MongoDB Triples Engagement with Bond

>>MEAGEN: I’m Meagen Eisenberg, and I serve
as the Chief Marketing Officer for MongoDB. MongoDB is a modern, open sourced database. We’re all about helping developers focus on
what they’re passionate about. About that app that they’re building, that
problem they’re trying to solve, that next giant idea. We don’t want them worried about the backend
or worried about operations.>>PETER: We want our community to come together
and engage with their peers and learn. And when we’re inviting our community to
come to MongoDB World, we want to send an invite that’s just as engaging and just
as personal. I think everyone has a memory of getting a
handwritten note or card and how special that moment was when you open it up and see something
that was created just for you. Well, Bond Business Solutions allows MongoDB
to create the moment for all of our customers of all of our customers, no matter how many
there are or where in the world they are. We can create that personalized experienced
in a scale and cost effective way. We wanted to send a note from the account
representative to our customers inviting them to MongoDB World. But when you think about how many customers
we have, that quickly becomes a huge scale problem. Bond allowed us to do this at scale and send
that personalized note to every single one of our customers. Whether it was from the stationery design,
the note copy, the handwriting style, we worked together to turn this into an engaging, personalized
campaign that we could execute on. Bond took care of everything from the fulfillment,
creation of the notes, to the delivery to the end recipient. After sending the Bond notes to these 700
people they were actually more engaged than our average customers. They were 3 times more likely to open a marketing
email and 10 times more likely to forward it.>>MEAGEN: The value of Bond is really that
personalization, that handwritten note that you’re sending to your customer or prospect. It’s that extra effort that really makes
a difference”>>PETER: I like to think that MongoDB has
always been a pretty thoughtful company. And just because we’ve scaled to having
over thousands of customers, it doesn’t mean we don’t want to have the 1:1 interaction. And Bond helps us do that.>>MEAGEN: Technology’s evolving, communication
is changing, but the tradition and value of a handwritten note will always be timeless.

Michael Martin

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