*NEW* Fortnite | THIS Is Inside Pressure Plant, All 14 Unvaults, Live Event Date!

hey what's up guys camper Russia here quickly touch that like button next three seconds you guys know what will happen the answer is well kind of nothing I'm actually gonna run a giveaway today but it's not through the like button because I can't actually tell who likes the video so that's not really possible I'd appreciate it if you liked it anyways but to enter today's giveaway I'm gonna do two of them all you got to do be using support of Creator code the camp and rusher go do it right now and then leave a comment on this video is one way to win the comment should include your fortnight in-game name your user name so I can add you and buy you a skin of your choice or item of your choice and then I'll also run one through my Instagram just same thing and put your username do a picture of the supporter creator code being typed in and yeah two separate giveaways you have more of a chance to win on Instagram because they'll obviously be less entries thanks to the support I figured the way you guys have been supporting the vids like in the videos I got a run something right so it'll just be a skin of your choice speaking of skin of your choice fortnight tweeted yesterday a good soldier never leaves a man behind the new toy soldier set is available in the item shop now this is exciting man this is super exciting we've got from Toy Story 4 right that's what it's all about and I just saw the movie by the way I loved it I loved the Toy Story series it was pretty nostalgic to watch and I'm gonna be purchasing these for sure the reason you don't see them in the background of the video is because I used the gameplay from yesterday before these things came out but yeah I'm gonna buy both these skins this is just too cool and on top of that though there's their stuff going around or I guess another one of these are for cosmetics only and Grant no competitive advantage right but you could see the photo here this this green the green style of the toy soldier he blends in with a lot of the map right yeah it's pretty obvious there so there could be some advantage I think we're gonna see another one of those the IM soldier challenge or it actually started way back in the Minecraft days right I am stone and then the love Ranger came out and fortnight a while back and then people were doing it in fortnight I could see it happening again just like we saw with the scary scarecrow skin as well just Peep standing absolutely still and then obviously not being seen and then eliminating the other player so another reason to maybe purchase this thing again supporter critic code the camp in Russia if you are buying it let me know on Twitter Instagram comment section if you have I'm gonna grab I can't wait to grab it man I gotta log out after this video and buy it make sure I don't forget moving on here increased Matt gains and stronger structures make this a builders dream the builder's paradise LTM is available along with siphon rumble LTM so those are the two LTM s today and and honestly two two great ones i think again haven't had a chance to play today hopefully i do cuz the siphon rumble i was telling you guys that's how I'm gonna get my fifty ball man because because it's siphon but I've also been hearing that at all the good players are playing team Rumble right now because the siphon makes it so fun so we'll see maybe I gotta let the good players just fade out a little bit right half their fun early on then maybe I'll jump on late tonight and try and get that 50 Bom I think I think 50 is possible with siphon I really do but we'll see maybe it'll be harder maybe I'm just completely lost don't know what I'm talking about let me know are you enjoying those LT m/s tell me in the comments section one item goes in one item comes out of the vault today's weapon is the burst AR so it's back man its back this is actually kind of an exciting one yesterday was the quad launcher I know I didn't record a video yesterday there just was not much to talk about it all excited to use this one and but with that in mind there's actually been some leaks here we now know every single day lien vaulted item and I've been waiting for this I feel like we were I not get mad at them at all but usually we get I thought we'd have this leak before 14 days of summer even started but I again not make fun of them right I think there's probably something in the files that just didn't allow it to happen till now because as soon as one guy got it everybody got it and here it is heavy shotgun double-barrel shotgun burst they are six shooter tactical SMG scoped revolver compact SMG p90 of course bold action sniper crossbow quad launcher thermal scope they are bottle rockets LMG and the suppressed they are this list is not in order yes the bouncer is not in there people are sad about that knows a patrol and yeah dude what is that I never got to use this a patron that's one of the the oldest items I think was that the first item in the vaults I'm not too sure but it was super Opie apparently I did I didn't start playing until after that but yeah so that's where rap caught a couple things we can confirm there as heavy shotgun is not getting permanently unbolted apparently and after a day or two what do you guys his thoughts on the the pump pump shotgun being in the mix with all the other shotguns including the the TAC TAC buff right headshot multiplier buff I did I don't know a pump the pump was awesome and so the combats still awesome they're both good in certain scenarios and one of my solo games I actually had to shot guy both shotguns in my inventory so I couldn't choose so I don't know my opinion yet TAC shotguns obviously the were still even with the buff a Reddit comment to your reddit post June 30th is gonna be the first anniversary of the rocket live event it's also gonna fall on a Sunday the day in which most live events occur and and then summer replied saying I feel like all the events happen on Saturday most of them happen on Saturday so the point of this is is there's a chance a small small chance that the live event is this weekend but the reason I'm against this post is because we do have a countdown image in the files that includes days hours minutes seconds so I feel like they would have already started the countdown you know built up the hype a little bit more than they already have if it was happening this weekend and along with that I don't know if the live events gonna happen until the entire team is back in the office just because it's such a big thing like I would think you need your whole team just to make sure there's no hiccups so I don't know I thought I'd post this cuz it did have a lot of support on reddit but I wanted to hear your thoughts on this when do you think it's coming do you think just let's say this do you think the events the live event if there is one we assume there is with catice is it can happen before EPIK employees return which is mid-july or after on top of that the Lord awaited shadows rising pack is now available for purchase I believe it's $19.99 USD just a reminder it includes the shadow Scully outfit plus back winged shadow bird plus back bling and the perfect shadow outfit plus back wing along with the new array wrap so you're getting a good bang for your buck if you purchase this thing if that's what you're looking for the packs like this right 20 bucks mm v box approximately for three good skins three backlinks and a wrap they bundle it pretty well they give it they give a good deal and I think even if you don't love every skin it's uh it's incentive to still purchase anyway which I good autumn so I thought I'd let you know they're finally a theory a theory that I've had save for a couple days here because I think it's a good one and yeah almost four K up votes on reddit a giant mech version of Sentinel will emerge from the silo doors of pressure plant and battle the monster Pacific Rim style so I like this van and I we don't know right we don't know what the heck the the pressure plant is all about but the the theories going around is something's being built in there so is it a robot I've heard some new nuclear weapon is it right there's all these theories going around I thought I'd bring this one up because we know the monsters around we know he's doing something preparing planning I don't know I've seen Donald mustard it changes the location a couple times so lot why not why not get the the other team whoever it is is that us the fortnight characters the government whatever it is building some sort of thing to fight this monster and this storyline just keeps getting better just keep it doesn't make sense right but it's always just one up and with different events that I feel like we've all seen in the movies like they're just taking all these you know the volcano exploding a monster fight in a robot again this is a theory not confirmed but I think something's going down keep in mind those those are propaganda images that I showed you guys in the last video right I related it to some type of war right but maybe the war involves us building a gyre the government building a giant robot I don't know I thought I'd bring this up with you I love this type of thing you guys know that leave your your theories your suggestions in the comment section down below that's all I got I hope you enjoyed today's video we might have another one tomorrow if there's enough news of course I'll keep you up to date on all things for tonight so make sure you subscribe touch that like button for me and leave a comment hold the camp in Russia take care talk soon goodbye

Michael Martin

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  1. Thanks for watching! Make sure to use Code TheCampingRusher and leave a comment on this video/on Instagram to enter into both giveaways (Item of your choice)! Also, check out my previous video: All 9.31 Changes – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTpRl8s0UQ0

  2. I think inside pressure plant is a giant lava monster, seeing how the cattus was in the iceberg it would be a lava vs ice battle

  3. I use the code TheCampingRusher in the fortnite shop my user name is Fortnight4432 don’t question plz

  4. I have a theory about the event.
    The government of fortnite were using the recources at the volcano to create nucleur weapons (which could also be used in the game maybe?). When the monster emerges they will use the weapons to kill the monster and in doing so, they will bring a nucleur fallout to the map similar to fallout 4. Like for rusher to see this.

  5. I think that the monster is gonna destroy the the wire and it will explode and create something and we time travel back to older seasons

  6. I used your code to buy 2 skins, cryptic and the soccer skins and some emotes. I really would like a skin. My Epic Uername is: XxShadyLedgexX

  7. Hey Rush! I love your vids and it sounds cliché but I have used your code for about 3 months now. Keep up the great work and my ign is PandaBearAlxxx

  8. Your code is the only code that I use & I used it for the toy soldier skin & a lot of other stuff, need to get my Instagram & twitter back up so I can actually show you
    Btw my epic is the same as my YouTube tag SweetLeafNinja

  9. I use the code TheCampingRusher all the time… You liked some photos of mine on Twitter with you code

    Ign: TheLegendWolf281

  10. By the way, on the off chance that you see this comment, I think that Cattus is an ancient enemy of the storm who helped defeat it when the storm first attacked humanity. Now Vindertech is experimenting on the storm cube shards, but Cattus wants to destroy/consume said shards, so they are building a robot to defend the cube shards.

    It would be interesting to see a robot powered by the storm shards themselves. Imagine the robot getting its arm ripped off by Cattus, but then the robot grows a new arm made out of Storm King.

  11. I used the code the campingrusher to buy lock it up and evrythig else when i have enough vbucks my epic is:JAYDEN641-_- and my psn is:Uhitadoor403

  12. I have a theory: (please read all) So as we all know a giant rubber ducky has spawned at the river crossing the map, what if it is a bomb that theyre feeding the creature to blow him up because we know he likes to feed on big, physical things. That could be the end of 14 days of summer and could explain why they added 6 extra days, to give duck the time to get into the ocean. Itd be like a 4th of July event but Fortnite style. I do use your code btw and my IGN is: Bogus Booce. MAKE SURE TO USE CODE TheCampingRusher

  13. I used your code to buy lock it up i know it’s only like 200 v-bucks but i don’t have more v-bucks 🙁

  14. I'm using code camping rusher but im not sure how to send u picture proof from ps4 unless we don't need it, my ps4 gamer tag is Shamm-goddd I would really like to win this contest and i know i already have some vbucks but it would be nice to get a skin y'know? well thanks rusher and awesome vids btw

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