third party too I think that might be the third party all right think carefully people do we challenge the sway wannabe or do we walk away all right rude you know I think maybe we should just walk away stupid I'm out Cena no you like straight to things yeah of course dude I'm gonna watch it all over again people do got another launch buy it though I mean that'd be nice Theodorus what up to you what's your favorite skin at the moment night beam or I still think that's what they scold but after three years really dude I used to have a scuf for the Xbox one of those back paddles broke without me even really using a controller cuz obviously I switched to ps4 well like three months later my know I can hear another nerd leave please how many players two or three I wanna sigh maybe three what's up @p there are at least two over there anyone else Oh bother not anymore dude yeah I'm guessing this one over there too there is I was gonna say why else would there be a baller I wouldn't make sense with it why a dragon rider hey what do you think you're going let's fight my duty as an infantry rifle or do what you mean Danu 'only not sure what you do woah what you're talking about on then yeah not have done that nine sights is a beautiful thing isn't it send help please never mind don't need it and what you heal and I'll heal why do you have to be difficult huh why do you have to be difficult there's no need okay no now you have to buy the next battle pass I'm afraid you just get some skin customization options to the overtime challenges to my knowledge that's it grab me if I'm wrong now I think we all know I'm not wrong right Kelly with the subsume pre shit when I switch from the ps4 to PC one jozek cuz it was time alright board himmat taken over I'd reached a bit of a skill plant cell and honestly even though I've only been on PC for like six weeks now I'm better over here then I ever wasn't a Playstation tinkers off well that's what sync does I don't have any delays on in a minute nothing in a on your wall and pyramid right I have side buttons on my mouse that I use for those after how why it's four and five organs I it's site mouse button one inside – button – they just don't call them that for whatever reason candy wait I blame you for making me switch the PC I didn't make you do anything you will soon thank me though welcome to the PC master-race we have frames yay right pots off right oh dang I didn't switch the bots on yet well after the game alright in the meantime everybody watching hard stumble Oh for Kenny get to it alright Ryan I'll be at the end of the season can't see it point what do we get Oh slurp see ya oh wow even more I got four if it should have kept us to make them at bay because of third parties and now it's not gonna change a thing though the hot spots will remain the same but yeah third parties have been an issue it's like as soon as you make the teeny tiniest bit of sound half the lobby runs out here just like that and he's camping in a one by one come on make it play oh dang he was quick don't have any more wow I have no traps well that explains that situation I don't really have anything to fight win right then and he turned out to not even be that good house that makes sense looking here to be honest you see it's the console players that clickbait but I mean I'm a next console player after that's why I could get away with it I said I don't care about third parties yeah I don't know yes you have them in third party dolphin enough for you to care they're quite annoying to deal with difficult to counter because there is no true counterpart from I don't know we'd be walking away making the right decision yada yada another creative oiler right good at building it's not it's shooting I'm not good at building but I'm good at shooting I can aim quite well I'm afraid that's all I've got going for me though hey be rude I'm gonna try not to use any mats at all telling you that should be doable I don't saying that I've got enough maths right now if I wasn't well staring what up to you and make the switch let's simple if you want to yeah go for it I mean I was honestly sick and tired of playing for a night until I space the PC for the sake of keeper William yeah what's the right choice to make definitely right now what are you doing he's up there camping why why do you play like this oh my god yes thank you all the way up there and I know so that ain't him he might be in there did we eat our way over there I kind of went to oh no another one come on move buddy I want to eat to my next kill wait are they teaming what's what did I just witness oh no here we go they're shooting each other well then dang it right Biltz are a little bit rusty okay little rusty but I'm still watching Gigi stumble all right drop I like and it's a wash you're at it with my porn skills and he plans on Saturdays I have plans every day streaming on Saturday Calum no I didn't add a custom build it not even much more expensive either if I'd bought everything myself and put everything together I think it would have saved like 50 quid I mean that's not even worth the hassle exits it's a what up the storm scout sniper been bolted what surely not know how it's still here I was gonna say there's no way hello it isn't very common not at all in fact game at King appreciate it guys face monobrow is watching oh my god the one and only Pam's a lot of keys mr. monogram use code by ASEAN the item shop yes do it folks well the new challenge is wait I don't think we're getting new challenges today that's my Nellie let me turn the bottle on people before I forget again if only it would work thank you connects Burnett's kurnitz right somebody stop exclamation mark discord dammit on the chat let's see but we're rude rude once just taking my guns today a birthday presents out no apparently the jump in tomorrow right if I remember correctly PC specialist Louis it sir what are you doing green M&M are you where yesterday all right recognize the name of the new skinny is here code a junior and gonna SES Mehdi I give to a skin real eyelid I'll just take the rainbow smashed harvesting tool all right that's all I need right now and then there's only one more pickaxe on the list of things that I won and that is called the Death Valley or something like that the very last one okay channel f1 is the type allies ds-10 50s they're more of a budget graphics hard but yeah I mean four four nine that's more than fine I'll fish no no just one it's too warm dude unlike yesterday don't fancy being cooped up in here for too long you know we will try to streams again this weekend till then and no thank you I'm gonna politely take pass mr. Coad yesterday a jig you two I'm gonna ask you night for only challenge you can do it no I can't I don't have a sniper which as you might have guessed makes that challenge significantly more difficult well that wasn't very clever dumbass but it's another one – I need this old rifle you have one even up on anything anyway please whether I've seen a sword rifle is that it yeah that's it you two go away let me get some maths absolutely shattered yep I can relate I woke up in a pool of my own sweat it's great I love it nothing like a nice summer day can you believe it there are people out there that enjoy this kind of wedding I thought evolution would have taken care of folks by that by now but no they're still around believe it or not I mean that all right fine Elina sold right let's see do it anywhere I can see just being a special okay let's let me go after him I mean he'll I've got a combat shotgun and he has no more shields I'm here their friend remember my aim is a God's here bro go to the arm dang it my back I keep forgetting to go to loot lay I will go to the orb it's currently in Phase two for those wondering there's one more phase after this and then obviously the event happened I'm a winter person Sam I mean the only good thing about it summer is that you waste absolutely nothing on gas and that's it apart from that please kill me I've had enough find an AC on all night didn't have a problem yeah good for some now again weather like this used to happen say like one week a year so air conditioning isn't much of a thing over here nowadays it happens for months on end though the Laurel Warman is a pain I am Telling You because four percent of their brain cells are missing more like they've got a 4% left the only way you could possibly enjoy this for those new around here by the way subscribe boys I figured out today that 89% of my views come from people that aren't subscribed to the channel so let's lower that a little bit please and thank you wait they're fighting over here I was gonna go to Steve they're right down there ah screw it what the hell go for the chest buddy and the same we both know you're gonna know that works there's tons in heat now I slept surprisingly well just don't feel rested in any way shape or form we have to fan Sun for a long time now one on that side of the bed wanted my side of the bed no event happening soon no Matt oh just you wait did just see you away I want to go as far as to say there's an event happening right now but something will happen definitely half people been here oh wait I can hear another one right where's that ham going going I'll just accept it bro accepted a real man knows when to accept his faith your case death alright there you go people phase two it's extra shiny now Oh Bruce what's up Mary Whelan congrats one amusing assassin these were lunch again I mean I pretty much did and the thumbnail was taken from this angle I want to say like that I think I got rid of this thing makes it look a little bit better when I'm brickies oh hey deny no it's I'm still surprised that's not a glitch of some sort what they do I was talking through anything heat thanks she's asleep at the moment I mean dog goes a dumbass she'd be outside all day and died tonight give it the chance what time she's smart enough to stay out of the Sun but that's a rarity honestly main.m to the take that dream again what up Roy Joel it's a hoping tear one is okay it is not okay got a change you're wasted cheer for is where it's at and that's week nah I was gonna say there's no way they could have gotten far right they're like here somewhere I can hear him I don't see him there lil brother there we go that kind of hurts a little bit I'm not happy about that but what are you gonna do another one hold it number two has arrived and they are currently not very happy right now they are depressed yay thanks for Diane got another one default like you are the problem with this game sweat tea accept it accept it he has no shields I will win this what yeah as stated previously I will win this mine now there is still one more third party somewhere that's the watch out for that one or you kind of sound depressed a it's the heat it makes sense right I hate it and it subscribes James let them see shit and silver with this up soon you're gonna have ciass boys welcome welcome I wake a look for a fit II know layer that was a player right oh yeah that was a player here alright here's me we I'm gonna kill you weak No we'll kill you of chestie way come here boy it's time to accept your fate oh you weak little girl my to be male I don't care pointless yeah now we gotta look for a 15 so the he's gay you hate it I'll show myself up yeah yeah yeah you should go after that one two hits I mean that's one more than I expected again there is another third party though right up there it's still winter damn good for you wish I could say the same it really did with a bit of winter right now I'd love that nice smell like five degrees mmm now that would be great weight shooting this work that's gonna say if I can't built there neither can he right no that's fast do they need I think he ran out run out of launchpad we got the pole in this egg too ain't bought a gate totally the freshest of all French aim by Oh No you do realize the storm here right I mean what's wrong with some of these people oh yeah I know the storms coming but let's just challenge him great idea way to jog the scar cuz a kafir the win I had to yay wants to take the drink Pat two and a half right or just two Eugene take another sniper that's fine elesia allows eeeh I don't know how to pronounce it you are correct Kendrick get to Sheila what uh sweaty ray yep both literally and figuratively you know what I've been getting some hye-kyo games recently I know 12 kills isn't crazy but I mean anything 10 plus is fine right oh I heard a nerd yeah found them tell them how many people they're shooting me there is one Southwest summer and I think this one over there okay Michelle Southwest where the hell are you at and then edit idiot oh come on edits like that do not work anymore alright anyone in their right mind would expect that a new tactical shotgun I know I shouldn't but I'm going to okay one point to keep you watching let's get the likes to match so take a second to drop a like on listen to Rosie people it is female so therefore you have to listen I didn't make the rules alright it's best no less than 20 well that's that's disappointing fana it's a we shut the sump say oof oh okay what the hell st. whoopsie yeah new taxes really good I mean the comeback chicken is still better because of the range but the fund of you it is female they are female what is your preferred pronoun now let's cover the end I would need the new sniper for that the new sniper for whatever weird reason as a 100% ape fire accuracy which is beard I feel like that's a glitch but hey as long as that's the case that's the case right 21 traps I have nothing else though just damaged wrap maybe we should go for a trap kill assuming they're bad well comment back there yeah I saw it I saw it I have four people speculate into that's right admired the superiority acknowledged the superiority or do you have never seen such greatness alright ready boss they are there somewhere my oats come out yeah yeah he's here I don't think this player is bad though not per se they in there yeah GG brother take the El friend see I'm good this white boy thinks he is great I don't think I'm great I am great don't be silly also that's a little racist Jack Cory Bhatia what we go Nick a third now now I don't want to be put in my place that's really the moon boy are you my fan Jen what up to you two man 20 kill game yesterday 17 kill game today that's not bad boy I will take it right that means I get the bag for likes again but instead I'm gonna make the mods do it alright so do it mimsey preciate I know though don't worry notice me wait I did mr. Fowler Gavin eats ooh Cameron what up what up Melissa yeah part from the heap car complaints here my could use some new members though boys if the join button people get yourself an add-on epic games custom bash custom EEMA and for those of you that want to do a 1v1 tier for membership people let's simple but I've been on PC for six weeks I think I got used to it pretty quickly though like all things considered yeah record on pcs 20 wait for a second I thought you leave the choker 70-mile no no I wanted to trap him combat shotgun oh my god yeah that sucks that's sir dang I want that gun I really want that gun if I can get that I can secure at least a top ten placement oh you can see me never mind yikes I just don't believe you missed the 17 kill game what are you doing yeah my appreciate a sub dealing with the some and then a banner with the something Julian of course I am my secret addiction I stuffed beautifier course I subscribed Ceyhan welcome to the team edit I did not get a notification for that down if you want your name to show up in the chat when you subscribe people go to your privacy settings on YouTube and make sure your subscriptions are set the public all right Sheila yeah maybe next year let's get better on PC first shall we I guess that'll do for now is it at scariest character of the bar are you that's Zika yeah oh it sounds today but it doesn't work I'll give it a chance in fact check again in 44 minutes to be exact unknown beast it soon yeah parently there's a World Cup variance for the fish thick-skinned dropping I don't have the fish thing skin now sir rip deep kid piece of the sub and unknown to beast with the Serbs you anyone else do we have more little legends who haven't subscribed yet how did you get so low what's your secret Jojo I just need a sold rifle come on another burst really I don't want it what PC do you have oak Alain some excavation my expects them Allah oh my god keep forgetting to go to loot lake we got to protect Steve bloke see piece of the side of the dr. max and a Kumari welcome welcome people oh you are dead if you go in there I would have a shotgun don't have a shotgun don't have a shotgun why what's hey excuse me how does that work someone care to explain that one I'm very confused oh that's another one here somewhere all right Flint not yay I need that I mean how many players are over here my busy sweat out with the sub to John wicked with the sub as well are you kidding stopping anyone darkness God all of you be shit Kenzi L M plus cants buy them yourself no handouts here whoa dude how dare you keep it real like that just no Andy they say ramps at destroyed the ramp there wasn't a ramp in there before that he didn't place a ramp until after the grenade exploding honestly go back that was weird this way not up there thank gosh he gave me and gammy mine I heard one more I don't know where there's just there's one more here somewhere unless they left yeah well let's just assume they left okay today going Jordan not too bad it's leaky with the subsume ultra come with the sub Josh Oxley with the sub as well remember to turn of those notifications through people you tell me aspects again type exclamation mark specs in the chat no spaces it should all show up Mady or at least the importance now it's kind of lame I don't think there's anything here a players have been here already he never mind that's fine but what is that and our vlogs good I see us bring back greasy grow yep I imagine greasy gross gonna come back at some point right surely it wouldn't make sense for them not to bring it back as it's still there it's just underneath the ice buddy it's there all of it – what a game everyone wait what was that a flight now disgusted not funny guy with the sub as well I feel like I've seen that name before did you not subscribe last time what's that all about what did I do wrong huh yo would show with the command well a lot of people just did it it's fine Potter itself Ali alo brother we say hi to Steve real quick let's say hi to Steve real quick and then I kind of want to go for one of those supply drops if you don't mind me cuz I need shields I still need shields just less well screw it looks like we're looting this because now one has done it yet me and each that's depressing just yesterday slurps sob Jennifer appreciate it again they're not getting known for gage for that one somebody dug so far today too right you were one well if it's shame in front now I might just be one dude and then we got close ones I think we fit into watching should equal 15 innit like so I only it worked like that imagine getting a video with 10,000 viewers and 10,000 likes now that would be something hello Stephen how are you looking good today say over here for a minute anything about seasons n we don't know why anything about seasons n Yeah right like I've seen clickbait videos don't get me wrong epic always does a really good job I'm not revealing anything though like it isn't up until the day before a new season goes live that we learned anything about it anything official again the clickbait videos are always going Shung but they are just that lichbane videos food don't believe no one's gone for these two yet I have been summoning I must go alright take care of brother don't die today you think scuff controllers are worth it right no no I do not never have and never will I'd suggest I don't know maybe check it out control freaks or looking into trigger stops you don't need back paddles if I don't need them needed to you do you appreciate the Samba ds1 tearing it with the sub – are we all bored yet we're going on a trip oh wait somebody opened one of them finally where's this one that means that Maddox to be coming this way let's hurry this along shall we yeah Frick I'll just drink that next one gamer J welcome manage how are we yesterday let's waiver our line play some squads yesterday and there we go number two I said the player hasn't showed up yet oh no nevermind he has he's right there won't eat you I hang it yeah you know what let's just go for it again worst-case scenario we die seems like a bit of a bomb I am the bot killer there's a third party why is there a third party hey you go away come on buddy tell me your friend hate third parties and everything it's just one right like it's just him maybe we should focus on him oh you lucky little boy hate you goodbye I don't even think about it oh my god hey you too bitch we'll be fine that third party is going to die 50 weights all right come here little boy Jacobo none let's put her espy make a Twitter account and then follow your boy over there make that one on the description people just do it you know deep down you one too yeah he more minis yeah I'll take that Xbox traitor welcome back to you alright so he's right here yeah that's lblack links only he's back too told you you'd regret it did I or did I not tell you so they cannot blame me for this one in that ready yeah might as well take that oh no that's bad I don't think that's worth it why do I scream that's a that's a great question Jesus told me that I should we we already know you're gonna follow me all right let's be real come on attaboy now this is if line weak I'm disappointed cybot arts here yeah or Fox I like you a little less right now again time phone no I don't think they're worth it let's go it's not easy hitting shots like this weird little angles and everything also I am Telling You someone just tried to shoot me how dare you I am better than you four at night battle yeah yeah but you see the thing is no one cares where are these snipers there's one in there all right we know that much for sure I heard another one another heavy sniper I mean if you see him give me a shout oh all right that makes then let's go yogin what I'm try to get seven kills run five the mouth I mean if I manage to stay alive we'll get seven it not a problem he's there wrong wall this one please once again wrong wall this one he goes away straight away though I can't kill him Oh crow good ass yeah yeah you're gonna have to move in like 20 second no third party a very quick third party I'm gonna need another third party to save me how does he keep getting my wall yeah I'm good hi he's too quick dose what did ya oh god that's one in here still there Lou we got below me right that's one less but ever come for it – I do GG I reset I just need another five HP and that's its to Hondo once again that one player is gonna kill me though I'm calling it I'm not even sure what we came to see no no I am you just assumed at the dub I mean I'll try I'm afraid that that is all I can do that where is this place why are there two people camping in here don't make me ask you oh no that's damn right there's a speedy gun freakin Zyliss go away little nerd bye he's following me straight away to God why me hmm why me why does he want me dead you know there are two other opponents leave me alone until the other two are dead you don't get the dub you're a bot wrong you're uh-huh let's destroy that oh my god he actually just got another one I am calling it he is going to destroy me how do we beat him right how in the world are we gonna beat him I'm hoping the other one starts running first so I can go for that third party I don't see how else this is gonna work out for me yeah this is it I mean why do you go for me see this is what I mean trust me dude we have bigger problems all right it's called el sweat emic sweat Jesus why would he go for me hmm I mean look at this I get it dude you're better than me no no one has to see that you got this right destroy him yeah no no I didn't have that not at all from the moment he challenged me on the mountain I knew I was going today that was a beef wait what epic tryna say I should take a break you robot PGG wrong your dumb dumb yes player as a good player I mean I wish I was that good to be honest we can just go into a game and pubstomp for a little bit by that man let me see what was this name beer TTL rather it doesn't have a YouTube channel so it's just like your average sweat that's cool I don't mind dying all right I love it absolutely love it at least it was no the soccer skin true true there's there was a technique skin and that's what it's gone under the male versus the abstracts again in any case F's in the Chad people very importante I discovered that stream labs linked down below – we don't need that in the description imagine if you started off on PC yeah dude here tll oh it's TTL right I'll have a look in a minute we shot a try again all right but first let's actually go to loot Lake for a change they had a game of J you said hi 16 times that I said hi to him the first time he said it J turn your volume on imagine being a robot at losing to a human I know right filthy peasant how dare he kill me I'm supposed to be the overlord me and me alone another one you know I will take another one why not I'll meet a trash wait see we set us up silver with the sub to a light and ninja with the sub as well oh boy please don't have a shotgun and you land what is that Landing now come on out a wink I don't think he even knows where that came from I'm getting a bit of a clueless vibe from this he doesn't know you just started PC 2x to be one of the best right yeah hindsight's a beautiful thing people it does not get us anything now unfortunately wait what is he hiding in there or is he like underneath it if you're underneath it that would be a little sad he is totally underneath but isn't he hello buddy how the hell do I kill him there we did it her ray and looked girl controllers don't break easily like people say I mean again you and itís have very different experiences again I barely used it in mine bro don't do it oh it has a shotgun no screw that people that's not fair not fair at all there's a slurp over there to know what that's where you get for shooting me in the back by the way oh there are people fighting behind me too I just want to be that guy full it a bit leave the slurp don't even think about it that is my slurp don't do it I said don't do it come on game i got a milos that's tough I have to relearn I miss the old Eagle taking waltz right it's the deagles kind of trash now honestly not worth using five the lights already not bad people keep them coming now one like equals one rip you hate to see is there anything else we can do instead of it done that complete daily challenges I don't think I have another one well there you go dizzle sprays what up dear you're about simulation that is still the wrong door please educate yourself maybe a theme park Oh God Oh God that's difficult dang hmm Molly me Amy YouTube guy preach to the summer it's Susanna with the substitute Messi with the sub as well can ask the ass boy alright this is it people mark my words w coming in my god yes girl there's always one to ruin it Harrison it's Earl and basil again no no I want to go for a safe landing this game the safe fish let's go to fatal just you wait no scope ending nope it's never gonna happen dude it didn't happen a year and a half ago and it's now gonna happen now play on mobile oh talking about mobile I should be getting a new phone on a Friday the honor 20 expects a mobile video this weekend and then probably a video using the wonder skin too like what Blackpool Pleasure Beach have no idea what that means what does not sound like something I would enjoy never been to a theme park brother why you should go I mean even now I love me a good roller coaster okay it's winter for you right now right it's the best time to go to one just saying I'll be adding it well yeah but you know it'll be recorded this weekend welcome to the mobile gang right oh no I'm just going to do one video one video for a free phone it sounded like a good deal to me I'm just on a 20 I think might be fun it's like I'm under it it's so Who am I so that's too expensive what is this oh hell yeah yeah brother wait birthday about of us in 15 minutes I thought all of that wasn't happening until tomorrow we got the s10 I didn't get it they're sending it to me Ravi they messaged me so like they're just gonna give me the phone for free right and in return I got to show it off I not even show off the phone just play some for that on mobile and that'll do there's not gonna be a sponsored video anything either under that I got 30 meanwhile Nikko okey doke poses theme park here's seven hours away no Yanks will take about seven hours to go from one side of the Netherlands to the next and back again that's the time if I'm really close by after link Apple boys lots of stuff for Lord gotta love that one can you hear me don't kill each other please Papa has arrived I mean Jesus dude the game just started it's 30 degrees outside can we relax a little bit just a teeny tiny little bit give me that we take the drum gonna suppress I prefer this is press what does everybody here for her is your upstage three venetus no no it states to at the moment but it looks like in this thumbnail that's what it still looks like have a funny prefer I don't care for phones never have in my life I've only ever owned or I've only ever paid for one so there you go what I end up doing the mobile video I'll probably use the controllers to be fair that's possible right 30 degrees isn't that bad oh shut up the only people that say 30 degrees isn't that bad are the ones that complain when it's 10 degrees cry me a river brother shoo what is that Iraq we shut this up you're gonna answer yes good deal No know that any of cheap now record I could make that happen I'm Mary it sir lol Oh a blue surprise SMD it's a press interview let's see the doom gun is still pretty good if you're gonna hit those headshots up close tis lethal how do you know what this means people order camper for life yeah yeah 30 degrees isn't that bad because where I live it gets around 42 C so you're used to it where I live it gets around 10 so 30 is goddamn awful people actual hell we have people dying when it's this one keep it fun honestly this one is it for the wonders game but they could have just given that today I would have been happy 66 in Washington yeah that's Fahrenheit people are used to kidding me what is the temperature today doesn't it man I go up to like 31 what's 31 degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit and then feels like 35 degrees or something dumb you have a look yeah what is it late 90s one of the Gries Fahrenheit it's something like that it's warm also to the silly Americans out there the rest of the world doesn't use Fahrenheit okay me it's 12 degrees we're conic I would love to beat you right now would you like to trade places what he ate someone else raelia yeah but this Raelians are used to the one I was in Mitch gamestream the other day he was talking about how three the Greece wasn't that warm and then complained that it was 15 degrees like are you kidding me I guess what's considered warm and cold is relative to where you are from one thing is for sure though anyone that tells me it's not that warm really needs to get punched in the throat in the nicest way possible master of epic what up to you it's gonna say let me tag along once it in there Hummer one in well got this a fifty pot in there too I could use that do it hey I'll have your fifty friend if you don't mind me iris he was vomit up oh my god we have a fake T foo in the chat so excited people big fan so known about me yeah I'll try to say that somebody Google 31 degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit how much is that T freeze in the chat I can't believe people still fall for that come on folks that is not cheaper all right tea fruit does not stop by people streams and says hello I'm T foo come on people be smarter than that peace Jack preciate riot is a super active viewer of the YouTube streams it's incredible you love to see it now who does have the audacity to shoot me an honorary member no I'm good eighty-seven point eight well there you go then like it's thirty one here all will be later today we can stay down there I don't have a trap no there's another one why why is this my life this one has a combat shotgun oh he regrets it go away please and he managed to survive that's so well and truly Kelly boy we set aside by the way her brain it with us up to and then labor with the SOB someone that my name's sure what I did huh node-based well I say at home either way sad what up to you no alone crusader I've been worse dude I've been better but I've been worse let's go back to loot lane oh this is the new skin by the way I'm not sure what they were going with it's their legend or something t reg oh it's nighttime right we got to go to loot lake now beam snipers lewd Lake it looks best at night so that's the thumbnails recently to Ally MSP priests of the Sam Bruce Shh none of that crazy please with the sub as well uh-huh hello brother avoid those shots like a champ hookie right if you're gonna get it though support a credit code by a tear people what's with the fake defaults I know you don't have a default skin die I need to make you a skin right we need a chubby dude in the game what's with all these muscular skins so unrealistic windows what video a jb gaming we should the sub anyone epic mean hello to you nicely bass thumbnail brown mark you asked what I thought too honestly one of my better creations not gonna lie dan limited sucker dude kid with the sub as well preciate it boys GG Pro slow and low to you right it's already a time doesn't stay nighttime for very long does it what did you get that backlink yesterday the man a minimal effort gave me the shadow up skin oh and the harvesting to let the combat look pretty cool with this skin as well though looks a bit much sweaty – okay thumbnail epic memes a good ass yeah Keanu with the sam tsui fresh way what I thought it wasn't visible for a sec never mind I didn't say anything and what about those dream snipers huh Vidya Oh fishsticks worth cup Starla's Adi I don't have the fistic skin there I mean bit of a rip I should have bought that skin when I had the chance there's quite a lot of different styles now doesn't it listen you already have like three so this is the fourth one but at the same time that skin always just feels like a bit of a troll a little-bitty yeah me my you'll hand with the sub – welcome welcome dude let's just switch that I'm never gonna use that burst SMG I don't know what it is about that thing but I cannot hit a shot with it which membership is a thing in my country wait we frown that's my membership is world why now right it'd come but shadi won't you I'll take that for Nance here there are more players here by the way one right there heard gunfights going on over there – what's up Yvonne hello look at the pretty lights beautiful excuse me if someone just shot me where the hell did that come from anyone see anything no Roy the guard yeah Lana lemon I mean I'll take your word for it sucks though I need more weight a heavy AR attack to build a soul rifle that's difficult honestly I think I prefer that heavy and let's go talk an end game then the TAC is kind of like the on my shotty great for chip damage it's my accurate it is yeah the World Cups tomorrow we could totally do a reacting stream just watch the World Cup together might get some views that way wildfire 8208 wolf dire righty hello to you a bot maysa of course you can what up to you too I'm kind of annoyed I want to know what this player win telling you that was someone here nag uzuki we sure this up welcome welcome good to have you too they move a lot when you jumped at me trying to get my just active it what comes Friday nuts Amaya what day is it tomorrow it's worse Thursday those both come skin to trash what World Cup skins though how many World Cup skins do we have I never look at leaks people in soccer we should the Sun so tell me more flows in thank you I'm gonna give you fish stick yes please the unlike new a messiah for one of the members oh god I have like another nine slots don't feel like that I haven't made a new emote in Mun stood I need to get to it football guy preciate the one minute parents down below bread oven boom go go go or if their bus is back lame I mean super exciting incredibly probably a case am I gonna get all gray to weed sweaty actors falling down will up yeah that's the one ball damage simulator 2019 mine yeah I'm kind of a noise there's no one here 70 players dead I've seen one actually I did see one pace flew away very exciting oh hello slur thanks did you've activated them you get to keep him Oh even if we go below 100 members well I'm gonna try the best never to go below 100 again I need some good ideas though out of all the emblems that I have I like the potato m1 the wrecked one school boom school and honestly to me that's it kinda after I got that 20 kill valve – until they make a 20-mile member – I think I could do that quite quickly as well without too much hassle not asking for one I'm just saying it would be a good month yeah well interesti frakkin more than over hustlin dreams I got its Kevin the one and only it's a killer guy who he did not know no we gotta virtually not seen anyone all game let's try to find someone to kill all right let's let's do something at least three I grab that Duchamp burrito I've never had sushi in my life dude don't like fish so I strongly doubt I'll enjoy sushi no shooting did you shoot again please what I say was here somewhere wait yeah every year I've got I'm stuck epic see you smarter thanks penny one let's put those brains to the test 18 hey wasn't that good gimme gimme that one too there is another one here that's like over there now these people and so if I spread out this game then what's up with that can you say skins next if you remind me otherwise I'll probably forget ya know what skinned up pizza or ice cream right now I'd rather have ice cream wait are they team in excuse me boy what is my aim I just missed ten bullets I should end things after that that was really bad I can't believe I just missed ten shots to help right that's one less to worry about I don't want to talk about that all right we're not gonna talk about that chip sir cake again depends on the time of day although how about some cake after eating chips ones dinner the other ones dessert I don't get this comparison I'm confused what what's happening yeah my extra chromosome does get in the way they are teaming though so if you got the name of the person that I just killed report him all right filthy little teamers rude I'm on a mission I'm firing over there he's just been doing it and they get hurt it has nice ice everyone out to get me today oh no there's somebody there and they can fire me captain just leave me the hell alone will you you sweaty little boy McDonald's or KFC I'm just gonna take a pass don't care for McDonald's don't care for KFC hope you like this gift good luck have fun but he meant to say was use code by RT on the item Shem jumpin jacks fine I'll take it whatevs ease gracias which one do we switch out that was wasted oh my God look at her eye right are you ready it's like she decided an aneurysm right at the start brother right drop some hurts down below for the man Ramba I want that vision pickaxe vision okay what vision PK what are we talking about yay Reznik yeah we got a 17 killed up before I'm kind of losing constantly now though like we've reached that point of the day I think I know what I need it starts with an M and rhymes with R's bar what do you think it is there's a nerd in front of a strong one there we go why is this a thing how about the penis game Jack don't kill me please Henry it's a what up alfon to push this our YouTube kid with the Samba good ass he has vice city mode Onew out to him I don't know what's the LCM today they won no keep it one handle that beat though Snickers yes you're right I don't like Snickers okay I don't like peanuts or any other type of nothing that's not have taken my minis Oh epic dear epic let me hit a goddang shot I mean I was never gonna hit that was I good bye aids gun dang it wolf Dyer what up to you a lot of choice here we go after him though yeah what I will go after you are going to die in any case it's either you or me put it that way if he balloons you coming it back no no presents are coming back right I don't think Pat's know said anything about balloons told you yeah boys ruined what's up minutes welcome welcome I'm gonna eat that shotty to him we got a look for some shields although I could go back to the castle oh hello I already saw you dude you're not slick I repeat you are not slick Lou had a sniper oh my god I was building like a champ you had a sniper never mind that was a little overkill all right apologies Wade Cole BAE I didn't do I then I had a health missing though that's why I said to make sense now I should not play around the edges see I'll end up falling I don't even know how I do it that's like the new sniper I think the sniper is practical for its use as a sniper it's not very good a jack that would do it all right I will hate you forever and ever and ever Connor and lo to you but those circles have been moving around a lot recent backup my cigars you that's dirty dude know the rhyme it's Mars bars oh my god how did you figure it out uplink point oh there's another one let me orient kid don't you – dude you're going for the loot like what's the plan here Lutz dare dude should I sub Jada of course you should some or not God boy and watch her at it we're coming member two people for just $1.99 if you'd like an ad a tier 2 or above why see sweating so much there's no one there anymore I kill them dang it I did an upstate ei thank you no shotgun shells when he didn't get around to looting these people though did he I don't think he did anyway let's see what's over here we got some math no can't watch do you like how good just make sure you drop a like on it before you leave very very important there I'm gonna gift you right I heard that before I'm waiting a duh I mean honestly weapons wise this will probably do until the end of the game we just gotta find more shields scar I don't want this scar hello I have a gold tactical assault rifle what the hell do I need a scarf or the scar is overrated Oh actually we could go over here I see some mushrooms that'll do gamer adieu mass for this up as well appreciate it how many likes to be on fuck I milk drink me don't thank you I only ever have milk with cereal apart from that don't want it I mean if you think about it it is weird as hell that we drink cow's milk or goat's milk I'll show the crap caught almond milk does anyone ever looked up how many almonds it takes to fill a car was imagine it's a crazy amount mine mine 621 right I'll try to get the dub and I'm gonna need all of you to smash 700 all right there's method of tactical therefore some people may be to me the scars of blue machine did like I can be 100% on target and still miss most my shell which is why I kinda stopped using it the only time I'll take one is if it's gold that of three dude my main that was so pointless until combined me alright sure I'll have more what I have seized now what do we do well they say get fried the rainbow smash yes I need it must have it the rainbow smash harvesting – wait and I mean like that wait does this still work I love that love it do you die like does this kill you I don't know if that kills you although I did say I would try to get a win to infinity and beyond let's go a ninja's friend now if I was a ninja's friend I'd have at least a mildewed that would be silly game in it with price should be at the end of the season oh boy no I want to keep it how dare you hang it guys and the idiot sandwich award goes to this man baller you know how's that yeah it's a glitch I think you die though if you go you far out right so here you go this is phase 2 at the moment people after this there's still phase 3 and then either an event it's gonna happen or the start of season 10 so now you know this is what it looks like in the thumbnail – it hasn't changed yet today it most likely won't for the next few days wage day dude it's hairy online he's always awkward tell that Matt never speaks I'm telling you beef another one of those oh yeah there's one here let's go let the rainbow smash must be nice to be low I can't relate there you go boom gimme how to say the gold combat or gold tactical oh no it's a sweaty I'm gonna need you to leave hello wait what how did that trap get me I was on the other side of the bar where there – do you place – I'm so confused right it's not my day today we got a cool win but I'm just dying at this point right I'm getting with an M without Nivea well that's Debbie King what else in the Chad bitch I don't think it's gonna happen today you're saying but keep it a mile such again I wouldn't worry about it too much Mouse is there you know a dime a dozen look for a decent keyboard though mechanical you you you yeah I mean no it didn't let me kill you I'm not sure I'm not sure I was on the other side of the one by one so I shouldn't have hit me I'm just saying and I get a red please Russell know you can get a mars bar you have plenty of those des I was getting my last resort if sugar doesn't do it then I don't know what I'm gonna do next pub geez loser what talking about pub jeez he's in force but it now when did they start pumping out seasons for that Anna Buster's ugly isn't it literally the same as last year though Oh God run Forrest God he's coming after me let's do it yeah telling you people it's the snacks all right new place Babji no I saw the trailer my recommended I've been played in over a year and a half but you know it might still be good you never know any updates today and no sir not to my knowledge correct me if I'm wrong I don't think so wait the World Cup fish stick is so good does anyone here have it if so take a picture of it and send it to me on Twitter I've know anybody looks like is it with a purchaser now okay if we don't get a dub now I'm getting another one I will keep eating until we get the dub okay and people wonder why I'm fat this is why I don't get enough dubs it all makes sense now doesn't it what's the bus looking like that it's for that second birthday minutes that's why does he never like pop G I loved it when it first came out but then when it first came out it was one of a kind kind of game right so it didn't feel this much like a running simulator as it does now because those games can last an hour not even a slight exaggeration they last for ages and ages I don't have to give you money to be friends well you shouldn't look at it like that all right you should look at it as an investment all right you pay $4.99 a month and suddenly you have a new best friend me where as long as payments keep going of course and nothing can be bad these days my friendship is one of them oh yah appreciate the Sun oh here we go come on bloom let me hit a shop oh wow he's going on yes please oh no that's another one why stare another one you don't mind me asking but I got the birthday cake back me from last year yeah I still have that of course blue a blue there's another one has another one wrong thing why did I place pyramids I'm so confused right now did not mean to do that what's happenin a loot Lake I'll try to go over there the orbs and face to wit the moment people two out of three it'll change one more time and that'll I to mark the start of a new event or this side of a new season Alex booth we should there God dang it we shared this Sam it was that Shashank going up to you you missed about Shawshank or what my game isn't pump even lasted twenty to thirty minutes maybe times have changed in when I was into it a game on pop G's to take 45 minutes to an hour maybe they sped up this storm I don't know do they have smaller maps here to count out for next birthday no and I write for next birthday's tomorrow countdowns for the end of the season here mister precipitation and asserting dominance yeah but I didn't mean to press the button yes I saw the llama you don't have to spam it okay that's kind of spawns down here love it we get free items do we get free items at the birthday event I bet we get something lame cuz I mean last year you had that ramírez birthday skin and save the world and in bad way yeah we got that ugly ass battling like the birthday cake anyone else we get anything this year I could have a look for you cuz if we do I imagine it's been leaked already right I am very better than him well there's one thing I'm better at than you English directly a timer no no no I recreated the timer for the robot versus monster event just change the days hours and one nut and I'll show you I'll try to go over there now yeah about spot of Oh Garner's player well that's not hitting him there's another one to have an idea will it work probably or not not even close can you stop sweating so much we've been over this all right it is too warm for this BS please stop get a life now we already know that there was another one here and I am NOT gonna stick around okay fine I will stick around for it let's do it your way on that edit there's another third party dang it you saved me anyway I mean we are both one-shot fish it looks like we're not going to loot Lake people I don't have time to go to loo Blake did not mean to fall down we're gonna ask anyway luckily this is the female version of Virg I don't mind it the hair kind of ruins it why is it purple Brooke Jonah what up to you Bri shit the sub we get some GG's down below like I feel like I've earned that much come on peebs okay so killed now I am a god all right the God in disguise we will win this you know he's lucky didn't hit himself right there just I did it's not that deep I've become frightened heal up I have one right good answer yes I did not realize that be that we got to now I mean that's gonna help obviously this game sucks easy shots and yes you are here watching a fortnight's stream you hate it so much then why do you do this to yourself lack of brain cells there what's the excuse here saikhan no thank you you know tick pass on that one all right everything's been Milotic airdrop don't airdrop nearby with that iconi let's say go up do it please do that's the sock dude let's keep on going on we're gonna find that 50 and we're looking for a 50 for last 20 minutes epic where the fit is at for mini like that ain't it chief I don't need that ain't finna get it merely edit this somebody asked for a wannabe 1 ohm agar reshape the Samedi welcome you to lengthen a sniper I don't like the new sniper as a sniper I like the feature though features good weapons kind of yeah like it's alright I've got a few kills with it but I wouldn't take it over a heavy sniper that's what I died away oh did you know by the way those trees only turn green on the lowest settings that's why they sell them and fix that eating pick that Stephen you to know how I died whilst it's loading and magic all right take your time thank you wait they did fix it nevermind I just made the game look like garbage for no reason sorry people that did not mean to do that never don't need it no one else can use it yeah exactly somebody goes for slurps and one that splashes use them all the ways to use them wait baller wait where those bullets get did you see that those bullet trails been like over there right Lin get better at the game what does that but dad please go away I don't need this rude behavior around here all right Wow okay oh he's weak go kill him please he's weak again what do you Minnie's does yeah eek do it again or night life and note told by it's here or gtfo we've been over this what with the weird bullet trails though like randomly going over there from time to time seven under it one likes alright getting close to 750 smash hit people we should be able to get to a thousand as well before the end of today I mean what I'm saying that I'll be here for like another 40 minutes or so and it's time to get out of this sauna better known as manly man cave I'm here for my 50-pot please leave me alone Wow lame that'll be a 50 pot in here 703 lines right I'm just gonna need one of you to drop a life got it Yanks help a brother out come on first and the smashes right oh no not dang it dude oh yeah it's the final one we wanted I had no idea literally not a clue never mind sorry feet balls you didn't – seems today and no sir I'm not I'll probably end up doing two streams again maybe fry there the weekend it's too warm at the moment I'm gonna lock myself up in this room and I can shoot too what makes you think I was going to use that Jesus choke in accidentally rotating my RAM well then edit do it for the vine even though it's no longer a thing does not matter mixie raid that's a lot of people saying that give me a sec here boys I'll try to give all of you a shout out but for now I gotta stay alive for a minute what do we have anyway HHH Alejandro real antha I'm just gonna call you Chris all right how about that Oscar it you two I'm gonna ask ya I need to figure out where this man is going which spectrum wait how the hell did you hit me all right cool who else do we have Felix welcome to you to obey it's a hacker I doubt it add some good aim on him now I give him that much Lewis with the meze ray – LD game with the meze late Elvis Aram what Teesta x XX Jesus now there is only one question that still remains who the heck is mixie KSC – it's a below five mix for two but is it to exes or to zetz I've seen both it's to zetz right yeah more twos dance makes Z for tonight's playing with waitwhat what does that weird thing on this screen what what does this man doing playing with cheeto is this about hacking is this a hacker really hey I'll take the viewer space don't hack come on there's no need for that nope nope no oh dang it they don't give you any chance today he's a hacker he's embodying all right that's cool rusty hello to you too late to write nice – bye fine I've got a fine right next to me it's not enough dude when I scream obviously I've got monitors on my PC on windows closed so you don't hear the traffic the way it warms up in here like that yes buddy hey come back dude I was gonna give you a heart I couldn't find it oh noes scoota Fox what up to you in the know and we all do it he kills a lot of stray with stack 3000 he's got a big boy checkmark and who might you be where's the kid where's the queue Kevin's gone dip that's not the cube that's like but the power the vault or something I don't know how it works I did win oh I see yeah unit I don't want one of those though I feel we're gonna buy aircon it'll be once we've got our own house we're gonna proper one that Dan should be illegal what Bob trickster I take it you don't like it just give me a second dude I got a surprise for you nope dang it one second yeah let's go goodbye see you all that notes mr. trickster you're welcome candy re appreciate a sub attack with a South Terrell and Namur wolves wolves Chris Hernandez they do a dance in peace it's landing it wait did he leave he might have left after uh I had weird this your last game oh no no not yet God there is a llama oh my god a gold combat shotgun right don't mind if I do transferred no no it doesn't say it's happening right now okay I'm not making you type F in the chat for a free iconic skin I'm not giving away free mod to people that subscribe I just got to stay on some of the clickbait game dates cuz otherwise life gets a lot of rougher than it needs to be you know cricket blow know who or what is that if you don't mind me asking I got that laminate sex people don't panic okay someone is you didn't see that Brent didn't see what welcome little leg dude cat it disappointed right now it's better late than never again have the same skin of swing I don't even know what this skin is called I got I remember I got it cuz I like Burge though a virtuous superior it's very tan doing 90s like a god man it's a lot of people that can build one on PC not many people I can aim well focus on your aim also didn't you say I'm gonna switch yesterday house today your third day is that where did you skip two days right right it's what happened last Gorillaz using my exes well eh now let's go let's go to loot Lake show you all face till police season ten goes back in time would be ideal yes back to before the first port night map was created I want something new which is the best in the game I wouldn't go that far what about an ice beam what's your hating on my girl for oh my god I still want to do this how high can we go it's loud remember people only god can judge us over 2400 Oh God dang it epic I was gonna jump out at 1690 lame lame you I guess God didn't like it I see how it is and this is how I know I'm going to hell a cello welcome back how are you whether I gonna win yet I've never forgot a win or not and I get a win after I ate my Mars bar does anyone remember okay I didn't come right what do you mean gonna happen next next we get a W but first wait is this it that's it that's disgusting yeah that's it would come that's kind of lame birthday tomorrow J well make sure you stop by did we're allowed I wish you a very Merry Christmas Oh piece of the side come on with us answer yes you're gonna win I did and say I can't remember if I did or not I was contemplating getting another one there any owed you skins no not anymore they brought everything back dude I have to force it alive skins and then the st. Patrick day skins how was it been the best so far right I want if they're gonna keep this time stream now like if we stay in the future I reckon they're gonna keep it cuz that thing's been a game-changer don't bother denying it does he even have a gun I don't think he even had a gun what they bring back planes you know what I am down with planes if they get rid of the ballers the bother said weimar topi then planes everywhere again no point denying it what ah pilla he has more shields nope no I know there was another med kid down there really boy oh my god a hell am I gonna get out of here okay that's it go when I get shot in the back by a fourth party know what I hope you catch gonorrhea Mehdi they switched the mouse and keyboard no it is an optical illusion see I'm still a controller dude it just looks like I'm a mouse and keyboard they come out for the birthday a man challenges should be here tomorrow minutes if I'm not mistaken anyway I don't think we get that bad of us today either Nereus just slide down to the final circle oh my god we should try that what a great idea it was right no sir playing solo today everybody watching let's get some l2 hype down below shall we oh these PC players ain't ready I'm loving the sluggish movement controller provides a at least they'll make it one by one that is so slow god I'm not used to it being so slow though and I swear my building sensitivities max look at those fresh edits at a place Sahaj what up gate games and more you too and no alone I don't have friends I need some air with overtime John that's tough alright that sounds like it could be a serious problem but evidently not mine oh really well I look like that's what I want no shocker in here just like last game did you Islands easy shots hello to you I am enough Maddy your backup one of they've gone down yet oh wait hello pili take it as a pistol that's Jonesy thirty damage there and this is why I don't like the pump it's too inconsistent it would have had like five HP left after those first two shell super Monica appreciate us am so gonna link my youtube to my epic as well or I forget to do that then we can watch the World Cup on Friday we could totally what's that life on stream to means I'd still be streaming but I get to take a little break from sweating my air so which might be nice I mean you never know what are we thinking what happened to keep it a mouse somebody said it was playing on console sir Here I am nothing dude is this one game in fact I'll probably end up switch to the mass and keep it in a minute cuz I cannot build oh alright man's got guards aim on his side oh boy I require stronger aim-assist nevermind that'll do I think if I up my framerate I got even stronger a massive but I'm not exactly sure how that works come here boy love it wait let's go yesterday what about the rap though the raps the only thing I want do you see what I mean though wait there's somebody nearby I mean this player has the craziest accuracy I've ever seen in my life it's not even a mild exaggeration either Oh No cowboy well done right it was so weak – he's to have like 10 HP left 5 HP left you did not deserve that mr. goddamn himself white tea for life what up to you I see welcome anyone who knows squats today a minute as stated previously look great what about average let's use very you might as well F said the Chad boy and only deal with so many third parties binary I think so yeah but you get like a new item of the next couple of days every single day I think there's a spray or wrap and an email that's ifes cuz your lower lane tea or something yeah no that's true we could try that honestly let's see if it's stronger ultra-low unlimited I can probably pull like 300 FPS but now obviously cuz from the loading screen but give it a say xx a guard Slayer what up to you let's see how godly this is shall we Bryn yeah you're right it's a whiskey F early April loose Sarah something like that hello to you a Marcel manse with the sub – gracias boys right I need prayers for some decent guns decent guns I mean things I can L to spam whips are like an a k or a combat shot e or a drum get up close that might work I'm not even sure I see good for two days well I assume you are full of shit but I will take your word for it wait dang it wrong one right idiot oh god there's a spitter and the spitter is dead it did not make it out of here alive Jesus this is why I hate these shotgun there's so luck base there was no skill involved right there boy there you go brother don't do it told you not to do it he just couldn't help himself my god there's another one coming I was gonna leave other stuff alright we just got to go the hell away from here come on yeah one other percent accuracy it was hip firing with the new sniper it's weird though I don't know why they decided that was a good idea you don't get a missus in the corn for those 100 somebody to snipe them from 260 meters away now that is what we call an F around here checking it with you okay Hugh dad's a controller oh that sucks although to be fair he had a decent shotgun I did not what are you gonna do yeah prepare the plane with a game are too focused and cola quit you have an ounce of this yet you like what you see sub update state TV and daddy with the sub a ghostly beast some grass yes people let's that shadow up scanner anyway s s s purple right there we go got it Bradley P what you're gonna have to record it Prasanna go little late yeah we're gonna lutely gay games and more with the sub to appreciate it welcome to the team to you too I still hate the way this game looks on all low setting like there is such a massive difference this is how it can run on any platform by the way everybody you know is ugly yes brother let's go I have made a friend 824 I did channel appreciate it no it's a bride mama no sir I dunno I don't want the bride bomber though I want that rainbow smash harvesting – all right there Twitter the fresh beats back to our to you og the O gist of all oh geez I'm insanely OGD Andrew what's that money welcome welcome to you too I'm gonna stop Joe say yeah do it what are you waiting for lamb it need a gun all right grab a gun then go straight for the llama fifty part pistol I wouldn't better go for that it is a mind kill say there you go creature this out um oh dang it there were minis right there why is this my life why does this game hate me you know epic hates me right there is no denying such fact can I subscribe Gabriel do you want to because if you do I suggest you subscribe I mean internet speed at maverick 24 20 up 80 down wait that looks wack from this distance but I say that all my settings are set to low I want to take a look at that thing in a sec on low setting rude rude very much not impressed you know what all this lemon is so let me go on that dang lima Ducey's bish why he eats quad you shit the sub I'm trying to use that I gotta wait really why can I not aim thank God nothing but rude people today right now let's go see what the army looks like we could totally if you lower versus epic setting is you know why the hell not you left minutes did I take your word for it hey you can even shout out a life of galactic a welcome to you I guess you can without your quarry hello it alone actually thought I just heard another player how that's kind of catchy I'm low setting never said get none of the effects though like the lighting effects and whatnot so check this in this air I'm going to that container sort my settings out UPR we've been over this yes you should don't be a dumb-dumb what are you waiting for right take a mental picture okay are you ready to be disgusted I mean even this you'll see a massive difference I can't go any higher the mad cuz the stream will lag out sadder crazy how ugly this game looks on low settings eggs are bad eggs are inherently evil you should know this educate yourself I went shooting over there oh there you lucky you good for you so we go after him it was a soccer skin-like I kind of don't really want to they tend to kill me what's happening – what's happening to the or well I think it's just kind of breaking more if that makes sense what you're seeing right now is phase two there's also a phase three and after that the next season will start what's with the third party honestly getting really old dang it I don't mean to do that he's coming after me please come after me oh I am in fact getting shot in the back by another third party via the life of a sad boy Episode one shooting people in the back your goal 40 K now my goal this 1 million I mean if I can hit 10k and 100k and tuna can't I can hit a million – just a matter of time really they blow up on YouTube I'll let you know when to figure it out unlike most people that this kind of blew up in the last two years from fortnight I've been doing this for eight years people never had a viral video or anything consistency has been my one and only strong point I've got I only have 20 HP y/o it's mind me I was near to paying attention Sid and not too bad dude can't complain anyway how about you how's life in you have any heels here we got bandages f Frick that'll do and then death from fall down me gonna get a loot like we're here dude what are you talking about mine mine that's here about two million now it made me want to get to a million but now one mil will do oh wait I heard people oh well that that's great couldn't have told me about that a minute ago could you check down below somewhere we can slipstream yeah you can stay in your own one by one it's a sweaty skin sweaty player too I'm just gonna leave F this goodbye I mean there are some place a crazy good amp he's one of them he's gonna kill me I'm calling it Hayden we should the SOB Pilate with the sub to dang it now boy never minds thanks for playing that's him he's gonna try to kill me it's a request denied although I should try to make his life more difficult we got to go for the third party we can kill him we can kill anyone I dare assume as much anyway you're forgetting he has God aim on his side it's very own little guardian angel come out of my couldn't bill now how weak are you huh 49 age meeting good player hug Jesus there are some sweaty bastards online today easy shots congratulations I probably would three four times at least you scored by a tear hashtag better member than Lucas yes boy everybody tweet some love down below crass Nick or even better hashtag a better member than Lucas down and below in the chat just do it people right here's it ass there it is looking good feeling good you stop doing that cringey email remember if that is it that would probably work though esker would apply to Wow let's go okay yeah buddy Wednesday but I said it was sweat fest Friday that makes no sense Wiki us I get every game on average I think I like four you can check that out on four nights patch hacker okay better member than Lucas everybody copy and paste it and then take a screenshot and send it to Lucas all right very important plush Maram what up to you look at your peasanty pickaxe chase the rainbow you too what is this battle pass harvesting tool the peasantry over here hell yeah get in the season 10 battle pass of course that would be silly we're gold with the sub – good ass yes right I make this last game a W shall we I'm calling it quits after this one people so get ready to end it off and be bored for the rest of the day the cat lover Aloha to you who loves ninja I don't hate him but my life wouldn't change if he quit tomorrow let's put it that way members using the hashtag that's fine although all of you should definitely become a member all right we're just watching the stream no that's why he's worse he said before you had to go look at the fabulousness of this setup I would buy the bright gutter just for the back fling but I mean that's 1,500 V bucks one dope little backlinks here young dirts appreciate the sub welcome to you friend wait lips yes lips mine fine I guess can I have a decent gun here epic I'm not feeling the love hello buddy to this channel hype x well sub up man it's gonna connect quits after the game but I'll be back again at tomorrow not two streams today people it's to warm that and I well and truly go and one to the paid money become a member ballet you can now become a member for $1.99 a month now in case you've been thinking about it that might just push it over the edge claret you'd say what happened welcome welcome somebody gift it to you oh that was a sly hint I have 9 250 V bucks as well I swear next week I'm getting 800 from save the world it's just annoying that they always bring back cool skins on the worst days that's 24 c300 about an s 24 d 330 over here it's not supposed to be more often right Joe who is superior wonder why that lower the cost none are they out of tears it's like a tier one membership is anywhere from I think one dollar to five like they give you set amounts and then he can pick one I'd expect other popular ones if I could make my own prices though I would have done 150 for 99 999 and in 1999 I wasn't an option that's why it's here 4 is so much higher than everything else not enough customization to the armor now sir we're gonna sweat this game just this is the last game of the day hate to be honest I probably end up playing a few more games tonight and that's what I'll stream I'll just give me a decent weapon here epic 60 players have died I don't even have a shotgun or a nice old rifle yet what no we're not doing that very rude you deserve way more subs Roy one day dude I'll stick with it they're combat shouting in here I'd say we should probably go to the sky is that ever a sold rifle how about that shotgun huh face Jarvis is unreal at fortnight didn't that man gets smacked by he has a shotgun sale this is what I mean like this is not fair give me some decent guns to work with and I'll be able to get some kills but I'm just I'm not feeling the love here plus I dropped my SMG right there which was great love that hey you right here buddy and we all just love getting shot in the back I know I do thanks mine yeah I'm gonna need an SMD say oh wait another one tough luck bish why all right let's keep this car for this game instead of the TAC air anything else all mine too we just eat that solid shotgun there what shields can't hurt don't get me wrong that macula is clean comes with the skin dude let us clean it's the bride back down oh god dang it I may or may not have been paying attention David appreciate the sub let's do it I'll be alright flame wolf I sometimes play upstream not a hell of a lot though a game here and there and that's it boy anonymous elodea they see us go new and play two years ago in a decade oh wait counter-strike I should say I never used to be C is again may I see the or please a res it still looks the same as in a thumbnail face too but yeah I'll go there wait on my shotgun I'm bad shotgun mine ash yeah that sounds about right I only recently upgraded it there you go face to people in all its glory why it doesn't matter where I go I get shot in the back by some random please stop bullying me I have a cam fights here that campfire might just save me galaxy skin I'm gonna have to politely decline your love ass committee we have six minutes why the hell wouldn't they use my sister's online appreciate a sub mingyang with the sub sir right mine I was gonna keep the combat for now he's one shot no you are going to die stop third party at me wait what query where did he go I was in here right that works thank you oh that's that little yeah we were alone is he fighting someone who did you just like accidentally shoot right this is why you gotta love the combat shotgun this man shooting me from across the map another third hates this game I'm not even gonna use another one either that's a waste oh my god nobody third party's right I think I'm gonna call it quits people as always if you enjoyed the stream drop a like that right would be preciate it just in case you're new around here remember to sign up to turn those post notifications and then finally say peace in the chat anybody there cheat will do your run a shout out nice I'm gonna go folks all right enough for tonight in this heat I'm gonna meet Claire 12:30 p.m. BSD same time as always hello dango you of that minge Athiya say no more I got you again use cold fire tear yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah oh my fashion game is gonna be off the charts look I mean honest to god could not possibly care less about the skin it's not ugly but compared to the bride bomber trying to trash everybody hashtag a better member of the Lukas down below we are stylin and profilin I promise you I will use this throughout the day tomorrow our stumble on four Kresnik people dumbass piece outs Poulet piece starts is Darrell it's a free lane but even in Chi oh and listen to the man right what would buy our tea in the Adams chef people resets every two weeks savage savage you as well what's the LTM go away Rabi we don't like you anymore oh it's Wild West woods that's cuz I maybe try it out in there I'm good Leroy I like you too I'm Jill savage Savage there you go I'm volunteer it's him Oh mass equal gamma pokemons a Lucario expressly keep it in a chat Harry yes I'm with you brother wait wait settings window to fullscreen I want something that I still need to do people if you haven't done so de shit check out my most recent video William I will share the string I need to start promoting my videos more I never do that but I post it like a week ago it's been a while already six days ago oh yeah it's been a while all right now let's see everyone spam Oh God stream gang in the comments yeah yeah that'll do I remember the Lukas oh you know it galaxy inter what up I'm gonna ask the ask my dates chip I'm just doing one today ha me heatwave I'll make up for it this weekend yeah Friday Saturday Sunday assuming it's not too warm I'll try to do too I am Shady what up to you that's let's ignore it the promo all right beautiful this is how you spam video gravity peace-out theater Lucas auntie vedecci beautiful right I think I think I got the message across right I will see you dudes later goodbye

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