Mumford & Sons iTunes Festival 2012

Michael Martin

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  1. Every time I watch this I can enjoy it. I get so distracted but the cunt on somebody's shoulders. I mean who the fuck do you think you are?

  2. I;m so tired. But say hi if you want.
    If there's a piece of you that understands things as a lover of the light, just hold tough please. I love you. God loves you and Jesus is walking with you

  3. I love you and wish I could give you peace. I know I could and wish it for you so much. But if you meaaseage me I proabably win;t respond. Kind of like God, Walk with Jesus, He IS the way, the truth and the life.. LOves

  4. 1:50 Lovers Eyes
    7:54 Little Lion Man
    12:50 White Blank Page
    18:05 Not With Haste
    22:47 Below My Feet
    28:50 Timshel
    32:45 Roll Away Your Stone
    38:08 Lover of the Light
    43:30 Thistle & Weeds
    51:00 Ghosts That We Knew
    58:55 Awake My Soul
    1:04:05 Whispers in the Dark
    1:08:47 Dust Bowl Dance
    1:15:37 Where Are You Now
    1:20:39 I Will Wait
    1:25:42 The Cave

  5. OMG! NOT NECESSARILY THING IMPPOSSIBALE! My Frieeeends Will get iT_C0des from Here

  6. Fair play to them for not telling that one guy ("get on with it!" "we dont care!" guy) to fuck off

  7. They performed in my hometown, and the next day I thought to my self was that a dream? Nope, that was real:). Thanks M & S for a great show and bless you guys for giving the world something good to sing to!

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