Meghan Big mistake after shooting photos of Archie's ceremony

Michael Martin

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  1. Hi….Meghan you don't have to hide yoyr baby. Whether he had downs syndrome he's adorable. He looks like Prince Harrys baby pucs. Anyone can have a downs baby. You vould be 20 yrs old and have a baby with doens syndrome. Your son is precious and so cute. He's a beautiful baby.

  2. In the end it serves the Brits right that after accepting MM hook, line & sinker to the royal fold, she repays them with backhanded slap by keeping the public out of the loop in every aspect of her & Prince Harry's lives. That's Hollywood for you people. After the public adulation that made them the celebs they are, they in turn treat the public like the hoi poloi of the old days ( you know, the riff raff?). So now you know the kind of person MM is. Happy now????

  3. Why all these other pics?I thought they wanted him to stay private. So WHY THESE PICS FLOATING EVERY WHERE?
    Private. Means. No more pics. Period.

  4. Old female, divorcee had a geriatric pregnancy and delivered Down Syndrom child . …sad case for that kid to suffer because his mother wanted fame , snagged Henry to get there ….f a m e and a disable kid for life .

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