Miraculous Crack #8 – Party Crasher (Eng SUB)

Michael Martin

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  1. Für alle die das nicht übersetzten können ab Minute 5:14 : "Dies passiert, wenn die Folgen in einer falschen Reihenfolge veröffentlicht werden. An alle, die für dieses Durcheinander verantwortlich sind. TUT DAS NICHT. Das Publikum muss die Abenteuer mit den Charakteren erleben. Andernfalls wird der Spaß vom Anschauen der neuen Episoden weggenommen."

    PS. Als ich die Folge gesehen habe war meine Reaktion genauso wie sie von euch beschrieben wurde. Ich habe die Welt auch nicht mehr verstanden. Bevor ihr ein Video darüber gemacht habt wusste ich nichtmal das die Folge falsch war.

    The translation for you in English:

    PS. When I saw the episode, my reaction was exactly as it was described by you. I did not understand the world any more. Before you made a video about it, I did not even know that this is wrong.

  2. If you ever want miraculous-specific audio to use there's an overly animated podcast and they have pretty funny commentary sometimes, like pointing out the plot holes in Puppeteer 2 about how nobody has seen hawkmoth yet they made a statue of him, and how the wax hawkmoth should have been akumatizing ppl since all the other characters had their powers. I love your stuff!

  3. The fuckin "YMCA" type song was one of the best flipping parts of that episode dear god. That and the photoshoot, and marinette sneaking in, and then flipping over a police car by being too lit… You know what…whatever most of it was memeworthy. And this vid is a masterpiece

  4. Another hilarious video! 😀

    And I completely agree with you at 5:11– WHY THE HELL AREN'T THE EPISODES BEING RELEASED IN THE CORRECT ORDER?! This episode had me disappointed as we didn't get to see Luka's and Max's transformations.
    It's very frustrating as a lot of us are left feeling confused whenever a new episode is released and we think "now is this happening AFTER the last episode or from another time?" -_-

  5. Did anyone else watch with English subtitles then at 2:43 when Mari is talking about how she knows excuse because she’s you know who, did it say (voldemort) beside it?

  6. 6:50

    “It’s time for an All-Out Attack!”


    “I’ve been waiting for this!”
    ( O ) Attack ( X ) Relent

  7. Have you seen ikari gozen already/widziałyście już ikari gozen?
    Możecie mnie pozdrowić ??😍

  8. Can you please you the bonbulunum (idk What it means) from the adrienette kiss in puppeteer 2 (Adrien said it after the kiss)
    5:51 😀 😂🍑🇵🇱

  9. I was so confused when Pegasus and Viperion showed up and Chat Noir was like “oh finally there you are”
    …do u know these people or

  10. Also since I'm Chinese, Kim turned into sun wu kong, which is basically the Monkey King, he is mischievous and quick witted and known to be very strong. You can watch Journey to the West if you wanna find out more. To me I find it fun to watch when I was younger haha

  11. Honestly if I could get a hologram of myself to not leave my house I would

    OOf kim Kardashian

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