Messy Tea! He Accuses Girlfriend Of Affair While He Still Has A Wife (Full Episode) | Couples Court

This is Couples Court
With The Cutlers. This is the case of
Mathis v.s Haid. You all are dating,
you've been together
for two years, you've talked about
marriage, but claims of infidelity
are just rocking
this relationship. Is that right, Mr. Mathis? Yes, Your Honor, it is. Now, I noticed on
the court papers there's a 17-year age
difference between you and
Ms. Haid, is that right? Yes. Yes, Your Honor. How did you all meet? Uh, we met on Instagram,
social media. I got her like a job thing. So I was looking at girls
who want jobs, and I came across her profile,
Rocky's profile, and, uh, I just remember
thinking she'll make somebody
a good wife one day. Not me… JUDGE KEITH: Just somebody. Just somebody, yeah. All right. Somebody a good wife. Yeah, like… Okay, so how
do you go from she gonna make somebody
a good wife to, "Well, wait a minute,
maybe it's me that's
she gonna make a good wife"? I get a message in my DM
one day saying, "Hey, I noticed
you've been watching me. "What's up?
Do you know about
astral projection?" And we into metaphysics
and things like that. Okay, astral projection? KAMERON MATHIS:
Astral projection. Okay, all right. So you…
So is this true you realized
he was checking you out and you said… ROUKIYA HAID: That's true,
Your Honor. We talked, and we found out
about each other and
what we're interested in, and, you know,
he caught my attention. So you all start corresponding. HAID: Yes. JUDGE KEITH: What made you
fall in love with him? He made me feel secure because at that time
I was going through
things with my family, and it wasn't the best,
and I had to get out of there. He was willing to
help me out and made me
feel secure, protected, and that's what I needed
at that time. You don't have to be in that
with someone who's willing
to love you. Yeah, that connection,
that spark was there
from the very beginning. You connecting? See, we just connected
right now, she didn't
That's what it looks like. When you just connect, I mean,
you only have to… Why you gonna make me blush
in front of this? You don't have to say anything,
you don't have to do anything,
you just feel the connection. Mmm-hmm. See? See?
You feel it? Stop it, Mr. Cutler. See? That's what it
looks like, right? Yeah. And that's what you all felt. JUDGE DANA: So, Mr. Mathis, why in the world are you here
claiming she's cheating? Well, first thing is
this right here. JUDGE KEITH: What is that? It's a text message
that I have. Where did you get
the text message from? Out her phone when
I was sneaking in it. (AUDIENCE GASPING) JUDGE KEITH: So… Your Honor, let's make
this clear, I don't invade
his privacy at all, so I think that's really
pure disrespect for you to come behind my back
and go through my phone. So, let's take a look
at this message. Would you
grab that for me? Yes. Thank you, Ron. Thank you, sir. Your Honor. JUDGE DANA: Okay. JUDGE KEITH:
Some other guy
has written, "Your love life, remember?
We need to work on that." JUDGE DANA: "Yes, I would
love another reading with you." JUDGE KEITH: "And I would love
to have your beautiful energy
in my space again. "You know where my dorm is." (AUDIENCE GASPING) Your Honor,
I can explain that. All right, we want
an explanation for that. Really, originally
the only reason I went
to him is for him to do a reading on me
and his relationship. And, uh… So he's talking about
your love life? HAID: Yes. MATHIS: Sound good. And you have gone to him
about your love life? Yes, to get a tarot reading. And he's the only one
that does that, and we go to school together.
We're just friends. JUDGE DANA: And so, Mr. Mathis,
you're not buying this. Sound good.
You know everything
just sound good. Here's my problem.
Okay, you go to someone,
Ms. Haid, who does a reading, does a reading,
tells you what he thinks… HAID: Right. JUDGE KEITH: He wants
your beautiful energy
in his space. Thank you. You Honor, that means nothing. There's plenty of people
who have beautiful energy. You say it means nothing. HAID: Right. I would love to have
your beautiful energy
in my space. I want my beautiful energy
in your space. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Okay. That's, that's mutual. HAID: Your Honor. Those are powerful words. (LAUGHING) (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) You just don't say that
to everybody. Right, it's strictly platonic. You're asking for honesty
in this relationship,
isn't that right? What starts in deception
ends in deception. So my thing is
to keep this growing. When issues arise,
we need to tackle them. And you need to attack them
with honesty. MATHIS: Right. And truth. MATHIS: Right. So, Mr. Mathis have you found
anything else that make you
think she's cheating? Yes. JUDGE KEITH:
What have you found? One more thing I found is this old nice
hotel towel laying on the bed. You know,
hotel towels 'cause of
the threads in it. Yeah. So you found a towel,
where did you find this towel? In my house. Okay, Ron, would you get
this piece of evidence
for us, please You can check it out. Thank you, sir. 'Cause towels
are supposed to be
in your house. No, that don't look like
somebody took a towel
and showered in it. They look like somebody say,
"Let me lay this out." JUDGE DANA: Okay,
this is the towel
you put down on the bed? After the shower, yes, ma'am. And this is what you use
to dry your hair with? HAID: Yes. Okay, do you dry your hair
dragging it across the bed? I mean, I don't understand
why it's laid out like that. HAID: No, Your Honor, I was… Like angel wings,
you lay down in the snow
and do like that. Do like that. HAID: No, Your Honor. No. Look at them hair prints
above the towel. You all see that all upon it?
Come on, man. All of this has led to
no trust in this relationship. HAID: Yes. We noticed
in the court papers
that you're still married. (AUDIENCE GASPING) Is that correct? JUDGE DANA: All right… JUDGE KEITH:
You are a married man. MATHIS: You see
what I've dealt with? HAID: He is, Your Honor, and I just found that out. I'm busted. (AUDIENCE GASPING) He's been hiding it
for two years, Your Honor. Okay, wait a minute,
wait a minute, wait a minute. AUDIENCE: Aw! You've been with this man
for two years? Yes, Your Honor,
and he's been hiding it
for two years. He's standing over here
talking about honesty, but he's the one who hasn't
been honest with me
from the very jump. When did you find out
that he was still married? HAID: About last week,
he told me. (AUDIENCE GASPING) JUDGE DANA: So you know
for a week that this man,
who is your knight
in shining armor… Yes, Your Honor. …has been married
the entire time. Yes, Your Honor,
and I feel betrayed. Like, not only that
and he has children
as well. (AUDIENCE GASPING) And you didn't know
he had kids? HAID: He didn't tell me none. MATHIS:
Can I defend myself? JUDGE DANA: What… Can I defend myself,
I mean… JUDGE DANA: Okay, tell me. …y'all talking like
I ain't here, Your Honor. It's okay? Okay, well,
let me explain. I thought it was just a phase. JUDGE KEITH: You thought
your marriage was just
a phase? No. (LAUGHS) I thought the relationship
between her, and I was
just a phase. When I, when I… I had no intentions on
actually, like,
going this far with her. HAID: Still, he should
give me the choice. MATHIS: It was… It was an Instagram thing.
I'm thinking this an Instagram
fling, whatever, whatever, it's gonna blow over… Okay, wait a minute.
Hold up, hold up. All right, let's just go
with that. But do you think at month six
you might mention your kids
or your wife? But the thing is,
we separated… JUDGE DANA: What about
month nine? What about month nine?
Is that when you finally say
"I'm married and I got kids"? What about
18 months in,
do you say, "By the way when you
get through with
the grocery store "I need to talk to you
about my wife and my kids"?
When do you… Right. Right. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) When is the magic moment
that you drop the bomb, "I'm married and I got kids." When does that happen? I planned on doing that
according to how we were
going to be in a relationship. And that was… But you already said, "What starts in deception
ends in deception." MATHIS: Exactly. JUDGE DANA:
And you know what? Because we want to know
about the deception, and we wanna know
what's true, your wife is here. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) All right. Wait a minute. JUDGE DANA: So,
we gonna find out. Y'all some blood hounds. But first… Before we get to that… (MATHIS LAUGHING) We gonna find out what's
going on with Ms. Haid and then we gonna find out
what's going on with you. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) Right now, we still
have allegations, Ms. Haid,
that you're not
being truthful to him. Now, we're gonna find out
about his issues, but what we have here is
you getting text messages
from someone who says they want
your beautiful energy
in their space. And he comes home
and finds the towel
spread out on the bed in a position that leads
him to believe that you were
using that towel to have
sex with somebody else. And all of this is fueling
his suspicion that you're
cheating on him. This court has conducted
a full investigation to find out whether
she is cheating. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) At this time the court would
like to call licensed and certified
polygraph examiner
Kendall Shull. Ron, would you please
escort him to the courtroom. Yes, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) Kendall Shull. (SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) JUDGE DANA: Mr. Shull,
good day. SHULL: Good day, Your Honor. JUDGE DANA: Glad to have you. SHULL: Good to be here. You conducted a polygraph
examination of Ms. Haid,
is that correct? I did, Your Honor. JUDGE DANA:
And she was asked "Since the beginning of your
relationship with Mr. Mathis "in February of 2016 "have you had
sexual intercourse
with any other man?' What was her response? Her response was no. JUDGE DANA: And what did
the lie detector determine? The lie detector determined
that she was being truthful, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) JUDGE DANA: All right. So we have one person
that is being truthful… We got one person
being truthful, Ms. Haid. On that question. JUDGE DANA: On that…
Well, that is the question. That was the question.
You came here for
an answer. You said she was cheating, and the polygraph says
she has not cheated. He's the one
with the secrets. JUDGE DANA: Now we about to
find out about you, Mr. Mathis. Because,
we've heard your side, and we've heard her side, now it's time
to hear from
your wife's side. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) Ms. Haid, you never
seen this woman, you never met this woman… Never, not once. Ron, would you please
escort her into
the courtroom. RON: Yes, Your Honor. (CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) Mr. Mathis, you bouncing
around like a pinball.
Are you nervous? What you nervous about? Why you nervous? (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) JUDGE KEITH: Good day, ma'am,
how are you? TIFFANY MATHIS:
All right,
how are you? Would you state
your name, please? Yes, I am Tiffany Mathis. JUDGE KEITH: And, Ms. Mathis,
what is your relationship to
Mr. Kameron Mathis? TIFFANY: Um, that's my husband,
but we're separated. But you're still
legally married. Yes, legally. Yes. AUDIENCE: Aw. Were you aware
of Ms. Haid? No. How often do you
see Mr. Mathis? He comes by periodically
'cause he comes to see
his children and we were just intimate,
like, Saturday, so… (AUDIENCE GASPING) What? JUDGE KEITH: So you are still
in an intimate relationship
with Mr. Mathis? Yes. So when he comes by
to see the kids, he comes by to see you too? (CHUCKLES) Well, not all… (CHUCKLES)
Not all the time. When I get that itch,
he's just the one that
wanna scratch. (AUDIENCE GASPING) JUDGE KEITH: And this has
been going on… Wow! …pretty much the time
you've been separated? Yes. (SIGHS) So even during this last
two years you've been
getting scratched? No, he's been getting
scratched, not me. JUDGE DANA: Oh! (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) This is probably one of
the biggest shocks
we've had in this courtroom, because I've not had someone
come here accusing someone,
who's innocent, who is really running game. You ain't doing nothing
but running game. You can
call it what you want, you can call it taking care
of my baby mama, you can
call it whatever you want. But you've got this young lady
living with her, making her life a living hell, accusing her,
and making her
uncomfortable, when you doing
your own thing. And I heard him talking
about being truthful, when he's,
he's not being truthful. JUDGE DANA: Mr. Mathis,
you can… I… Uh… Uh… Uh. You have talked enough.
Now I'm gonna get to talk. TIFFANY: I'm not
surprised. You came here trying to get honesty
in your relationship and find out if
she's being truthful, and you're the one
that's being deceptive. Well, then I'll say
what start… JUDGE DANA: You say that… The only thing that
you said was true is what starts in deception
ends in deception. What just happened Saturday with Ms. Mathis? She said you all were intimate. Yeah, that's just me trying to
make sure things right with
my baby mama, I mean… (ALL LAUGHING) Your Honor… JUDGE KEITH: Well,
let me ask this question. Let me just put it out there
so we all clear. Who's on the side? JUDGE DANA: Is it Ms. Haid,
or is it Ms. Mathis? I mean… JUDGE DANA:
Who's the side chick in this? She better be. That could be me,
I don't want him. (ALL LAUGHING) TIFFANY: I don't want him. It's not… TIFFANY: He's too paranoid. That's what I'm saying,
ain't no side thing, I'm trying to move forward
in life with this woman, like, me and her gonna get a divorce,
and I'm willing to marry Rocky. I'm willing to marry… Okay. Okay, but the big
question you willing, Ms. Haid, are you willing
to marry him? I don't know by now,
after today. He betrayed me.
I feel really betrayed. You know, he's the one
accusing me of cheating
all the time, and, you know, here he is
sleeping with his wife
or whatever… Run. (ALL LAUGHING) Every day, every day
there's always something. And you are accusing her,
and talking badly and making
her feel badly. This beautiful young woman, and what you're doing
is potentially ruining her
for her future. How is she gonna trust
another man? (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) Yeah, that's, that's the point
of me getting here. That's the point of me
being here is to, like, just bring it out to the head
so it can burst like a pimple. Oh, it's busted like
more than a pimple. It's busted, busted,
busted. I wanted everything to be
all right, I didn't know y'all
was going to go this far. (ALL LAUGHING) We are nothing
if not thorough,
honey. That's what we do. We said we'd do a full
and complete investigation and that's what we do. But now that
we've uncovered
the truth, you know, there's choices
that got to be made. Mmm. And you said he rescued you
from your previous
bad situation… HAID: He did. You may not feel it now, but you may be being
rescued right now
from this bad situation. I agree. It's a lot. JUDGE DANA: Run. I agree it's a lot
to think about. It's a lot. Whatever you and your wife
need to work out,
y'all can work that out, but until you work that out
don't bring anybody else
into this madness. JUDGE DANA: As we say
in this courtroom do not cheat yourself
out of the opportunity
to have a happy, healthy, truth filled
relationship. Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) As y'all can see, we definitely
decided to stick around and try and work
this thing out. We're gonna practice
what's called
"expanded relationship". Kameron and I decided to
call off the separation. Kameron and I decided to
work it out and, you know, adjust my new life
with my new family. Thank you, bye. Now I've got two women
in my life. (LAUGHS)

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