a lot of people who can't even get a text back I thought we got this I think watching a woman eat is erotic watching a woman eat is erotic watching a woman gazes a Robert I would love to have a man's that bought me food and fed me hopes turned on by feeding me because when I eat I gain weight all he wants you to do is eat and gain weight living the dream right it gets weirder he loves your curves so you eat cellulite he likes cellulite he loves your curves so you'll eat okay I can understand liking a bigger body but cellulite I'm a girl I have some cellulite I don't like it oh yeah okay okay seems like a pretty great dude right no it takes you to sushi gets you a fancy plate of sushi look how much she's eating it look how much he's eating he's like yeah I'll have one spicy tuna roll she's like how many spicy tunas you got in there I want you to make all the fish you caught today into sushi I'll have that that plate is enough for a family of four you imagine where the fats gonna go where the curves are gonna go he enjoys it because he likes to imagine where the fat is gonna go you imagine where the fats gonna go where the curves are gonna go where the curves are gonna go at this point the curves are going in all the wrong places even her fingers got curves her chins chin has a curve even her elbows she got curves on her elbows when will it be enough you imagine where the curves are gonna go he likes me to gain Pilate to gain so it's perfect match he likes her to gain weight she likes to gain weight as perfect relationship until you get diabetes and die like when you get to that point you gotta start doing something it is very very unhealthy like yeah sure they're happy that's great this dude out buying her the whole damn sushi restaurant feeding it to her but for how long he's slowly killing her with love I find our feeder feeding relationship to be erotic extremely sexy okay so this is the whole thing feederism it's a kind of fetus relationship where he encourages her to eat there are camp shows we're really big women they just eat on campsites and then guys pay them I mean you think about that now like mmm that sounds like the life every way somewhere over 600 pounds I weigh somewhere over 600 pounds she don't even know how much I'll be scared to step on a scale oh damn she's not done all that sushi here comes dessert and rafidhi big cake for you they call myself an encourage her more than a true feeder I encouraged her to gain weight so that one day she'll die but look on I knew that we had the same desire of feeding right away so they met online four years ago on one of these camp sites I saw her picture and very impressive I saw her picture is very impressive this one will be my new subject how many impressive subjects have you had before her did he fatten them all to death did they die I want to know what happened I saw her picture and very impressive I like how he's sick Wow very impressive I was leaning over a bed and my belly was just hanging down here's what nuts he just went nuts it's like that's what turns on these guys like the bigger the rounder the belly mmm girl I'm a wife you what she's a big girl I like big girls there very few people who meet and fall in love with a person that is also their fetishes she is perfect for him Jill exactly what he wants I mean that's great meanwhile y'all can't get a text back I wanted to become a web model so I can show my body and men can have their perfect woman to view you know I mean it's not fair that I take a thing of beauty and hide it away or not show it off let me take all this beauty and put it on the internet so that other men can see it a thing of beauty it's not fair that I hide all of this beauty I don't know man why don't we all get naked and then post ourselves on the Internet there's got to be someone who likes it I mean it's not fair that I take a thing of beauty and hide it away or not I mean damn she got more confidence than a lot of people I happened to be her photographer of course I have to bring to the forefront Donna's beauty Donna sexiness Donna's fatness either photographer he got to show all the other dudes her fatness like there's my wife eat that miss everdene they can look at her they can enjoy her we've had some very interesting sense I like how she's just like munching on chips while she's looking at her pic like mmm there I look good yeah I want other guys to enjoy her specifically her fatness I mean there was one where she was handcuffed to the refrigerator we're gonna take some pics handcuffed to the refrigerator who comes up with this is creative I'll give you that I can give another man a picture of Donna Donna is a woman that is over 500 pounds you don't find that every day I love her fatness just the way he says it I love her fatness now her fat moves under her clothes I'm a supermodel I'm perfect damn Oh more stuck up and then confidence like I'm his supermodel the fuck you could have just said he thinks I'm perfect I'm his supermodel I'm perfect for him I like the way the fat moves under her clothes how her fat moves under her clothes whatever floats your boat taking attention for being obese they get attention for be a go beasts again whatever floats your boat but I certainly do enjoy taking care of her it's a turn-on and like that admirers dream about is the potential you know you imagine that this person's gonna get fatter and fat so it's gold he just wants to keep making her fatter and fatter look what happens when she gets so fat she can't walk she get so fat she can't do anything she gets so bad she might die what then the bigger that I get the more turned off he is it's got to end there's got to be some kind of end point you're doing all of this you keep fattening yourself up where is fetish cuz he thinks this hot every morning hoping I have breakfast and you know with eggs bacon sausage there's a lot of eggs then cooking for a family or two people oh did you guys see how disgusting that shower is what the hell you showering a bacon grease what's so damn dirty for there's a shower involved every morning he loves it ah something every morning goes on in that shower that stains the walls doodoo brown can you guess what it is this bounty of flesh that I love I get to care for it I get to wash it I get to wash it maybe while you're at it scrub those walls clean that bathroom it's like he's literally watching bacon grease off her and this thing's the damn walls when it comes to dreaming about my weight really there's no limit I want to be a thousand pounds I want to be a thousand pounds maybe she's just stupid like she doesn't realize oh I'm not gonna be able to get my ass up and go get a bowl of chips and what my boyfriend is that work you won't have that freedom what's your a thousand pounds just even go to the bathroom by ourselves I support Donna in her goal of reaching a thousand pounds to us her game is a source of enormous sexual pleasure that's all it's like if someone had a sexual pleasure of slicing off their limbs but we just just probably you think would you do it would you slice up all your limbs for enormous sexual pleasure oh they could be putting themselves and some serious health risks and you would think that they would be aware of that see the doctor right here he's straight-up telling them y'all gonna die if you keep this up and then her boyfriend is just like oh I support her I encourage her yeah let her do what she wants she wants to be a thousand pounds you let her be a thousand pounds I don't believe I've taken it to his own that's unhealthy blood pressures fine bitch what I don't believe I've taken it to his own that's unhealthy I don't think I mind healthy um she really is in denial or just straight out stupid dumb brainwashed by this dude who is in love with her like from salt what did you say my blood pressures fine I stay away from salt I away from salts bitch I just saw you on the couch with a whole bowl of potato chips we saw her cooking up a whole bag of bacon sodium and bacon per slice one slice is 5% of your daily chips chips chips 7% sodium in one serving you know she's gonna eat at least five servings of chips you're saying this doesn't salt her eggs you're gonna eat eggs straight-up I see all this damn ice cream in her fridge I see you I'm healthy I stay away from salt don't know what she's eating I try to you know modify and Charlie have some sense about this I try to have some sense about this if you had any sense you would not want to be a thousand pounds Donna and I discussed the idea of immobility and immobility is a huge turn-on the whole thing that doctors that everybody warns you about like being so big that you are unable to move and what does he say and immobility is a huge turn-on what the fuck this guy just sitting calmly explaining everything like a psycho he knows exactly what he wants thought of being completely dependent on somebody it's just totally awesome to me the thought of being a mobile and dependent on somebody to wipe my ass and do everything for me is awesome huh be careful what you wish for like you were blessed with legs to walk the idea of me being a mobile thought of being completely dependent on somebody awesome totally awesome to me how many excellent just make the whole doesn't make the whole dozen of eggs holy mackerel that's a lot of eggs I like how they like to roleplay it like here sit here on this chair and act like you're a mobile and I'll help you with everything this guy has the weirdest weirdest craziest insane psycho turn-ons thought of having fewer responsibilities and those last makes me feel great it's my dream it's my dream to be immobile and do less to me that just blows my mind there's some people in wheelchairs some people who can't walk and this bitch doing it to herself huh I can't I can't body weight that's all for today I hope you guys enjoyed this video comment below what do you think of this couple you think they're crazy but you're just happy they're happy let me know and make sure you hit that like button in the hey if you want a part too I subscribed you're the wolf pack oh I love you guys so much thanks Rushing's bye guys

Michael Martin

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  1. Can u find it


  2. Wowwwwwwwww my mom is no where near that pounds and she said that she was chubby if I showed her this she would never say she was chubby again

  3. Eeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww…
    It hurts me to see a person like that..
    How would you climb? How would you run?
    That's just horrible.
    My heart feels like it just got stabbed by a bunch of daggers. 😭

  4. Is it weird that seeing pictures and videos of women like this boosts my self love? So sorry if that's offensive but it's just how I feel. I always think of myself as fat, now I'm like, "Dam, I'm thick in all the right places, and not as fat as I always think I am!"

  5. To answer your question Lia, yes, slicing off body parts is a thing. Just watch Barbie avi, or better yet, don't.

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