My husband loves me too much Part. 1 [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.07.15]

“The Crime of Loving Too Much.” Hello. I’m a housewife in my 30s raising 3 kids aged 5, 3, and 1. I have a concern that I can’t tell others. After much inner turmoil, I’m writing to you guys. My husband is like, “Baby, where are you?” (Smooch) The baby that my husband is always kissing is me. That’s what her husband is like? Why would you do that to your wife? (Oops) He said that too loudly. (It just slipped out) I apologize on his behalf. You might not think this is a concern, but… “Dear, I’m going to go meet a friend.” “Okay, let’s go.” (Her husband tags along?) “I’m going to see my friend. I’m going by myself.” “Nonsense! We’re going together.” 4 years of dating and 9 years of marriage. That’s 13 years in total. He follows me around 24 hours a day. He sticks to me like glue. So then… “Dear, my friends want to go on a trip. Can I go?” “No way! Let’s go together next time, baby.” It’s not that I don’t love my husband. I just don’t think I can keep living like this. Please talk to my loving husband so that his feelings don’t get hurt. That’s what she wrote. Loving someone too much is a concern too. They’re always together. Everyone needs some alone time every now and then. I wouldn’t be able to marry someone that won’t give me time for myself. He wants to do a duet for every album you put out. Yes, it’s just like that. (Dizzy) What do you think, Park Kyung? They’re in love, yet she doesn’t like being kissed. It’s too much for her. – Why though? / – You don’t understand? Does it not feel good? – No. / – It’s not like that. – I don’t think that’s the main point. / – Yes. Park Kyung, you’re a unique one. (How cute) Why is this a concern? Let’s meet the wife and find out. Come on out! (Who’s concerned about her clingy husband?) (Baek Eunju) Please introduce yourself. Hello, I’m from Gangwon-do. I’m Baek Eunju, a mother of three. Welcome. (Welcome) You’ve been with this man for 13 years, yet he’s still so in love with you. Some people might think that you’re trying to brag. People tell me I should count my blessings, but it’s a concern for me. My husband is very affectionate with me even in front of his parents. He does whatever he likes. He asks me for kisses. He likes to feed me. I don’t want him doing that in front of our parents, but he keeps doing it, which stresses me out. (Of course that’s stressful) And we’re with each other 24 hours a day. If I’m doing the dishes, he’ll ask for a kiss or just stare at me. When I go out to buy milk, he brings the kids too. I say I’ll go by myself or tell him to go by himself, but he insists on bringing the entire family along. Your entire family of five? Yes. (It’s hard just to buy milk) When I go out to meet my friends, they say, “I wanted to talk to you about a concern. Why do you always have to bring your husband?” That’s a big concern. Let’s say it’s been a while since you saw your friends, and one person brought his wife. It’s not a good or bad thing, but… It’s uncomfortable. You can’t cuss or tell old stories. He texts me every 20 minutes. If I don’t respond, he starts calling. “Where are you? What are you up to?” “I’m somewhere doing something.” After some time, he’s 5 minutes away from me. Oh my. He starts getting closer? (That’s scary) I saw him sitting at the coffee shop I was at. – At the next table? / – Yes. (That’s suffocating) (I just don’t get it) Jun Jin, think about it. You went to meet SHINHWA, and Eric’s wife is sitting at the next table. I want to know the face she’d make. (Watching) It would be scary if she was watching like this. “Don’t mind me and just talk.” That won’t work. That would be uncomfortable. (I get why this is a concern) Have you never been apart while you’ve been married? He always has to be with me. My husband works in Seoul. It’s a 5-hour round trip from Gangwon-do to Seoul. – He does that commute every day? / – Yes. (His love has no bounds) (That’s impressive) He could just spend the night in Seoul. I tell him to. I’d like him to. So he comes home every evening after work, and you two talk every night over some beer? – I do all the cooking. / – Yourself? Because he only eats one thing. He really loves spicy pork. I make some for him every evening. He eats spicy pork every night? How long has he been eating spicy pork? He’s been eating spicy pork for 13 years. Spicy pork for 13 years! That’s the biggest concern. (An even bigger concern!) I bet it’s good. She’s been making it for 13 years. (A master at making spicy pork) Now I suddenly want some! Spicy pork every day for 13 years. Park Kyung, you didn’t understand at first, but how do you feel after hearing all this? I think the husband is hardworking. He does a 5-hour commute every day. And it’s a dangerous world these days. She should feel safe if he’s just 5 minutes away. (My gosh) Let’s meet the husband and talk to him. You look so similar. I thought he was your sister. I was thinking, “She’s pretty. Is that her sister?” But his feet are size 275. – “So that’s her husband.” / – He has a pretty face. (Curious) I guess couples resemble each other. Let’s meet him. Hello. (Part 2 is coming soon)

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  1. If im the wife i will be so happy lol.. i want my husband always by myside haha… i wamt to feel like that i envy her

  2. Im sorry maybe this'nt related but glad to see u again my queen ailee..emmm i dont think it's a concern tbh. But i dont like a guy wt that behaviour tho.🤔🤭

  3. Ailee’s expressions throughout make this so much more funny. Also she’s continuously becoming prettier and prettier.

  4. I looked at the thumbnail and genuinely thought that hello counsellor loved the lady too much for a second

  5. I feel bad cause I don't think people understand her concern at all, him being with her 24/7 must feel stuffy she needs her leisure time alone too

  6. Oh my god this is horrifying! I would divorce a husband like that, everyone needs space! Especially if he is basically stalking her which shows no trust. Smh this poor woman

  7. Omo omo omo… Junjin…. Pak Chongjae…. Saranghae… Sumpah ih…. Kaget bangettt….. Tiba tiba muncul muka lu di layar… Hati gua deg degdeg…. Meletup…. Shinhwa changjo❤❤🎉🎉🎉

  8. the lady's black/brown eye ball is so amazingly big that it makes her eyes look like an anime or something …

  9. Some people are just frustrated to be loved just 1% of how much she is loved.
    I can only see how much he care fo his wife. This is not a concern for me.

  10. A controlling guy like that is NO GOOD. Those are the ones that turn aggressive. I know divorce isn't common there, but she needs to leave him. Waaaay too creepy. Also that young guy on the panel is so damn oblivious to how creepy the guy is that it makes HIM seem creepy as well.

  11. Just watching this bc of Ailee but damn, that guy has some trust issues and his behaviour is very toxic. He probably needs therapy (no shame, therapy helps a lot and I'll always defend it!) bc honestly this isn't normal, it's common but not normal.

  12. I'm sorry but i couldn't stop laughing when they kept saying they look alike, it's probably because plastic surgery tho

  13. That's… too much. I'm surprised she stayed 13 years with someone like that. It's so uncomfortable not only for hr, but also her friends. Imagine wanting to tell your friends something deeply personal, but their husband is always listening as well. :/

  14. My bf did the same with that guy, sometimes i dont mind with his obsession on me but on other times i feel like i want to be alone just for some hour and that's so hard for me to get my me-time

  15. Kyung the guy with the short blonde hair was getting on my nerves idk how tf he didn’t see how creepy her husband is 😡 he probably does the same

    Edit: glad he changed his mindset I hope it wasn’t because he thought he got a bad response.

  16. I have to say even me who didn't have any relationship could see the concern, why the pretty boy can't? Maybe he never saw his parents fight or other couples? I grew up seeing my dad and mom in this mess a d have to say love is not always wanting to be besides someone but making an effort to understand the other and find a ground between two people so both can be comfortable and in peace. Sure is good he shows his love to her openly, but the time he follows and his world evolves around her, this is obcession or lack of trust. No love.

  17. I stopped watching this show since last yr. But got curious of the title so i clicked.
    Me: whhhttt?? Is that junjin oppa ? Ok! I need to watch the whole episode. 😂😂😂😆😆😆😆

    ~excuse my english. ✌

  18. اخخ أجل تشتكي من المحبه الزايده من زوجها🤣😭😩
    هذا المثل لابق ( مالقوا بالورد عيب، قالوا أحمر الخدين)

  19. I wouldn't say it's love so much as it is obsession or anxiety. Maybe her husband worries something bad will happen

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