My Wedding Tuxedo (And Every Detail Of What I Wore On My Wedding Day)

What’s up, guys? I’m Brian Sacawa, you’re
watching He Spoke Style, and today I’m going to walk you through every single
detail of what I wore on my wedding day. So I got married last year, my wife Robin
has great style, so I wanted everything about what I wore to be meaningful and
to be absolutely on point. I put a lot of thought into everything from my tuxedo,
to my shirt, my bow tie, my shoes, my socks, my cologne, I mean I basically considered
every single detail to the Nth degree and then some. However, it was very
important to me that everything was perfect on that day and the wedding was
something we would look back on and remember and think not only was it an
extremely special and emotional occasion for us, but also that we presented the
most polished version of our own personal styles. So without further ado,
let’s get into what I wore. I knew that I wanted to wear a tux for the wedding and
that I wanted my wedding tuxedo to be super classic but also something on the
special side. I wanted it to be classic so I could wear to other black tie
events in the future, but I wanted some special touches as well because, you know,
it was my wedding day. Bottom line is that I wanted it to reflect my personal
style, which I always say is classic with a modern sensibility, so of course I
turned to my great friends at Michael Andrews Bespoke, who have been making
clothing for me for many years now, to entrust them with making this very
special garment for me. Fabric is Dormeuil Tonik. If you know, you
know. Dormeuil Tonik is the absolute gold standard fabric for tuxedos. I went with
a four by two double-breasted jacket, full canvas, with dramatic four and a
half inch grosgrain peak lapels, double vent, which was an intentional departure
from what would be considered classic or proper, which would be no vent. And lined
with a subtle black paisley silk lining. The shoulder is roped and was
deliberately given more structure as my tastes have continued to evolve in this
area. Plus, when you’re talking about formalwear, more structure is generally
a good rule to follow anyway. Pockets are jetted with a grosgrain trim. Button
facing is grosgrain, four on the sleeve. However, I chose
to make the breast pocket self-facing as I did not like how it would have
competed with the lapels and obstructed the line if it were also in grosgrain.
One interesting flourish that I want to point out is the cuff here. Now rather
than a plain cuff, I chose a gauntlet or turn back cuff. And this choice was as
much a nod to one of my earliest sartorial heroes, Sean Connery as James
Bond, as it was one other detail that would make this a very special tuxedo.
One thing that I think is really interesting about Bond and the gauntlet
cuff is that in Dr. No, which is the very first James Bond film, before we
even see Bond’s face and hear him say those three iconic words, “Bond. James Bond.”
We see the perfect gauntlet cuffs on his tuxedo jacket. So just a little bit of
personal nostalgia that I was trying to bring to this special day now let’s talk
about the trousers, which again are a mix of classic and contemporary. Plain bottom
with a grosgrain stripe. Suspender buttons. The waistband has a hook and eye
closure, which fastens near my hip bone and extends up two inches. And rather than
a plain front, I decided to do a single pleat. The pleat for me was sort of a
refined and elegant touch. Okay, next let’s move quickly to my shirt. The shirt
I wore with my tux–and I say with my tux because I did change into a dinner
jacket for the reception–is bespoke from Edward Sexton. I had my friend Dominic,
who is the Creative Director at Edward Sexton make me a classic Marcella bib
front shirt with French cuffs in a pure white cotton. Bow tie. Well, those who know
know that the best bow ties in the world come from Le Neoud Papillon in Sydney,
Australia. My friend Nicholas, who owns Le Noeud
Papillon, sells pre-cut bows, but he also does bespoke work as well, which was good
news for me because many of the pre-cut bows are just a bit too wide for my
narrow face. So, knowing this was a special occasion,
Nicholas cut me a bow in premium grosgrain in his modified butterfly
pattern. Underneath the jacket you’ll see the braces I wore were just very classic
Brooks Brothers black formal braces. Cummrbund. Now, I considered going all-out
with a Charvet grosgrain cummerbund, but if you’ve ever priced a Charvet
grosgrain cummerbund, it is very expensive. So instead of going completely
all-out, I chose a slightly more economical option from Turnbull & Asser.
I will say, though, that if you are really looking to do it right, that you should not
hesitate to shell out some money for a quality cummerbund. During my search for
the perfect cummerbund I held many many limp grosgrain cummerbunds in my hand and there’s just something special about one that is made
with a quality fabric. It just has a structure and heft to it that makes
it feel like you’ve really done it right. Pocket square. Well, although I couldn’t
find it in me to pull the trigger on a Charvet cummerbund,
I did furnish myself with a Charvet silk pocket square.
Watch. Now, I really believe that there are only a handful of watches that
really look right with a tuxedo. It’s got to be time-only. Bonus points if it
doesn’t have a second hand. And, for me, it should be in yellow or rose gold. Now, I
personally do not have a watch like that in my collection, but if you follow me on
Instagram, you know that I had the honor of working with Vacheron Constantin all
last year and they were kind enough to provide me with one of the most elegant
and special pieces in their entire collection–the Historique Ultra-fine 1955.
I don’t have the watch with me for this video so we’re just going to cut away to
some beautiful photos of it from the wedding day. Really not much to say about
this watch other than that it is simply one of the most elegant watches I have
ever worn and not to mention, quite possibly, the perfect watch to wear with
a tuxedo. My cuff links are the gold love knots from Brooks Brothers. And the stud
set is by Codis Maya. My shoes are the patent Henri by Belgian Shoes NYC. And
socks, you know, if you’re gonna do black tie the right way you have to wear the
right socks, which means they have to be silk. Mine are from Bresciani.
On my right hand I wore a bespoke signet ring with my initials made for me by the
exceptional folks at Rebus. Now, fragrance, let’s talk about that. The final detail
of any outfit was more or less up in the air until the day before the actual
wedding. You know, choosing the correct fragrance is dependent on a variety of
things, including the season, the time of day, and the weather. And, for me, the
weather actually played the biggest role in making my final choice. So, the
forecast was for a very hot and muggy day. Robin actually requested that I wear
Black Afgano by Nasomatto, as it has a special significance for both of us,
but I decided that it was going to be much too overwhelming especially with
all the humidity that was forecast for that day. So, in the end, I decided that
the right choice was Creed’s spice and Wood. It’s a pretty dry scent, which I
felt would cut through and stand out if it was muggy, but not be overpowering.
It’s also a very elegant fragrance, which definitely fit the occasion and the
dress code. Plus, it’s masculine in the most sophisticated way possible. So that
was my ceremony look and I actually did a little bit of a switch for the
cocktail hour and reception. Let’s take a look at a couple of those details. The
biggest change was that I swapped out my tuxedo jacket for this off-white dinner
jacket from Edward Sexton. Now, I’ve known Dominic, the Creative Director from
Edward Sexton, for a number of years now and when I told him that I wanted to
commission a dinner jacket for the wedding he was flattered and also a
little bit surprised. His first question to me was, “are you sure that you want to
do such a strong shoulder for your wedding?” And, of course, the answer was, “yes.”
As I said, I love more structure when it comes to formalwear. Now, if you couldn’t
already tell, the inspiration for this dinner jacket came from one place, of all
the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, yes Rick’s jacket from
Casablanca. And I know I’m not the first to be inspired by this iconic piece of
movie menswear, and I will surely not be the last, but I am very proud to have an
extremely special version of that jacket cut specifically for me by two of my
friends from across the pond. This jacket is deliberately classic doesn’t have a
vent and it has a fuller cut. With the dinner jacket I also switched up my
shirt, which was also made for me by Edward Sexton. Tt’s a bit more modern
with a fly front and in an off-white cotton. Now, I chose off-white because the
dinner jacket is cream-colored and pure white was just a little too electric
against the cream. But, as you can see, the off-white is a very nice complement to
that. And, finally, I did switch up a few more items. My white braces are by Albert
Thurston. I replaced my white Charvet pocket square with an off-white one. Hey!
I told you that absolutely no detail was overlooked here. And instead of the
patent Belgian Shoes NYC loafers, I changed into this black suede pair. And
scene! So that is everything that I wore on my wedding day. As I said, I put an
extreme amount of care into considering every single piece
and I feel like every decision I made had some purpose and some weight as well
as some very personal aspects to them. It was an absolutely extraordinary day and
it could not have been more perfect. I mean, look how beautiful my wife is! Look
at her! So, thank you for letting me share that with you it was it was very
important to me and if it inspires you in any way, that is truly humbling. Thumbs
up if you like this video. Hit that subscribe button. And until next time
thanks for watching and stay tailored.

Michael Martin

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  8. Amazing! So much attention to detail. I am a British Asian and I had my suit – a sherwani – made in India by Lals of London. It had to match with the season and the venue, a Cheshire farm in the British summertime, but it also had fo reflect my Bengali culture, so it was a muted and off white pastel-type colour with a regal feel. Even the way I held my shawl (scarf) mattered that day. #TeamAttentionToDetail

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