Michael B. Jordan Says He Went to Therapy After Filming “Black Panther” | SuperSoul Sunday | OWN

– To be able to take that
kind of pain and rage and– and, um– and all those emotions
that Erik kind of represents from being black and
brown here in America, I was able to kind of put that,
you know, into a character and put it onscreen. So that’s something that
I didn’t take lightly. I kind of–
I kind of– I mean, I didn’t have
a process, because I’m not like one of these, you
know, some people are method. Some people are this or that. I just did whatever
I felt I needed to do or whatever I felt was
right in the moment every step of the way. So there was no real plan. I didn’t have a– I didn’t have an
escape plan either. So like every day was just
going into this place. And I just tried to stay
there as long as I could. And then when it was
all over, I think– I think just being
in that kind of a– that mind state, that
real unapologetic, you know, just real,
like, you know, whatever all the time kind of
kept– it caught up with me. And I got a little depressed. It was tough for
me for a minute. Really? Just readjusting to being
around the people that care about me, getting
that love that I shut out for a long time. Like I shut out love. I didn’t want love
and affection. You know, I wanted to
be in this lonely place as long as I could
in order to kind of capture the essence
of what Erik Stevens was, what Kilmonger was. So when we wrapped the film,
you know, I’m like in my mind, I was, OK, cool. Go back to regular life. Go back to LA and be cool. But it was a little tough
for me at first to kind of like accept that love. It was hard just to lay
him down and be done with it. – Yeah.
– How– did it take you a while? It took me– it
took me, you know– I mean, I don’t really know
exactly when I came out of it. But I went to therapy,
you know what I’m saying? I started talking to people. I started unpacking
a little bit. And– I find that so interesting. I find that so interesting,
because I think the body doesn’t know the difference. I remember having
this conversation with a famous actor once about– Anthony Hopkins– I was
saying, Anthony Hopkins, I feel for you, because, you know,
all the stuff you’re taking in, you do so well. And he said, I used
to not think about it. But as I’ve gotten
older, I do think about it, because he was saying
that he had just done a film. And he had said to the
director he was going to do one wide shot
and one close-up, because he had to have a heart
attack, because he didn’t want to put his body in that
state too many times, because your body doesn’t
know the difference when you get yourself into that state. And so that’s why I think
it’s interesting for people to hear that even though
you’re playing this character, sometimes the essence of
that, the energy of that still remains– – 1,000%.
– –still remains. And like your
mind is so powerful. Your mind will get your
body past the threshold that it would have
given up on way before. Like you’re– like there are
moments where physically, I probably shouldn’t
have continued. But my mind was like, no, we’re
almost to the finish line. You got to get it pass that.
You got to get past that line. But as soon as I got past
that line, my body said, OK, we could shut down now. And then that would– it
would shut down after that. So I think– I think, honestly, therapy,
just talking to somebody, was something that really
helped me out a lot. And as a man, I think, you know,
we get a lot of slack for it of, you know, I ain’t
talking to nobody, you know what I’m saying? That whole, you know, what it
is to be a man being masculine, you know, that doesn’t– I don’t really
subscribe to that, because I feel like everybody
needs to unpack and talk, whether it’s at a
therapist or a close friend or a family member or somebody. Good.

Michael Martin

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  1. What a spoiled sodomite.. making a fiction movie about fiction Slavery and he needed to go thru counseling.. afterwards let that sink in… these people are jokes

  2. Imagine playing the strongest and riches super hero in Marvels universe and having to get counseling.. over it

  3. He channelled a demonic spirit to play a part, no different from any actor's today or back in Shakespeare's time. God is revealing all in these last days.

  4. This is the most dangerous woman in the Negro community. If you judge her by her actions and not her word you would think she was the Devil (deceiver).

  5. If you rooted for black panther instead of kill monger you're the problem with black Americans you can't even recognize kill monger was our first real film hero

  6. This is why oprah can get away with anything, one day she trashing MJ and interviewing them phonies, the next she got Michael B Jordan on it like nothing ever happened

  7. So, the reality of black people was a depressing reality for a black man. So depressing that this reality drove him to therapy?

  8. Really sad black women atravked this man for simply dating outside his race as well I'm sure that affected him

  9. Just like Xmen, the "villain" is only one in a select people's view. But honestly both magneto and kilmonger are not really villains but more so products of what was thrown upon them. So really these films are to help people to see the duality of a person and motivate you to remain docile and take peaceful measures to assimilate;not to rise up and demand power. Not to make everyone else subservient as they did…these are pacifiers…and dividers…getting some to pity their oppressors and others to wise violence upon them. The ones who take pits act as barriers to the oppressors and a gauge to how to keep continuing to control…blah blah blah

  10. killmonger is not a character he is a real leader that the blacks here in America lack. It's been loooong overdue for blacks to war with whites and any other race who would stand with them against us. Whites will not get away with slavery and other horrible things they did to blacks. This is bible law and god always does what he say and he'll payback! It does not matter who was alive during slavery or not because god can and will let that payback fall on any generation he chooses.

  11. This is stupid. Its acting. If you get mentailly ill or insane or whatever because of acting. Then acting should be stopped and outlawed to help protect people from the mental illness acting causes. If u need therpy after acting, guess what, stop acting. Your body or mentality or mind is not strong enough to do it. Cry me a river brah. Theres people who sexually molested or assulted or raped or soldiers who seen people killed in combat who need therpy. But acting doing something that you dont have to do. Get the f**k out of my face b**ch. ✌️

  12. Brah i call bulls**t. Denzel in TrainingDay. “King Kong aint got s**t on me”. That dude did the most evil bad guy of all time. Got an Oscar for it. Cuz it was like real and not acting when you watched it. It was perfect acting. And Denzil had no therapy. This dude claiming therapy is just weak AF then. And find u a job that dont make u have to go to therpy. Little bit*h.

  13. I get it everyone copes differently. But his character in the movie was ex special forces…and didn't act like it at all…had no discipline…wasn't a professional or anything that portrayed his demeanor as being ex special forces. The movie didn't even portray him how he is in the comics…just made him stereotypical…

  14. Give me a damn break. These actors know nothing of the plight of the downtrodden.

    The downtrodden includes all races now. The “brown people” have now become oppressors in many respects.

  15. He's still emotionally attached to killmonger, you can see it in his eyes, looking down while speaking is a emotional connection to what he's saying, he's still unpacking…if oprah didn't cut in he would have talked for awhile straight.

  16. Let me guess he had a hard time having an orgy with a bunch of white girls and had to just drop down to a threesome oh man he's so traumatized

  17. Im not tht interested in micheal b jordan. He looks like the guy down the street. I mean he doesnt strike me as a 'movie star', like someone u just want to watch cos they so damn compelling

  18. Smh. That’s like saying Ben Stiller developed an eating disorder to get into character for Zoolander. 😂😂

  19. Kilmonger could be anyone of us blacks, that found out, or know what he knew about a group of us possessing wisdom and knowledge, technology and not doing anything to help us blacks, or even sharing to help us thrive more.

  20. Heath Ledger should of done the same thing. He was smart for doing that some of these characters take over your persona.

  21. Garbage movie trash cgi just terrible it was given sych good ratings so as not to upset the sensitive black people who cry racism at everything they disagree with

  22. Thank you so much for sharing this! I shared this clip with my middle school acting majors. I am in the process of helping them develop " exit plans" as emerging performing artists.

  23. Killmonger is the birth children between the hate white people showed black people and the betrayal of black people from their people

  24. Too bad they didn’t really do his character justice in the writing. And it literally would have only taken 30 seconds to 1 minute of footage before showing the Marvel logo.

  25. Black people playing the victim card. Anyone that focuses on race is inherently the racist ones.

  26. So complain for getting paid millions? Doesn’t know how to separate reality from a movie script? I understand taking on a role, but there are really people in America being suppressed on daily basis and it isn’t a script. It’s their reality. Furthermore, look at the Middle East and Asia. Real people are live through what he is describing and this is a video? Cmon man. Take a world view once in a while and I’m sure your movie roles won’t effect you as much.. just saying.

  27. This is so pathetic. The propaganda that black people are Systemically being held back in America is bs. Slavery is long long over and so is Jim Crow. Not one black person today was ever a slave

  28. It's not really acting when you're really there obviously it shouldn't even be called acting at that point sometimes actors make themselves sick just get the top note honestly he played the best character in that movie but acting is not the right word that's all I'm saying

  29. Black panther had a pathetic connection to racism. Totally unnecessary and shouldn’t have been there. Had 0 basis in the comics. It should be a movie about black panther beating someone that wanted to be king. Not for reasons of racism with the worst connection of all movies on racism

  30. Mr Michael B Jordon and Selena Gomez why don't you guys have a one date. You both would make an intelligent & cute couple? 💙💙💞💞🌷🌷

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