Mike Epps on Star-Studded Wedding, Performing in Europe & New Netflix Special

Michael Martin

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  1. OK OK who will be the first one subscribing my channel come on lets go ; go go go !!!

    Everyone here will be in the race come one !!!

  2. سيد جيمي اسمحلي ان اعبر عن عظيم سعادتنا بمشاهدة إبداعاتك المستمرة و انفراد تميزك .
    من الاردن و تحديدا العاصمة عمان انقل إليك الشكر الجزيل للابتسامه التي ترسمها على وجوهنا .
    أرجو ان تتمكن من زيارة الأردن يوما ما و أرجو ان أتشرف يوما ما بلقائك .
    كل الاحترام و التقدير و الود
    يوم سعيد معطر برائحة ياسمين الشام ..
    يوم مليء بالسرور و غبطة السعاده نرجوه لك و لجميع متابعيك .
    دوام التوفيق و النجاح و التميز

  3. 4:34 … the point where I find out what this guy does for a living … "do they understand all your jokes there?". So I guess he's a comedian.

  4. Weed isn't legal in Amsterdam but tolerated. You can only have 5 grams on you, at most, at the time. Luxembourg are going to be the first European country to completely legalise cannabis.

  5. If you've NEVER listened to "Keep on Lovin' Me" by The Whispers you need to look up the video RIGHT NOW! 🎼🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎶

  6. His new special is SOOOOO HILARIOUS y’all I was Not expecting it at all, the other one was kinda trash. Lol
    Had a great time watching. I also recommend WANDA SYKES new Netflix special!!! 🎯

  7. I'm a huge comedy fan and I love all comedy from Carlin and Pryor to Aziz and Margaret Cho so when I say this man is funny, I know what I'm talking about. His Underrated and Never Faded album is truly underrated. Never laughed harder.

  8. Mike, are you sure it's the Whispers? 'Is it good to me.' is the Whispers' song. SOS band sung 'Just be good to me.'

  9. He’s right about Europe. My wife and I went out there to Barcelona a few years ago, and it did seem like we were the only African Americans over there. I mean yeah, there were light sprinkles of us out there. But in the grand scheme of things, the only other black folk we saw were, like he said, the rough looking Africans that were hustling downtown.

  10. hahahahahaha… Mike is funny people. I haven't laughed like this in a while. my colleagues are looking at me different now. lol

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