Mr. & Ms. Harvey Gold And White Wedding And Reception

Oh This woman to be married to this man The amending men love family and friends who are told the babysitter’s said 11 feet first Olivia’s chapter 13 verse 4 Stated here in the program Word of God declares love is patient love Is kind It does not envy It does not boast. It is not proud It does not dishonor us It is not self-seeking. It is not easily angered It keeps no records performance love does not delight in evil but rejoices within the truth It always protects always trusts always hopes always perseveres And I’m going to read from Genesis chapter 2 verse 20 I’ve done and they’re prepared may the Lord insulting me and more also if Anything but death are speaking from Maybe normal baseball have any hair I may be gone But I want to display Right. I just wanted to be walk just four elements heels for the event that would help. You know, it’s all commitment commitment we committed ourselves to Go it Naomi committed. She must’ve been all the way and she also Communicated that I’m gonna go with you wherever you go coming up on to Bethlehem with you and that the third is Connected, you know, we connected With Bill Connect when you all come back, it is critical that you all have Martinet with each other because the personally connect with my personal Twitter That it contains you to hell a heaven the president met with the weather But about him to the bed Not to tell you down So I’m glad we’ll have learned to be connected to each other and the last film See it’s doing ever forgive Christ Christ Christ Will continue shall be fear descent of the Union is that way, is that Alright? Amen. Amen. And what do I love the Lord with all your heart? Stephen But you have to be Master dis personal Savior. What name do you totally committee himself to Sienna? To be all that. God wants you to be don’t look at her To do it again You can’t commit yourself to retreat you Have to be right. All right, do you talk to with the self – Sierra? All right, do you totally commit yourself to scare to be the man of God Sierra she does And say hey the name Sierra, do you told me commit yourself to Steepen Did totally commit yourself to Steven and to be the Queen of Sheba in your home Imagine walketh harden place F this time I Asked To go ahead Steve ender did his part I sleep in I Stephen Did you see Aaron All right as my awful and spiritual wedded wife I Promise to forsake all of us That leave wanted to you Need to look at her look at America’s back, I promise to love and honor Comfort and spiritual ability level Taking from this day forward for better or worse for Better or worse for better or worse? Enriches importance To us I Take my spiritual Husband I Promise to the sink all of us And cleave unto you and only to you I promise to love honor Comfort and spiritually be loved I Take you from this day forward for better or worse in riches and poverty in sickness and the dead Till death do us all Red River in person of manners You can’t have a drop down and state the crisis. Alright? alright well, this is this is the best part of All that is taking place. So based on The Chavez that wall had to see to me And based on the bass death and that taken inside of them and these witnesses On this thing Sierra No love this, man Okay Take a little It’s my class as well You know that they come As husband and wife That what God has joined together let No, man that bull woman Caused This massive displacement between both of you and so is our gonna side with the ability to Last I pronouncing Stephen Gates and I mean Stephen Hart minutes the in the market and the Sierra part at this time I’ll actually keep us long. May you grow together and faith hope and love May yours be a parish May your prayers all be answered and your dreams are true May nothing but lessons before cover to you May prosper in don’t in wealth in wisdom may our lives be filled were filled with all you have henna may you know all the joy that a company May you always be best friends When I would open them I got these done they had these in the garbage game That’s how the devil juice right after us. Maybe wanted to go and they Had this is our money get these done nothing. But time I got these done and I kick your back It was in college and the whole thing was about Oh I Love you, thank you. You are a great mother duty. Only one wire

Michael Martin

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