Natasha Stops Rose Ceremony For Announcement | The Bachelor UK

Ladies gentlemen how are we doing alex
has a really tough decision to make as not one not two that’s three of you
leaving the house tonight 3y3 I was so shocked when Mark came out
and said that there’s gonna be three gals leaving well that’s me you know I
felt sick like so sick 10 becoming seven are just freaking out so I did laughing
no but now the vibe in the house is completely changed so many girls I think
that they hug going home this horrible feeling
there’s no point whatsoever in me being here
he doesn’t look me in the eye he doesn’t ask me any questions about me myself
nothing Alyssia zero I thought I could go shut are we doing a genuine life okay
put your life on it I think I’m gonna go you tonight I think Alex definitely
fancies you about fancying someone on face value it’s about establishing a
connection with them and him and I have not established a connection I’d like to hear more from you Gabriela
I feel like she hides away a hotel parties it’ll be an interesting one to
see if she sort of makes a play to come and speak to me I was a bit like but it
really likes me I’m sorry I’m a grown-ass woman I’m gonna go up to that
guy and go so how do you feel about me I couldn’t was anything he had to think we
can have a connection go and talk to him I will not be going up to Alex tonight
and forcing your conversation on him if Alex does want to have a chat with me
and wants to say anything then I’m very much open to sit and have a conversation
with him I’ve got to know an awful lot of great girls this last week but
there’s definitely one girl that I want to spend some time with and that is Abby
we spent we spent all the day know each other going after you I never it’s use
perhaps a little bit embarrassed but that over the side of the boat incident
yesterday and I will know sort of see if there’s a connection and a potential
spark I just feel like we had no time to actually chat yesterday yeah and I just
want to take all of their like sickness chat off I was trying my best yesterday
but I really thought you know what it was just yeah yeah first night I don’t
talk about like yesterday yeah okay so Alex took me aside for a chat today I
feel like every time we do speak it gets better and better each time but there’s
only so much you can get to know someone in a short amount of time before Abby’s able to bomb with the
Batchelor well I don’t pussyfoot around him I’m beyond it I want to know what he
thinks I want to know what’s going on in his head so I said then go on don’t
think it one lady’s tired of waiting for his reassurance going interrupt a
conversation with someone else that’s just not really my style but I’m not too
sure how I’m feeling about Alex right now am I staying am i going I don’t know I can hear footsteps she said that she didn’t want to
interrupt anyone but she was quite happily going over there to interrupt
Abbey’s conversation the reason that we are chatting okay it’s because I don’t
really know why I’m here do you feel like that we have a
connection in you let’s continue explore even I thought we did I think it’d be
told I’m I have had a few great chats with you and I still think that there’s
more to learn about you I might do what’s best or better it’s nice for that
from you if you was to remember I said I would never ever do this what come over
yeah which is why I was so surprised when I came round
yeah I’m glad you did honestly like more than you know it came 80 or more granted
I do feel like he’s redeemed himself to assess an extent and he is very much
said that he wants to get to know me which I actually didn’t think he did if
I know she came over for inspecting me it was completely an athlete brilliant
she’s a very beautiful girl incredibly intelligent and I’m only finding myself
more and more attracted to her after a cocktail party that’s left
everyone doubting their future it’s now crunch time as alex has the unenviable
task of sending three ladies home going into this rose ceremony I feel a little
nervous haven’t had much time with Alex at all tonight is luck of the draw
I really have no idea and we’ll be going I feel like the girls in danger tonight
potentially Rihanna and Charlotte ladies
friendships are forming and connections are deepening so tonight particularly
hot Georgie you’ve been given a rose by Alex already so you’re safe for the rest
of you three of you will be leaving tonight and ending your bachelor journey
I wish you all the luck in the world your bachelor Alex sorry can I just say something before
you get yeah I know that there are many girls surrounding me tonight who would
love to continue their journey with you but unfortunately I’m just boil them so
I would love to take this opportunity tonight to just stand down and thank you for an amazing opportunity when Natasha step forward I was very
shocked what Natasha done was extremely brave I think she’s the most genuine
person I respect her for that I came into this experience hoping to find the
one for me and it didn’t happen so it was rightfully to bow out when I
did I’m sure she’s going to make one man incredibly happy I’m sad to see her go
but fully understand the respects why she did how you doing
where did that come from I just take for that connection and I haven’t done from
the beginning and I just thought I was being unfair on everyone else when this
whole journey started and you got voted out mm-hmm for not being real and being
here for the wrong reasons I think you’ve just proved above and beyond that
you were here for the right reasons and I think you should really feel proud of
yourself you

Michael Martin

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  1. That clip was ALL incredible of the women! Natasha rocks bowing out! Alex wanted aggressive pursuits and the ladies didn't want to beg. Men & women approach so differently at times! These women support each other. Not our American show. 😥

  2. Natasha has the sexiest voice. I wish I was friends with her. I would use any excuse to phone her so I could hear her sexy voice and Jack off.

  3. Fake. Fake. And more fake!
    The only woman with any real class on this show was the one who had the sense to see she was selling herself short and step down. 😂😂😂

  4. Bachelor UK could have found a bachelor with w a bit more personality. He's basically a good body, that's about it. Still entertaining to watch though. Thank god Tonique is gone, she had such an attitude. Can't wait to see what more twists come up. Follow @leothelionchris on Instagram

  5. The Bachelor wonder hes single. He cannot look person straight in the eye…!! Hes got NOTHING GOING FOR HIM. Hes certainly no hunk nor handsome in anyway. Those making the programme really couldnt pick thier nose never mind pick a really decent guy. I hope he gets a big slap on the face in the final. The girl who left tonight she woke up and got herself out. Any of these females left must be desperate if they want the UK Bachelor . If that's all the UK has to offer….girls your in trouble….

  6. Alex, can you please please drop the devastated look every time you were told to get rid off someone? You knew that all along and enjoy the fuss over you from the start! Plus your ideal fantasy world is to have as many women as possible with new ones constantly joining in surrounding you. Regrettably you were not an emperor in China before 1911!

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