N.E.R.D. – Party People

Michael Martin

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  1. N.E.R.D.'s band is even flyer than the crowd. its so funny theres followers and leaders in this world. you choose

  2. Haha, yeah, watch the audience in this video and then watch Pharrell's live performance of Happy for Despicable Me 2…. and this audience is super pumped. That other audience is dead.

  3. he is skinny .. 🙂 this is his secret 🙂 i am 22 and i look like a 16 years old because my body is the same like his 🙂

  4. good idea for intro but needed lil more spice come bassist
    nerd is the shit
    nerd my idols n every since

  5. N.E.R.D for your fucking fault my parents don't let me be alone!! Yes, are guilty for do music DOPE! ¬¬

  6. At first, I thought the name of the song was "Party People Live In Brooklyn", I hadn't realized it was LIVE (in person), not LIVE (to reside). Great song still.


  8. @lulikas1 I'm not sure what you said, but if you're agreeing with me or saying how awesome Pharrell is, then I totally agree lol!!!!! 🙂

  9. @jadiejade92 INCRIVEL MESMO!negros não aparentam a idade que realmente tem…alem deste diferencial Pharell tem um trabalho incrivel sou fã!

  10. The audience was NOT pumped enough! I was like, "What the hell? Why do they look bored?!" If I would of been there (wish I could of!!), I would have been SCREAMING my head off!!!!!!!!!! And I still can't believe Pharrell is technically old enough to be my dad, but he only looks like 3 years older than me!!! What's his secret?!!!!

  11. People moved the fuck on god damn people cant accept change. Atleast we don't have to pay for this shit it's free. Get over yourselves shit.

  12. @gina011090 oh cmon we dont give a shit about the fuckin yellow button and the fuckin old youtube stop livin in the past

  13. @gina011090 seriously grow the fuck up and who cares if you have to watch a 15 second ad it keeps youtube free so stfu

  14. Hey to all the oblivious people:

    We need VEVO because youtube was being sued for copyright infringement because those artists own those songs. So what if you have to wait 10 seconds for your song to load, boo hoo, isn't it better than not being able to watch music videos and listen to songs whatsoever at all? Some people just don't get it. But I guess it also makes sense, because our society is based on impatience and how fast something can go, and if something doesn't load in a second it sucks

  15. @gina011090 Remember when we didn't have to read retarded comments about the colour of the subscribe button?

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