My Fiancé Gets Fitted For Our Korean Wedding

– All right, I am about to see Matt. Oh, my god! – [Matt] I love it. – [Matt And Glory] Wassup ninjas? – This is Slice. – And Rice. – Our wedding is almost here and we need you to subscribe, so we can get – [Matt And Glory] a
million before marriage. – So, if you guys didn’t know, we’re gonna have a Korean ceremony at our wedding. – Obviously, it’s her idea. – But I’m so glad that you said yes. – I had no choice. – So, we’re gonna show you guys when we first went to a store in Philly called BDK Mints. They are amazing. – Jessica was really cool and she made the whole
process really easy, especially for me ’cause
I was just confused. – Yes, you were. – We’re just trying it on, so we’ll just put it on. It’s like a jacket. – Oh, okay. – [Glory] It’s your first time, well no, it’s not your first time. (laughing) She said it looks good. Gotta say thank you in Korean though. – [Employee] Wow! (laughing) – Thank you is uh, is it (speaking Korean). – [Congregation] Yeah! – Whoa! (laughing) This looks great. – Matt looked (slurping). (record scratches) – What am I a snack? – (laughs) Yes! – What kinda snack? (sensual music) – (laughs) Toasty. Toast, Toaster Strudel. – A Toaster Strudel? That’s your go-to snack? (laughing) You get happy like that
off of a Toaster Strudel? – Yes, like edgy and
toasty, but like sweet. (dramatic music) – I’ve never heard you talk
about a Toaster Strudel like that ever. What I didn’t know was
that the whole thing was gonna be fitted to my body. So, it was really cool to put my own ideas into a Hanbok and really
get what I wanted. (woman speaking Korean) – [Employee] It looks really great on you. (laughing) – So, what’s cool is
that in American culture it’s really big to not
see the wedding dress. He can literally look through my phone back and forth, all of my files. He will not find my wedding dress. He just won’t.
– What about in my dreams? ‘Cause I had a dream that
I saw your wedding dress. – What did it look like? – It was like a egg color. It had ruffles. (sneaky music) – Anyways so, yeah in that culture it’s really big to not show the dress, but in Korean culture it’s
not a big deal at all. So, what we did is we
tried on example Hanboks they already had, so that they could see how we fit. So, we kinda did a review. – She actually looks really good in it. – [Matt] Oh really? I can’t wait to see. – And this is just mock Hanbok (laughs). – Yeah. – [Employee] Ready?
(drum rolling) – [Matt] Whoa! I love it. – It really does feel like
“Say Yes to the Dress”. (laughing) (dramatic piano music) (record scratches) – [Matt] Wow! – So, when we went back to the store after they were ready, we did a review, even though
the reviews not a big deal. We still kinda wanted
the element of surprise, so we each hid behind the curtain, and I went first because I feel like the bigger deal was to see him in one. – Well, you’re a big deal. Don’t say you’re not.
– Yeah before the wedding day. We’ll save that for me. I’m nervous (laughs). So, I’m about to see my Hanbok first. – [Matt] Time for a reveal. (exhales)
(dramatic music) – Okay, just go. – [Employee] Just go?
– Yeah. (gasping)
(dramatic piano music) That is beautiful! Oh my goodness, are you kidding? – [Employee] Do you like it? – I love it! – [Matt] It looks amazing. – Oh my gosh.
– [Matt] Look at detail. – Should we do Matt’s reveal next? Or should I try it on first? – [Employee] Yeah, you
wanna do that first? – [Matt] Okay, we can do that. – [Employee] All right, are we ready? – [Glory] Oh you’re ready?
– Oh we’re ready? (laughing) Why’s my heart beating so fast right now? Okay, all right, open my eyes? – [Glory] Yes, open your eyes ’cause– – Oh, oh, oh, okay, yes. (dramatic music) What the? (laughing) This is amazing. (upbeat music)
(Glory screaming) – [Glory] Oh my gosh! – I love this edition right here. The gold. – [Glory] Wow, that’s a
very pretty color too. – I’m ready. – [Employee] Ta-da! – Whoa!
– Do you love it? – You look amazing. – Isn’t it pretty? – And you got the spin, wow! – All right, I am about
to see Matt, ready? (yells) Oh my gosh. – I love it. I love it. – Wow! – Colors are perfect. I love the way I look. – So, these are our Hanboks together. – I love the colors on mine, especially this. – And this is like super my personality, like bubbly, bright, and this is one of my favorite colors. – Thank you, thank you so much! – Thank you guys. When I saw Matt’s Hanbok, I was like, what’s that word “withdrawn”? – Blown away? – No, no, no. There’s a word I’m lookin’ for. – Flabbergasted. – No, it’s sounds like “withdrawn”. (laughing) – It sounds like “withdrawn”? Taken back? – Take! No (laughs). I was, “loss for words”, “loss for words” (laughing). – “Withdrawn” and “loss for words”. (laughing) – I was, oh get it, ’cause I was loss for words. I couldn’t even speak just now. (coughs) – Yo, calm down. (coughing) – I was really loss for words. I didn’t know he could look more handsome then he already did. I think that Jessica and her mom also had that same reaction. They were really pleased to see that. – Sorry. I really love the colors in yours. It was like very bubbly
like your personality. – Thank you! – All right, calm down. (laughing) What was crazy about Glory’s colors is that we were there for an extra hour because she was very indecisive. – There’s so many fabrics, so for someone indecisive like me that was hard, but I loved it, and what was something
like my personality. – [Matt] I agree. (laughing) – We were like an hour
and a half just for you, just for you! – I’m important. – You just said I was important! – Me too! – That’s what I said, but you said I was still important! Why you, (laughing)
so close? – Buck at you! – Your head is way too big to be movin’ in so forcefully. – So obviously, we couldn’t
finish this experience without doing a photo shoot – [Matt] And our homey, Ken Pak, who is our wedding photographer really came in clutch. He was like, “Yo, I know
this really dope place “that ya’ll could take with your Hanboks”, and we went to the Korean Bell Garden that’s in Virginia, and I ain’t gonna front man, Ken really knows how to
make you look extra good. He add the sauce to it. – [Ken] One, two, come on, babe, open your arms. Pick me up! (fairy tale music) We’re getting married! It’s a little Hanbok commercial (laughs). One, two, (grunts). Yeah, okay good, thank you. – [Glory] Oh my gosh, so good. Wow. Look at my hot husband to be. He looks so good in that. And we did Matt’s hair
to look more like Asian, I guess you could say. – Wait, are you, Ow! But this was really
good, a little sneak peak of what we are gonna do for our wedding, but what we really want you guys to do is to hit up BDK Mint, especially if you’re interested in doin’ a Korean ceremony or you
need some custom Hanboks, Hanboks, so them some super duper love. – Yeah, please, guys we
cannot wait to show you the Korean ceremony. It’s like such a different experience that you’ve ever seen at a wedding. We’re so excited to include
that at our wedding. I’m so blessed that he agreed
to doing something like this. It’s a huge honor to our culture, and I know my parents are
gonna really appreciate it, and it’s not like she’s telling us that, (mouse speaking) – Mmm-hmm. – I just talked a lot. – Follow us on Instagram because once we get the
pictures from Ken Pak, we’re gonna throw ’em
up on our Instagrams, so you can see what we
look like in our full glory in our Hanboks. (sensual music) – You just said, “glory”. – I said all of our glory. Yo, are you okay? You’ve been kinda touchy lately. – (laughs) Shut up! Why do you say that? – Are you flirting with me? – Ew! – You are definitely flirting with me. – Ew! – How you gonna “ew” me and you gonna marry me in a month. (slapping) (laughing) – This is the first time
I went all the way back. But I hope you guys
really enjoyed this video. I got the slice. – I got he rice. (laughing) (sentimental music)

Michael Martin

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  1. Slice outchea lookin' like black Kung Lao. Just need the hat. They really look nice frfr. So cool that you're embracing her culture in that way.

  2. I just really love your guys energy ! ❣❣❣ and omg the ending . I got a lump in my throat. Lol. 😍😍🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  3. I’m so excited for y’all! ♥️♥️. I’m going to cry watching the wedding posts. I already teared-up looking at the photos. Stunning!

  4. Nice wedding attire!!! You two are so cute together even though it’s awesome to show the gowns to each other but I can’t show mine to my fiancé I wanted him to see me in my gown on our wedding day. My fiancé is White and I’m Hispanic, traditional wedding is the best my fiancé agreed to have our wedding at a catholic church he’s converted himself to be in the same religion as me I didn’t force him to do this but he wanted to he went through classes and he’s learned so much from it I’m happy for him, during our wedding ceremony we set a traditional marriage like my families we will include the “el lazo” it’s an oversized rosary it’s shaped like an infinity ♾ it’ll be on the bride and groom’s shoulders and the priest or pastor will recite a prayer and afterwards we can recite our vows we’re almost there just 4 months away. I hope for many years in your marriage Slice N Rice!!

  5. Ahww the pictures are beautiful 🤩. Its like I am watching a Korean Kdrama! cant wait to see the actual wedding ceremony🥰

  6. I want slice to be in a historical drama. That be dope. Like a 1861 he snuck and or ran into a boat that was heading to Korea because of debt and or mistake. and he fell in love with a Korean Noble girl or she fell in love with him. Or something like that.

  7. So yest I watched the video where ppl were calling y'all ugly and what's funny is l had watched this video some time before that and I was like mm Matt low-key fine AF 😆 sorry Glory😅

    Matt you can't start working out. Glory will have a real problem #js #notfromme

  8. Omg I was not expecting the end!! Somebody bring me a box of tissues!! You’re both so beautiful!! 😭❤️ congratulations! ❤️

  9. Omg ken killed those pics and his commentary during the shoot was so funny😍😍😍 the hanboks looked amazing on you both

  10. I am absolutely in love with you all and the LOVE you have for EACH OTHER – continue to keep GOD in your union and lives – you both are TRULY BLESSED t have found each other and love the life that you will journey together.

  11. You two are so cute and funny and creative. Amazing to watch your videos and how much you love each other and life! Your slice rice little ones are going to be incredible!

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  13. Those outfits are super cool although I was a little disappointed the dress didn't do anything for her body shape like, didn't bring out her curves or do anything for her body, I wish it- like wasn't "fitted" but, wasn't so big

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