Miami-Dade Minute – 2nd Annual Pig Pardoning Ceremony

This is your Miami-Dade Minute… I, Carlos Jimenez, Mayor of Miami-Dade County do solemnly declare that Peppa and Petra
will forevermore be free. No “Caja China” for them. We began our Miami-Dade holiday tradition last year by pardoning two cute little piggies named Luna and Layla.
We’re continuing that ritual now by pardoning two more piglets named Peppa
and Petra. They’re a little older than last year’s swine so they need an even more tranquil place to retire from the stresses of the world. Each year our US
President pardons two turkeys during Thanksgiving. This tradition can be traced all the way back to Abraham Lincoln, more than 150 years ago. We’re a little bit different here in Miami-Dade. We celebrate Christmas a little bit
different and so “lechon” roast pig is actually one of the staples of many in
our community. So instead of pardoning turkey, we pardoned pigs here. Peppa and
Petra are super cute little pigs and they’re going to live out their life in
a sanctuary down in in South Dade. And we do these events to, you know, really illustrate and, you know, come together as a community and also illustrate that we’re a little different and and this is just a celebration of the diversity that we have here in Miami-Dade.

Michael Martin

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