Minute With Maxwell: The Difference Between Equipping and Counseling – John Maxwell Team

– The word today we’re
gonna talk about is equip. It was sent in by Jeff Church from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Man, I’ve played some golf there. What a beautiful area that is. Jeff is a business owner. Jeff when I was a very young leader, I began counseling because
I have a degree in that and I didn’t like counseling
and it wore me out and pretty soon after a couple years I realized I wasn’t good at it and I really shouldn’t be doing it, even though I had a degree in it and I began to go from
counseling to equipping and immediately when I
started equipping people I received energy and was
infused with strength. Then I asked myself,
what was the difference a and one day I settled it, I understood it. You see when you counsel people
you work on their weakness, when you equip people you
work on their strengths. I found that equipping others,
working on their potential and on their strengths,
gives me also strength and that began the time of my life where I said I want to the rest of my life become an quipper of people and that’s what I’m
still trying to do today.

Michael Martin

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