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on today's video we are back with rise of kingdoms the Mother's Day special is here one of those cookie cutter big events that we have we get them every season and during special updates there are a couple of formats of them but they're mostly this type of format 7,000 gems to unlock the gold tier rewards is it worth it how to get this event done everything you gotta know all the tips and tricks and the most important thing is it worth it to do this event right now or not which is something we haven't asked ourselves before but there are big events coming into the game that might make this a less significant than previously let's break down everything we got to know about this event I'm so happy to be back to rise of kingdoms hey there YouTube welcome back to the Gecko I am back I've been waiting so long to do this I haven't been on the grind a Lee grind out I hopefully will be back to it in the next few days this is the jumper the big account is still under construction by Lily's hopefully by the time we get it back that Lost Kingdom will start it's gonna be an insane Lost Kingdom high vs. JWM 10 billion power between the two accounts but Legends gaming and Kingdom 196 are not staying too far behind the next crusade coming up in five days and Kingdom 196 is looking tough it is looking strong we get a 90 million power guy come in here we have Kerch losing his first place lots of tier fives coming in this is gonna be a crazy lost Kingdom as well I can't I'm so looking forward to breaking things down with you guys but for now we're in the Mother's Day event one very important thing to talk about here about this announcement is that we only have two major dates and out of them four events are already out two more will be out and there is no talk about a special pack I'm gonna be very upset if there's no special pack because those are the best ones usually to buy and I since I don't see them here I really hope they just missed it out we're gonna talk about the four events that already unlocked but on May 13th we're gonna get two more events which a puzzle event all that is is you're gonna have to rally Barbarian forts purchase things in the merchants or help your alliance mates by clicking help and that'll give you puzzle pieces and with those puzzle pieces you'll be able to do some puzzle the faster you do it the better rewards you get we're gonna talk about that once that unlocks how to get all those done very very quickly and easily but for now we're gonna focus on the four major events that already opened up we're gonna start with the first and basic one flower seeker which tells us how to get boxes of carnations boxes of carnations have between one and five carnations as well as the possibility to get a three-day skin one of the Mother's Day skins that's not a permanent it's a three-day thing by collecting resources on the map and in your city and defeating barbarians you can get boxes of carnation the boxes of carnations are used for show your love show your love is where you up upgrade this fantasy Mother's Day present to receive a bunch of rewards including a regular tier rewards and a top paid rose tier rewards which will cost 7,000 gems and we're gonna talk about whether or not it's worth it to spend those in a little bit so as you get these carnations you're gonna level up your your little present if you click on the eye right here on the top right you can see how much it costs to level up all these beautiful carnations it's gonna cost you a total of twenty eight hundred and eighty eight carnations to get to level 25 but getting to level 25 is gonna be tough the big major steps that you've got to make sure you get through to maximize your efficiency in this event our levels 15 where you get your 10 legendary commander sculptures at which point the 7000 gems are very much worth it and level 17 where you get your permanent skin what we're gonna go look at in a bit levels 22 and 25 also give you more legendary commander sculptures among the other awesome rewards level 20 gives you 5 golden keys level 18 gives you an increased training capacity by 5000 one of these tiles you have 15 level 4 pick one chest so really every tier here is really really good is it worth spending your 7000 gems if you don't hit these fifteen and seventeen problem probably not I would definitely reconsider in a couple days once you know what level you're on you can wait to spend those seven thousand gems for later towards the end of the event where you have a better idea – what tier you get but if there aren't any special packs that you can buy to get more carnations faster then it's gonna be really tough and a really big grind and a huge question mark whether this is worth it or not they're our last couple things we got to look at before we break down every question you guys might have by now is a looking at family matters where all the mini quests of this event exists for the next five days we're gonna get three different types of categories under which you'll have all these different very simple tasks quests to get done simple daily logins filled collection in academic elite where you tell your technical power increases these are the first three categories if you want to see all of them they're usually pretty much the same in the same order I'll leave a card up on the top to another event like this that we have all the day's unlocked and you can see everything the most annoying ones are 300 barbarians in that start on day two and the fort you gotta get thirty barbarian forts from day four and you have a total of seven days to get everything done it's not worth rushing these things because sometimes it'll happen is on day three you'll get like a spending speed-up stay or I think it was day five where you get the spending speed ups and then you can use the speed ups you spent to get other events done such as technical powers and things like that if you're speeding up a research or a building so don't go crazy just yet but making sure you do all of your hundred mini quests is very important as you are gonna end up getting a hundred times this chest which usually has 100 hour speed ups and one epic commander sculptor there's one more thing I think it's it's a resource choose your resource thing one of each per multiplier so you can end up with a hundred hours of speed ups not mistake and I don't remember a hundred percent but you can definitely end up with a hundred epic commander sculptures very very important if you're either a free-to-play player or a newer player because those epic commander sculptures will come very handy finally the last event that opened up for today is the heartfelt awards event which is pretty much get one of your marches out there to fight barbarians and don't let it come home as long as it's out there and fighting barbarians it gains individual points the more points you get the better out a hundred and fifty you maximize your individual event plus you can go for rankings and try to get these awesome rewards by top ranking in this event to do that you're gonna have to have a composition of commanders out there that is that's very efficient at healing and not doing massive damage a lot of people use Minamoto Taotao with full cavalry I am a bigger fan of the Richard lo-har combination with lo-har expertise that way his healing is maximized and lo-har is a great healer as is what ends up happening is I sent a hundred and fifty two thousand troops out and they fought three barbarians so far and I barely lost 300 troops and even not a lot pretty much the way this works is you're gonna look at the event and on the eye you will see how many points you get per breakdown of barbarian levels what I recommend is stick around with these levels rather than these level which levels what I mean is hitting a level 21 barbarian or 25 will give you the same amount of cards it's just harder so go for the lowest possible tier with the highest amount of card you can handle easily so we've been hunting level 21s and 22s as much as possible but it looks like Legends gaming and Kingdom 196 are so active that these guys are very very tough to find we have so find so far found only 3 level 21 and 22 s I really don't want to go fighting level twenty fours and twenty fives because it just makes no sense so search on the map if you have to go with lower tiers do it it's not a shame to go out against level 16s but don't go against level twenties keep with the lowest tier within your range now I can go for these level two for is 25s and all that stick this level 23 just to not have our army just standing there it's gonna be a three minute march anyway that's the four events that we have once you get these events done you can end up with another nice sixty carnations towards your event as well as a bunch of other smaller rewards like speed ups some resources and a teleport to gold keys three silvers and three our sorts of speeds a very nice small event to do in between so this will get you some more carnations I haven't seen any talks about a pack I haven't seen any talks about anything that is I guess more pay-to-win the only thing you have here is the 7000 gems which you again can spend later on throughout the event now what I'm gonna go ahead and do is I'm gonna unlock level one so we can get this emoji done and I'll spend the 7000 gems so we can see how to set it up and how it looks like and then from there hope for the best as I'm gonna need a lot of carnations to make these 7000 gems worth it so first of all let's level up this guy as much as we can we've unlocked level 1 and just like I'm gonna do right now you can go ahead and keep leveling them up claiming your rewards but at any point you can just click on unlock and get everything you were supposed to get up to that level and here is our emoji I am so we got our emoji we claimed it let's go look at how it looks like and how we set it up so using emojis is about clicking your troop clicking on the smiley and you'll have a set of either emojis or texts that you can use as part of the game but as you can see our Modi's are limited to 6 slots to change what's in each slot what you got to do is click on your account and go to settings and from there to emojis and in here you can remove all of these if you don't want to have them or reorganize them the way you want to reorganize them by simply doing something like this and I am you reorganize change the order of these guys but what we are gonna do is we're gonna get rid of the annoyed one and we're gonna switch these three I want to have the annoyed one up on the top I want to have the crazy one in the middle and I want the crime at the bottom very easy now we have the new emote let's go look at how it looks like by simply going into the game clicking on our March on the smiley and there he is the new annoyed shouts I'll emote those are kind of cool I really hope they don't go too crazy with those and make us spend tons of money on emotes I hope those emotes come out as part of events just like in here I really hope you guys go and try to get this event done but careful don't be spending too much AP everybody is either going through or already went through the crusaders event and trust me when I tell you the stage 1 of Crusaders event is gonna require as much AP as you can give into it so don't go out burning all your AP potions very early on wait for the next crusader the next crusade er is really worth it especially if you don't have not much ap spending it on the stage one of the next Crusader is really really really useful I say take this event like I am taking it with a grain of salt just doing daily things and figure out what you go you're getting done it is gonna be very easy for you if you have at the right set of commanders either a tout tout with a with a Minamoto or a or expertise lohara with a richard you have to make sure that of course you are clicking on the hold your position after attack to make sure you don't go back to your city something with that didn't exist in the past which made this events so challenging and all you gotta do is find these level 20 ones level 22s fight them for the top tier 15 of those will get you out of this pinch which you can get done within a day's worth of of AP do not waste your own AP I am probably gonna skip the 300 barbarians and maybe the Barbarian force it depends on what their awards are usually barbarian forts come with gold keys and I love those but I'm not gonna defeat 300 barbarians as I'm really gonna save as much of my AP as possible for stage 1 of the next crusaders anyway what are you guys doing in this event leave me a comment down below let me know and what do you guys on this event you're gonna spend your 7,000 gems or not how far on the tears are you planning on getting how far did you get into last event all that and more leave me in the comments down below I reply to 99% of them twitter facebook Instagram all that good stuff discord everything in the description down below the discord group is popping I really encourage you guys to come join us I'm the gecko I'm out of here thank you guys very much for all your continuous support while I was gone I'm hoping to be back on the grind and once the big account is back we are gonna talk lost Kingdom the craziest lost Kingdom the biggest one the game is we'll see for now it's gonna happen and we are gonna be on the ground doing anything we can to support hi and to make insane content so stay tuned for that and until the next time you guys again have a great great day great evening great whatever it is great morning and until the next time again I'll see you sooner rather than later peace you

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  1. K1198 is preparing for Kvk People are migrating in Everyday . Our entire kingdom is United and the LT is on a constant rotation we also share titles . Open farming in z3 . On the last event I fully completed it but I topped up on day 1in a rush , and on day 2 the secondary events for topping up gems and special bundles for the event showed up …. Ended up spending even more 😅

  2. im a f2p player i can help you with youre video. just buy me a 1st recharge gift once. contact me ifbyou want

  3. Yay you’re back!! Very interested to see the LK event from your big account. Keep up the awesome work! 😘

  4. im having a bug in this event my points got stuck on 103 whenever i try to farm points the points doesn't add which sucks because i cant claim my gold chest😰😰

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