Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka on 'Life Is A Party' & Tony Awards | The View

Michael Martin

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  1. Gag me. I am feeding 14 people homemade carnitas, black beans, Spanish brown rice and calabacitas on my ratty kitchen tables (covered with thrift store cloths) for Father's Day.
    Willing to accept free kitchen makeovers… Just saying.


  3. Soon these LGBT community will be crying for their own public restroom, just look for the door that says "FREAKS"

  4. Overall I don't mind Megan, but why does she and so many Republicans believe you can't have an opinion if you have a certain amount of celebrity. It's not even just that, if you have a certain amount of celebrity and your opinion is opposite of a Republican you don't get to say how you feel. It's stupid and hypocritical. entertainment has been a vehicle to express political views since the beginning of time. If you don't like someone sharing their opinion on their platform don't listen!

  5. Ok. I didn't watch this segment with any intent to draw anything profound from it. But, it dawned on me while I was watching it that there are no (as in ZERO) openly black gay male celebrity couples in Hollywood. This bothers me. So, I Googled it. From the 30 gay male Hollywood couples Google turned up, 80% were white. The other 20% were either interracial, or ethnic but non black. Really? It saddens me. As a gay black man, I literally am not represented in Hollywood by any couple. That is, there are NO openly black, gay, male celebrity couples in Hollywood. There is no gay Will and Jada, no gay Dwyane Wade/Gabrielle Union, no gay Oprah and Stedman. And, every one of the gay Hollywood couples turned up in my search that had a black man in it was interracial. Why? Is society not ready for an openly gay black male couple? This is disappointing because if I want to watch shows like "the bachelor", I will never see someone who represents me on that show. 😕

  6. Neil and David are the true definition as to how real couples and parents should be regardless of their sexual orientation. I love them.

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