Mohsin Abbas Haider Press Conference After Wife's Allegations | GNN | 21 July 2019

Michael Martin

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  1. Dekhe jis tarah ek aurat ki izzat hoti hai mard ki bhi izzat hoti hai chahe wo celebrity ho ya aam admi kisi ko bhi haq nhi ke wo kisi bhi mard ya aurat par keechar uchale agar aurat ko itna masla tha to izzat se khula le Leti!

  2. I mean I pretty much understand Mohsin rational explanation & respect that thus one must always listen to both side version as it’s said there r always 2 sides of a coin..& Yes being a female doesn’t mean tht thy r always innocent victim & deprived infact thy can b someone nightmare if thy choose to B One…

  3. If he’s holding the Quran sharif he can’t be lying because if he is he will suffer in this world an the hereafter but I’m just thinking an I’m shocked burah waqt main sub chor Jatay hain!!!!!!!!!! Well don’t lollywood

  4. یہ کون ہے سالہ . . . .
    سانپ نکلنے کے بعد لکیر پیٹ رہا ہے یہ
    پہلے پانی سر پے چڑھ گیا تھا اور اب ٹھنڈا ہوکے پریس کانفرنس کرہا ہے . . . .

  5. Syed are worse, my ex was Syed Zaidi and I am Syeda too Rizvi, being Syed comes with further responsibility.
    Syed men are pathetic and typical male chauvinist.

  6. He is behaving like my ex, these type of men actually believe they are the victims when they are the abusers.

  7. یہ بندہ سچ بول رہا ھے۔ اور اس کی بیوی اک لچی عورت ھے۔ خدا ایسی عورتوں سے پناہ دے

  8. Settle your domestic issue in house
    Public is not interested in your personal issue .
    Having Quran involve is the worst thing that you had did .
    You were no one to begin with , now since you involve Quran , let me tell you it won’t help but will otherwise react .
    I am not your fan nor on your wife side , point is NO ONE INTERESTED IN YOUR PERSONAL LIFE .

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