Men's Basketball Postgame Press Conference: Stanford

diffs disappointing loss disappointing effort we all need to take blame for it we just had a great opportunity tonight and Stanford came in and did what Jonas so shame on us we did fight we showed some fight in the second half we got a little momentum going at the end of the first half showed some fight and when we cut it to single digits we had multiple multiple multiple possessions to cut into it even more and we just missed missed a bunch of shots and that was disheartening I looked at the clock there was 441 left in the game they'd only scored 20 points in the second half so our defense picked it up there for a little bit and then we we just gave him a point black point-blank layups dunks and too many free throws there and then I think our guys just spirit was lost a little bit because we weren't making the plays on the other end give them credit guys Sharma to Silva whooped our Fannie's I thought we did a good job on our Palo I hated to see Davis go down I hope I hope he's okay we recruited that kid he's a hell of a player I don't like to see you guys get hurt but they just they shot it shot it from three they got to the rim I mean they did everything really really well and we didn't do a good enough job No you know I think our army folks was I'll call it but uh you know we made the guard everybody might you know their their stud but they just they got everything around the hoop you know they didn't have to work for their points you know Hobbs set point Williams right at the rim you know we gave them those things and so a lot of is just you know toughness and you know that's what we talked about all we can practice is you know every time we played Stanford it's been the game of toughness huh and again you know they just kicked our butts and he put soft they're they're very long athletic team they have a lot of guys I can contested shots Contessa looks I think after somewhere around 10 10 8 minute mark in the in the second half after after that technical fire I think we had a lot of shots I would normally make around the basket that didn't go in that inhibited us from going on a run there so I'm just things that things that we can take care of things that we can now manage looking forward to the next game no no no total surprise total surprise you know there's times coming off of that road trip you know we had to get get them going to get their energy going a little bit but we've learned enough lessons here where we know when when we were preparing and when we're hitting the court we've got to be fired up I don't know if we got a little too giddy after that road trip I know the coaching staff didn't the last thing we said in the locker room in Utah was how we have to stay hungry you said it again before the game we've got to stay hungry I don't know if we're reading social media press clippings all that but we've got to get back to where we're playing beaver basketball defending challenging shots rebounding executing and making plays we had times where we adjusted our ball screen coverage multiple times and go out there and not not execute it right so so there's a focus there that just there that wasn't there that that has been that we've got to we've got to find a way to correct but we'll short turnaround got a play early Saturday afternoon we got to find a way to to show some toughness here learn from this one quickly and prepare for a Cal team that's going to come in here with their ears pinned back trying to get their first league win we'll talk about that I know right now it's too soon we'll put a plan in place Thanks go Beavs

Michael Martin

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